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March Theme

Raising The Vibration

  photo:  gerd altmann

photo: gerd altmann


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Happy Full Moon! The newsletter for this month and the first exercise and new monthly theme is now available in the monthly newsletter, which can be viewed here: 


All materials from last month have now been added to the archives as we start this new theme. 

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General website update:


I'm currently in the process of listing some the crystals and artifacts collected from my journeys for release back into the wild. As many of you know, I go all over looking for stones and artifacts. If you're interested in gems, minerals or spiritual-type artifacts, please check out some of the listings here and feel free to purchase any, as they are dually listed on eBay under the name naturearchaeologist. I'll be announcing soon I'm doing this publicly sometime, but first will be putting this announcement in the member letter next week. In the meantime - have a look -  https://www.amandalinettemeder.com/crystals-and-gems/. Everything you see listed is available and I will be continuing to upload more items, as I go along, all season. As a general rule: everything I have more of, will be listed in a set, and if there is only one item listed, then that's all there is! 



Happy International Women's Day! The Week 2 Email is now out along with a few new activities in the newsletter below with New Uploads linked below! Check out the full update here: 


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Happy New Moon starting tomorrow at 9:14am EST, and two new updates today!

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First Update

The *Welcome kit has been updated* to include two new eBooks: A How To Guide on Space Clearing and a How To Guide on Giving Readings - both of which can help you clear space and raise your mental state of peace/overall vibration. 

For those who are getting information, but not releasing it, the second How-To Guide would be excellent for you. The title of the guide geared towards selling readings, but don't let this dissuade you. This only means it's geared towards defining a type of structure for professional style care, you do NOT have to ever sell psychic guidance, this is only one choice of exchange that will fit into some lifestyles and an option. Even if money has never been exchanged, wealth of some form is always exchanged when you share your messages with permission, including through the exchange of knowledge or gratitude or both, which is often the form of payment most are comfortable with regarding casual readings and the personal use of their gifts. 

For those looking to prepare their house and their space for Channeling Class next week, the first How-To Guide would be great for you to check out, too! It covers all of the different most common modalities of space clearing, so even for space clearing experts it wouldn't be a bad idea to touch up on this information, especially as we move into a new season and many of us are doing physical clearing anyway - energy clearing goes excellent in tandem with this. 

You can see and download both new guides on the Welcome Kit Page located HERE >>>

Second Update

A *New Vibration Raising Meditation* has been posted today!! 

*NEW* The Quick Fix (Vibration Raising) Meditation

Description: Recorded on the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine, this is a grounding, clearing and vibration raising meditation all-in-one, acting as a dual exercise and an energy healing. Starting with a visualization of a tall water glass bringing all the static energy all in your body, down to settle at your feet, grounding you, relaxing you. Then, it utilizes swimming motions with your arms, as you imagine yourself pushing all distractions behind you, energetically rocking you and spinning you in a clockwise circle - releasing you from all cords, attachments, and stress. Be at peace like a bamboo swaying in the breeze, and feel like a mountain in your tallness, this meditation focuses on returning you to that high vibration state of empowerment all within 5 minutes or less. Total Run Time: 5:30 minutes.

Options for listening: 

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  • Visit The Meditation Room where this meditation can now be found along with other vibration raising tracks under Energy Attunements. 
  • Download or Stream under the most recent uploads below! 

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If you've just joined us and are looking for the February Theme of Manifestation, please check out the member lesson archives below, where this material will be housed for the next 30 days. 

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Uploaded 03.16.2018

The Quick Fix

Grounding • Clearing • Vibration Raising

Uploaded 03.01.2018

The Havingness Meditation

(8:24 minutes)

Seeing and Believing is Achieving! Increase your self-belief in your capacity to achieve, this meditation is helpful for raising your vibration, and helping to provide deeper understanding, by illuminating and improving any limiting beliefs you may have about what you are able to have, which is thought to remove any self-psychological blocks to receiving the love and wishes you deserve.

Originally found in the Berkeley Psychic Institute Teachings and in conjunction with Debra Katz work, this exercise is traditionally used as a manifestation/releasing blocks to manifestation meditation. Recorded by Amanda Linette Meder.

Listen To More In:

All uploads from last month are added to their respective archives at the start of every new monthly theme! If you are looking for anything specific, check the archives below, or don't hesitate to contact us at membersupport@amandalinettemeder.com if you need help finding anything. 

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