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August Theme

- Tools of the Trade - 

discovering new talents, identifying gifts in your ancestry, and (re)connecting with the tools within

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New Activity Video Uploaded below! Try this with the clairvoyant vision video below to get great clarification on one of the cards or series of cards you pull to answer any question, even one about your business, husband, or personal move.

Member Meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd at 7:30pm EST! Register here: https://www.amandalinettemeder.com/member-q-a

  • Please bring a favorite or new tarot, oracle or divination deck to work with! We will be doing an activity with one, if not, feel free to listen in and try the techniques when you get home/find one you like (often available given for free, at thrift stores or even in mobile give one, take one libraries). 


Second Part 2 Email Out with new material and additional tips for the month sent!


New Activity Article Uploaded below! Try it on vacation or in your local neighborhood, to support a better night's sleep for you or a loved one. 


New Activity Video Uploaded below! Try this viewing screen technique next time you want to ask a question for yourself, or find a focus point on the wall, remember hands palm up on the lap will help relax your shoulder muscles, so it's easier to relax to receive. 


The New Lesson and Theme is now out! New events are listed below and in The Spirit Lounge


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Uploaded 08.20.2018

How To Choose A Divination Deck


Uploaded 08.09.2018

How To Have (And To Hold) A Clairvoyant Vision


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Uploaded 08.01.2018

Soul Retrieval Meditation

This is a 4-minute exercise with follow-up at the end. When we experience different traumas in our lives, pieces of our souls can be lost. To heal, sometimes we need to consciously recover and welcome these fragments back into our lives. Drink plenty of water following this exercise. If you aren’t seeing any images during this meditation, simply pay attention to the feelings and the thoughts that come to mind both during and after you complete this exercise. 8:10 minutes. Click Here To Listen & DownloadClick Here To Read The Transcript

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Uploaded 08.13.2018

How To Do A Group Cross-Over

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Wednesday, August 29th 7:30 pm EST

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Tools of the Trade

Wednesday, August 22nd 7:30 pm EST

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