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February 2018 theme - Manifestation

Complete each exercise in the PDF listed below the video, and then work with these weekly letters to follow back along through the month. 


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Let us know in The Spirit Lounge which activity you'll be working on first, and for the visualization, if you have trouble seeing it, try grounding first, with The Grounding Meditation in The Meditation Room, by taking a long bath or through your next walk in the woods. 



A new exercise is coming out on Monday, so if you're new to the group, if you haven't already or as a recap - before we move forward: 

1. Review the exercise from the start of the month, giving it another couple of go-arounds.

Repeating this visualization will continue releasing old bonds and keep you full speed ahead to align with the best opportunities for what you are looking to manifest this month.

And, because it takes up to 21 days to form a new pattern and to release an old one, so whenever you think of it this month, repeat the visualization to cement it further this month. 

2. Register for the class next Thursday on soulmates, which will also include animal bonds, friendships, de-manifestation activities, and more! 

3. And finally, as you focus on #1, new opportunities may start coming to you and fast.

Here is some information on this: 

To handle these, it helps to think of yourself as having a sieve as a filter for a mouth, just like a whale or a mollusk. You're just filtering in all the water and everything around you, then, keeping some of the particles of nourishment to eat, and then, you're filtering the rest back out to return to the ocean. Not eating everything, but reviewing and keeping what works for you and sending back what doesn't. 

Meaning: it's OK to send some things that come into your field back where they come from and bounce out what doesn't fit this month. This will create more room in your system for those things that do. In fact, doing so will only bring even more attuned alignment opportunities for you in the future. Some guide teams work to help you manifest by specializing, fine-tuning and refining your needs through a system of sending you a wide net of things on your list. This helps you become even more specific in your asking and even more pleased in your receiving, over time. Rejecting the things that don't fit will allow them/the Universe to send you better fits, and it creates room in your life for them to do that. 

If you need help deciding what to bounce out, try The Mental Decluttering Meditation, this meditation is available for stream here and in The Meditation Library here, and it guides you through a journey of filtering and then, having your guides or higher self show you what the next best step is. (This meditation is great for clearing the space for clairvoyance or other messages to come through).

If you are skilled with a pendulum or prefer to use physical tools, a pendulum would also be a great tool to use for this application. 

New email with a new manifesting exercise to come shortly - 




Happy New Year! 

The audio recording for last night's member call on SOULMATES is now available and can be found here -  (stream recording). We implemented chat last night on the live call! For those who weren't able to we will be enabling chat for all future calls and planning to incorporate video next time around. The official begins about 16 minutes in! Enjoy! 

Class Synopsis: All About Soulmates

Learn more about the soulmates in your life! This meeting includes information on how to attract and identify soulmates, how to work with them, and how to connect to their energy from any distance, to benefit any bond. Covering romantic soulmates, animal soulmates, friend soulmates, and family soulmates, we discuss their influence on our lives and how we can work with them at any stage to improve our overall well-being, gain ideas for the future and resolve issues from the past. This conference includes practice exercises, lecture, q&a, and post-conference recording for those unable to attend live. 



A New Special has been added for Pisces Season (February 19th-March 20th) starting today!

A set of energy healing meditations, one for relationship, one for self. Please see The Member Special's Page below to download/access >>> If you are looking for the New Year Alignment Journey (last month's special), and were an active member last month, please contact and we can grab it for you! 



Manifestation February 2018 Letter 3 Raising Your Vibration + Ideas for this Upcoming Season is out! 

Click on the link for the third email for this month:


If you're just joining us, take some time to listen to this month's member call and take advantage of the special this month before we turn over to the next month, then... explore the archives. 


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