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June Theme

Gracefully Handling Negativity

passing the message without creating a scene: how to deliver difficult to hear advice to people who aren't ready to hear it and when to pass the baton

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Rising above - socially, in business and in life - three books I recommend for wading above negativity and competition, creating a class all your own

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    Download the Solstice Spirit Circle Recording (when you click the link, download should initiate automatically) from last night. We did a meditation to clear and ground your energy and also connected with new guides to solve/let go of a problem, great meditation for this month and for creating space to receive new perceptions. 

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    A few tips for dealing with negativity this month were released in the Member Email today, go ahead and take a read here:  http://mailchi.mp/amandalinettemeder/handling-negativity-is-sometimes-just-a-shift-in-perception

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    New Member Topic/Lesson Released Above. In dealing with negativity, aside from boosting your energy from the inside out, you can also disconnect. We discuss reasons why negativity exists and what you can gain from it, in this month's new theme! 

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    This week's email: May 23, 2017 - please expect a few videos for later this week, but for now let's talk about application. How do we apply the use of crystals to every day life? Now is the perfect time to try out dissipating negativity, see the email, linked above! for more. 

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    Uploaded 5.18.2017

    4th Chakra Healing  Throat/Communication/Dreams

    You will need two blue stones for this exercises, one larger, one smaller. This meditation harmonizes your throat chakra bringing through clearer dreams, more clarity in clairaudience, in removing and releasing fear of speaking your true nature, and in helping be a channel that allows others to communicate better through you. The fourth chakra is a communication receiving and sending energy center. This is a healing meditation with two anchor stones that'll help clear the whole forcefield around you regarding this. Clear those pathways, & let's begin! Click link above to open.

    Uploaded 5.12.2017

    Chakra Balancing w/Crystals

    Uploaded 06.18.2017

    Uploaded 06.12.2017

    Uploaded 05.31.2017

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