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April Theme

Managing Your Gifts

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passing the message without creating a scene: how to deliver difficult to hear advice to people who aren't ready to hear it and when to pass the baton

Staying protected, centered, and closely tied to the earth while you navigate the energy that comes to you as a highly sensitive person, so that you may become more functional, grounded, and focused in both your life and practice.


We talk about managing your gifts as discernment on the influences that come, seeing the options you are given as tethers that come to you on a buffet where you can choose what comes in.

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Going over the Member Q&A Call last week, and touching base on the Ethics and Community Seminar from this week. Standing up for yourself as a medium is a theme this week, so be prepared for opportunities to have to do that for both yourself and others. Managing your gifts is also about tending and aiding to how others perceive you. One way to do this is by demanding respect! for yourself when confronted. In the links below, I've uploaded two things to help with this - a new video and a new document, so check those out in addition to this week's seminar. 

That phrase, how others think of me is none of my business, can be applied to so many situations yet in today's world, where the perceptions are changing on psychics so much, we have the ability to make an impact on which direction those perceptions might go. See the new most recent email on it below!

If you're new here, make sure to check out the Welcome Video above, along with the Lesson and Exercise for this month to start, then catch up to this week's releases via the links below to begin. After that, join us in The Spirit Lounge for discussion to let us know what you're working on. If you haven't yet registered, see the details below for joining the Membership's Private Facebook Group, The Spirit Lounge, below.

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Ethics & Community Call Recording from today 4/19/2017, 2pm Seminar: Download Recording

To Read the Most Recent Weekly Email that went with this call, click here 

Hour long call, with many books and resources mentioned. Above download should initiate automatically when you click and file should open to play in any media player - iTunes, Windows Media, etc. Audio files this large are best downloaded to a computer first and then transferred to a mobile device via the cloud. The Next seminar will be in May! Stay tuned for the Member Release in May to register for that! 


Missed the Q&A Call this afternoon? You can now download the Call Recording HERE. The prior recording had an error, this is the correct one. 

Download should initiate automatically when you click and questions will begin right away without any lag time to start on this call. Also, don't forget... register for the seminar next Wednesday, still another time to ask questions! And get to know other members. 


Member email sent out today with information about a new technique for energy management this month - battle tested in the great city of Las Vegas and helpful in creating a personal bubble of peace, regardless and in flow of whatever else may be going on. Great for empaths! 

See the most recent email here: http://eepurl.com/cKroN1


Two new documents, uploaded below! 


Registration for the Q&A Call April 14th can now be found here: April Member Q&A Registration

Registration for the member seminar on April 19th can now be found here: Ethics & Community Seminar


Cool find from the Catholic Church, spiritual gifts now being accepted according to paper released last summer. Very neat! Means spiritual liberation for many of those born into Catholic families. See member email on it here: http://eepurl.com/cIq6CT 


Sunday Share! Shared a few blogging tips on getting the most shares on your newest spiritual piece. Today's email discusses how I maximize viewership to be of service to the most # of people. Goals. And I include a few tools I use to do just, one is a debugging tool I include in the email that I consider essential for social sharing, and necessary to use if you're branching/have already branched into the blogging world, too check it out: http://eepurl.com/cIcwWr It's the new platform next to publishing, blogging is. And a rapidly growing market. 


Weekend Update: There are three members now offering practice readings to fellow members and the recordings from this week are now up and available, see links below and view the email here for more details: http://eepurl.com/cG2fYL.  


Practice Readings Seminar from 3.8.2017 now available for download: Download Recording. To find the handouts associated with this call, visit the Member Specials Page and scroll down. New article added to the library today. 

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