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January Theme


passing the message without creating a scene: how to deliver difficult to hear advice to people who aren't ready to hear it and when to pass the baton

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Recording for last night's class now available. Two new exercises included within. Please post any questions/feedback you have about this call in The Spirit Lounge (if you are in participating in the group)! The exercises and ideas within can be worked on all month. To view/access: https://mailchi.mp/amandalinettemeder/recording-for-the-call-clairsentient-messages-tuesday-january-16th-2018th


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Activity now: get acquainted with this month's lesson, beginning with The Golden Heart Exercise discussed in the welcome video and the theme and exercise pdf for this month posted above. Continue to practice The New Year Alignment Journey

Pay attention to what you absorb or notice at the start of this month and in these next coming days, noticing how you feel and how your body responds before and after every interaction. This is the start of sensing auras, or force fields, which often contain lots of information. If you feel you've taken something on, try The Weekly Clearing Meditation (also known as The Healing Light Meditation), available in the archives here

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Uploaded 01.02.2018

The Golden Heart Exercise

Also find it in the January Welcome Video, and again during this month's call, register here. 

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Also find it in The Monthly Specials Page below, available this month only, this is a 28 minute long journey. 

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