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April 2018 theme - Coping with Stress

Complete each exercise in the PDF listed below the video, and then work with these weekly letters, also listed below by date, to follow along through the month, catching up to where we are now. 

04.02.2018 (new month started on a monday): 

The new monthly theme is out! Please check out the PDF exercises linked above, the new meditation linked below, the newsletter and start implementing one exercise now. 



New video uploaded! This one helps with scattered feelings during times of stress and transition. Great at the end of a day or anytime you feel a bit prickly - if you notice any type of energy rush after completing this exercise, this is completely normal, just reset and integrate using your favorite grounding technique. 

For those currently working on the mantra: This week, for five minutes each day sit down and repeat the mantra you've selected, while marking on a piece of paper tick marks for how many mantras you have repeated - this will give you an idea for how many times you are sending your intention into the atmosphere, meaning, all the more powerful it will be. 



New Email with exercises now out! Read it here:



Reminder, Essential Energy Techniques class is scheduled for Tomorrow April 18th at 7:30pm EST, register here if you have not already:



Class recording now available! When you get a chance to listen or if you already have, choose one of the activities covered and reflect, integrate and try to incorporate it into your routine for the next week and throughout the weekend. In class, we discuss techniques for travel, events and dealing with other's energy out in the world - making your world, a lot more peaceful. Let me know which one you choose and like the most! 

Enjoy, and find the recording links and the class recap in the email below:

* (streamable option links for the class in this email, login to download the class)



Final week email now out with new exercises and next month's theme release and primer activity -  -


If you are missing any materials for this month, please contact and we can help. Most items can be found in their respective archives (meditation, video, or article) the month following their release date aside from the main lesson and exercises. 


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Raising The Vibration, Gems & Minerals, Identifying Your Gifts, Releasing Doubt, Developing Clairsentience, Intuitive Etiquette, Going Within, Being Seen, Redefining Purpose, Channeling Angels, Rootwork, Green Living, Challenging Norms, etc. 

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