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June Theme

Animal Communicating

reconnecting to your instincts, returning home, and developing a more meaningful relationship with pets

  photo:  gerd altmann

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Clairvoyant Practice Group Wednesday, June 27th @ 7:30pm EST (learn more/register here

July Member's Meeting Wednesday, July 18th 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST (learn more/register here

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Now uploaded! Download last night's Spirit Circle Recording here: https://amandalinettemeder.memberspace.com/content/f69d75c5552

  • The first Meditation (Uriel Meditation) starts at 1:01 minutes
  • Second Meditation (Calling in our Guides) starts at 21:17 minutes
  • Third Meditation (Solving a Question) starts at 50:43 minutes



To register for tonight's event, Spirit Circle/Development Circle CLICK HERE. We will be conducting meditations around this month's theme and the social atmosphere of our world. If this is your first time joining, click the link in the email confirmation you received after registering above to attend the event. Headphones with a microphone is needed to hear us and participate. I suggest a computer headset or something like iPhone headphones with a mic.

This event we will be discussing manifestation, conducting Archangel Meditations, exercises to draw in your life's purpose, and more. Join us for this magical night of spirit circle, development circle starting at 7:30pm EST LIVE. 

The email for this week plus any additional guides will be released following this week's event. 


Week 2 Email Now Out: https://mailchi.mp/amandalinettemeder/week-2-animal-communicating-free-gift


Transcripts of the Mental Decluttering Meditation, Higher Self Meditation, and the Animal Guides Meditation are now available in the Meditation Room!

If you are connecting with animals this week, pay attention to this question: What wild animals cross your path this week? Notice, and see if there are patterns, then learn about the messages in their symbolism. We're mentioning animals we meet in The Spirit Lounge this week, please join us! 


Happy June! 

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Two Events this month! See details above and below. Get started working on these ideas through the weekend, and if you are open to it, you may also be interested in this video: Internal Telepathy: Hearing Other People's Thoughts and this blog: Mental Telepathy and Claircognizance. Are They Related? which can be found tagged in the Member's Article Library as a recommended blog for members - 


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Wednesday, June 27th 7:30pm EST

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