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December Theme

Reuniting To Your Ancestry

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passing the message without creating a scene: how to deliver difficult to hear advice to people who aren't ready to hear it and when to pass the baton

A pathway to finding and reuniting with your original people's old way. Painting the picture of your past to shine a light towards your future. Placing your heritage gifts, honoring your family's sacred path. 


My hope for you is this is not merely an intellectual activity, but that this month is an activity of integrating the values, the old ways, and the traditions of your own family's intuitive and magical past. All original people have a method of divining native to their own. This month is about finding yours. 


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Sharing the starting place of your ancestral heritage - see details and this month's welcome newsletter to catch up and follow along, then login to The Spirit Lounge to see where everyone is. Welcome! 


The December Member Theme is released! Welcome in the theme Reuniting To Your Ancestry. Please read the monthly newsletter (here), enroll in our full moon circle this month here, and read the lesson and exercises above to begin. 

Listen to The Unite Meditation before beginning this month. We will be covering many different viewpoints, thus, let's begin with a short incantation to join us all together as one. 

Then watch the videos, and read the PDFs to begin! When you're complete, join us in The Spirit Lounge for discussion

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Uploaded 12.01.2016

Unity Meditation

for listening before delving into any of your study of alternate cultures, heritages, etc or learning about such from others. 

Uploaded 11.21.2016

New! A Raise Your Vibration Series

Open to Receive Energy - 10:00

High Vibration Infusion - 11:15

Ascended Guide Linking - 11:02

Uploaded 12.01.2016

Uploaded 11.01.2016

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