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need help, a discount code, to manage your subscription . . . you'll find these topics and more in the sections below

welcome kit

Download the files in the Membership Welcome Kit by clicking here. 

members email list

New to the Membership Program? If you received your initial Member Welcome Letter, you're on the list and all set up to receive future updates. 

Are you returning to the Membership Program?  If you're a returning member, you will have to re-add yourself to the list to get the email updates, due to our list server restrictions. To make sure you get back into receiving the weekly updates and stay in the loop for member events, re-enter your email for the membership list by clicking here

If you've accidentally unsubscribed or would like to have updates sent to another email account, you can add another email to our member list here

join the Facebook community

Join the Facebook Group for the members called The Spirit Lounge.

To join, please email with your Facebook login email and we'll send you your invite! Allison is a fellow member and the acting moderator of the group. The reason we do this is, instead of adding you automatically, is to simply make sure you have the freedom to choose - not everyone is into social media. Even so, the Spirit Lounge is a secret group that provides a supportive, private place to meet new people, hang, learn and soak it all in. Email Allison at and she'll get you all set up - 

add your name to the member directory

To add your name to the directory, visit this page.

You must have a spiritual-based website to be featured. All listings remain live until you cancel. 


The current Member Discount codes are featured below. 

current discount codes

10% OFF All digital goods. Meditations, eBooks and eCourses are 10% OFF  for members. Use coupon code ALMPM10DISC at check-out to redeem. 

April Only Special: 40% OFF Managing Your Gifts eBook. Use coupon code af4257d15e at check-out to redeem

monthly q & a calls

To sign up for the upcoming q&a session, please register on this page.

On the registration page, you can submit a question. Questions submitted in advance by live attendees will be given priority during the call, though live questions will still be taken if there is time. If you aren't attending live, the recording to the call will be posted on the event page with 2 business days after each live call.

During high-load seminar months, Q&A calls may be replaced with an additional class. Q & A times will rotate between morning, afternoon and evening slots each semester to give everyone a chance to attend live. 

citing your training

For those with a professional practice, Amanda's Membership Program can be cited as professional development/training on your website. Membership here is designed to serve as a continuing education and development source. A statement such as "receiving(ed) continuing education/training with Amanda Linette Meder," is more than appropriate for a bio or about page. 

File Saving

To save a meditation, audio, or pdf downloaded in the Membership: Right click on the file to save and download. Some downloads will initiate download automatically. 

On mobile devices: If you'd like to save your files, all downloaded files from this website are best saved to a computer desktop first, then transferred over to a mobile device via a Cloud service such as iTunes or DropBox for viewing. 

tech support 

If you need assistance with something not found here, please contact and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help.

Cancellation and Refunds

Make sure to get the most out of your membership by reading this, attending the calls and seminars, and by participating in the FB group. Your membership subscription is auto-renewing until you cancel and if you would still would like to cancel by the end of your term, we completely understand. You can change your subscription status at anytime (by logging into your membership profile) by disabling your payment information. You can find your Membership Account Login at the footer of this page, including at the link above. If you cancel anytime before your subscription end date, you will not be charged for an additional period and your subscription will not auto-renew. Cancellations are effective immediately. 

Access your membership account here: 

The refund policy on your subscription is as follows:

There are no refunds on purchases or renewals of the one (1) month memberships or (3) month memberships. 

If you purchase a yearly, twelve (12) month membership, partial refunds can be processed up to five (5) months after your one year subscription. When you cancel within the final months of the twelve (12) month membership, the membership is cancelled for the end of the subscription term, however, no refunds are issued. 

If you need further assistance, please contact and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help.