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March 2017 Theme - The Path of Least Resistance

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February 2017 theme - The initiation process

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 The Associated Materials Released This Month (now available in each of their respective archives): 

Meditation: Sacral Chakra Clearing

Video: Angry Client Emails Pt. 1

Video: Angry Client Emails Pt. 2

Video: What Accounts for A True Initiation

Video: Calling on Your Ancestors For Help


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Previous Months Lessons: 

examples of what I've offered in previous months


december 2016

reuniting with your ancestral gifts


november 2016

art of delivering messages

october 2016

empath boundaries (loving others from a distance)

Other themes have included:

Identifying Your Gifts, Releasing Doubt, Developing Clairsentience, Intuitive Etiquette, Going Within, Being Seen, Redefining Purpose, Channeling Angels, Rootwork, Green Living, and more. The membership program is now in it's fifth season! 


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