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August 2018 theme - Tools of the Trade - 

discovering new talents, identifying gifts in your ancestry, and (re)connecting with the tools within

Complete each exercise in the PDF listed below the video, and then work with these weekly letters, also listed below by date, to follow along through the month, catching up to where we are now. 


To get started... 

The New Lesson and Theme is now out! New events are listed below and in The Spirit Lounge



New Activity Video Uploaded below! Try this viewing screen technique next time you want to ask a question for yourself, or find a focus point on the wall, remember hands palm up on the lap will help relax your shoulder muscles, so it's easier to relax to receive. 

How To Have (and hold) A Clairvoyant Vision


New Activity Article Uploaded below! Try it on vacation or in your local neighborhood, to support a better night's sleep for you or a loved one. 

How To Do A Group Cross-Over


Second Part 2 Email Out with new material and additional tips for the month sent!


New Activity Video Uploaded below! Try this with the clairvoyant vision video below to get great clarification on one of the cards or series of cards you pull to answer any question, even one about your business, husband, or personal move.

Member Meeting on Wednesday, August 22nd at 7:30pm EST! Register here:

  • Please bring a favorite or new tarot, oracle or divination deck to work with! We will be doing an activity with one, if not, feel free to listen in and try the techniques when you get home/find one you like (often available given for free, at thrift stores or even in mobile give one, take one libraries). 

How to Choose a Divination Deck


Wednesday's Member Meeting Recording - 

View It Here: 2018_08 August Member Meeting // Tools of the Trade // Recording

The transcription - 

Open Now: August 2018 Member Meeting Transcription


  • Three new activities to try out. Discusses earthbound clearing, empath clearing, psychic techniques to get a better nights sleep, working with oracle decks, exercises in astrological calculations, and more. 
  • Will remain on the website until September 30th moving to the archives after August 31.  
  • September Meeting theme announced! 

In the meantime, continue to work on your selected herb or have it work on you, something in your mother or grandmothers ancestry and holding your space in the present moment. 


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Just joining us? There is no recording for this event, but please register for this month's practice group on this page!


The Final (Part 3) Email for Tools of the Trade has now been released:

New theme to begin after the holiday weekend! 


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Previous Monthly Themes

Other themes have included:

Detoxification, Raising The Vibration, Gems & Minerals, Identifying Your Gifts, Releasing Doubt, Developing Clairsentience, Intuitive Etiquette, Going Within, Being Seen, Redefining Purpose, Channeling Angels, Rootwork, Green Living, Challenging Norms, etc. 

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