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December 2017 theme - Clairaudience

Complete each exercise in the PDF listed below the video, and then work with these weekly letters to follow back along through the month. 


Monthly Theme and Newsletter has now been released - get started on activity #1 this weekend!



New meditation released this week intended to raise your vibration and improve your connectedness, especially to this big communication Supermoon - try it out this week and also remember messages coming through other messages, activity #3 night listening (we're jumping around!) and paying attention to the throat chakra this week. See the weekly email for more -



Meditation challenge this week! See the email for details:

The Monthly Q&A Call Recording Link is was available in downloads and archives



Weekly email just released! New video plus bonus activity - 

Working on activity #2 this week -



This week is an excellent one to get in touch with what your heart, your body and the universe is telling you and where it is guiding you to focus for the next whole year. The ultimate listening happens when connecting with your body to your physical environment and noticing the feedback. This could be done through working with herbal medicine, by taking herbs, tinctures, and other plants into your body and then noticing the effect, or through going out and hanging with the trees. In the northern hemisphere with most other species below ground, now is a great time to do this.

Now in the member email and activity for this week:

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