Private Consultations

Spring/Summer 2019:

Private sessions are available on Tuesdays and Fridays via Zoom Video Call or Telephone. Zoom Video calls require a stable internet connection throughout the call and telephone calls require cellular or landline service. If you’d like a recording of your session, Zoom Video Call would be the option I’d suggest.

If you'd like to book a private session with Amanda, simply contact Please indicate in your email what modality of connection you’d prefer (Zoom/Telephone) and your general availability. Telephone sessions: please include your phone number in your email. Zoom sessions: these are conducted via a shared weblink and we’ll send you the internet link you’ll use to join-in the session at the time of booking.

In the event a private session isn't available, another member may be available to help - here's a directory of members

For a private session, we can focus on intuitive/spiritual development coaching, business coaching, or looking into a situation regarding life to sort things out. All sessions include spiritual guidance. Often scheduled within the month they are booked, when available, private rates are usually billed @ $135/hr for the first hour and then $85/hour for any sessions booked thereafter within the year. Rates are not included in the Membership Program offerings, because it's part of Amanda's off-site private practice. They are billed via PayPal invoice when the session is booked and then payable up to 48-hours in advance to confirm your spot.

All private sessions last approximately sixty (60) minutes.