Private Consultations


Private consultations are generally available when made by earnest request and offered throughout the year to anyone who is looking for specialized private guidance, can't make the Member Q&A Calls, or they aren't in The Facebook Group (The Spirit Lounge). 

If you'd like to book a private consultation, simply contact to see if scheduling is available and what type of service you'd like. In the event a private session isn't available, another member may be available to help, or check back another time - here's a directory of members: A Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer Intuitive Practitioner Directory. Often scheduled within the month they are booked, when available, private rates are usually billed @ $135/hr for the first hour and then $85/hour for any sessions booked thereafter. Rates are not included in the Membership Program offerings. 


Previous clients: 

The Acuity Scheduling Software we used to use to schedule sessions is no longer active! Simply email the office if you find the scheduling link to be defunct, as all sessions are now being booked manually. Thanks!