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June’s Theme

The Higher Self

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Part 3 Email: Now Released! - View It Here -

New Upload! Chakra Tune-Up Raising Your Energy Exercise - View It Here -


Happy Solstice! Class Recording Email Out, plus troubleshooting, additional prompts for the weekend:



Member Class RecordingThe Higher Self… Now Available!

Audio: June 2019 Higher Self Class

Notes: June 2019 Higher Self Class


To register for tomorrow’s live class, visit this link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/84eca799e29ecf19d746f627e8486654


New Email Out - Class Reminder Wednesday + A New Upload -


*If you are getting divine ideas now, this could be due to the clarity and unity that’s coming through from the full moon, neptune retrograde and your Higher Self uniting with angelic energy. This is good, go slow and we’ll do more clearing and implementation during tomorrow’s class!


Moving into activity #3 and a few other exercises the Part 2 Email is now released… View It Here


New meditation… uploaded below!


Starting here, the Newsletter and Lesson & Exercises is Part 1 of our theme. I recommend starting with #4 for this week. This helps to release attachment to others suffering - helping them to release the attachment to it, too - which can promote calm feelings and emotion, re-connecting you to an open heart.

For last month’s theme, Trusting The Guidance, please visit the Archived Lessons Page.

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Soul Light Meditation

(7:01 minutes)

Taxing mental, physical, or emotional situation? This meditation stabilizes, balances, and restores your energy after it’s been depleted by any of the above. It involves relinking your connection to Earth energy and Heavenly energy, as well as candle visualization for boosting your higher self’s energy and awareness in the body. Restoring all three access points to connection so it’s easiest to act from your Highest Self in love.


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May’s Theme - Trusting The Guidance

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