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October 2018 Theme - Spirit Guides

getting to know new familiars, strengthening long standing connections, and sharpening your communication techniques

Complete each exercise in the PDF listed below the video, and then work with these weekly letters, also listed below by date, to follow along through the month, catching up to where we are now. 


To begin:


New lesson and exercises out!

Choose #1 and start brainstorming, take the evening to do it, then moving onto number two.


Call your Spirit Guide in when alone today to guide you through the actions of this week. We have just entered a new moon in Libra with Venus in retrograde - look for balance in your beauty life, love life and relationships, seek harmony.

Let Venus show you what’s out of balance and let others show you who is seeking it from you, and likewise, who is not, and allow the Spirit Guide that stepped forward for you at the start of the lesson (via light, sound or feeling) to cue you in as to how to direct your energy this week, and what towards needs your attention.

Take some time to research the name/likeness/coloring of your guide and if it’s a new one, write down what you notice. Everything about how they appear will be symbolic and relate to how they are meant to help you in your journey. If you’re just joining us, go through the Lesson and check out the Connecting with Spirit Meditations in the archives to help call one in if needed.

If you haven’t received an invite to join The Spirit Lounge, and you sent an email to join, please check your promotions/spam folder! The email will come from Facebook & welcome!


New meditation and transcript uploaded! The Familiar Spirit Meditation, now in The Meditation Room.


Part 2 Email is now out ~

For those who would like to go deeper:

Try the above new meditation in the morning before you go out for the day and pay attention to any telepathic messages that come through during the day afterward you exercise it, seeing if your guide, which can be an animal guide, higher self, ArchAngel, has any guidance drops throughout the day. It is wiser and calmer than your own. Alternatively, try it at the start of your day, ask to see an image to help you with the day, and then use that image to guide your day. This is the intrinsic method of pulling cards.


The recording for last night’s Member Meeting is now live (starts at 6:18) ~

Stream It Here

Read The Notes Sheet

There is an activity mentioned on the call that is also at the end of the notes sheet - it is a merging with your guide activity to get to know the feeling your main spirit guide produces when they are with you.


Happy Full Moon! The Part 3 Email is now out!

View it to get started on the next steps here:


Practice group is TONIGHT at 8pm EST/7pm CST/5pm PST.

Spirit Guides: If you are still working with your Spirit Guides and need an additional opening, try a Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation (Under Chakra System Meditations on The Meditation’s Page) this helps one share the information you see, opens the clairsentient sensors, providing greater opportunities for feedback, validation and attunement with others. To close down, try grounding by stepping outside for five minutes, eating a small meal, or by using essential oils at the base chakras on your feet.


Happy Halloween!

Part 4 Email is now out:

Just joining us?

Welcome! As you move through the new material, I suggest going through each of the above activities in the order in which they were released giving your 1-3 days in between each to absorb, implement and catch up. The newsletter and lesson includes follow-up or associated materials for the month, and if you are doing meditations, the general rule of thumb is: as many as you can do in a day is fine, some days you’ll have the time and the energy for more, some days less. Allowing your energy to wax and wane naturally is important.

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