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Connecting with Spirit

the meditations in this category are organized in order of 'what to do first' when you are opening your connection to spirit

Spiritual Activation Meditation

In this meditation, you are linked with your entire Spirit team.

Call forward your Guides, Angels and Ancestors for support, guidance and connection. Get united with a link to a continual stream of intuitive insight for manifestation. 

Use this meditation for boost of support, extra intuitive insight, and when you can be benefited by embodying the spiritual principles of love and understanding. 

higher self meditation

Call forward your soul body - your higher self - to unite with you. Access wisdom, guidance and insight from your own eternal Spirit. Once connected to your own Spirit, it is easier to access the wisdom, insight and guidance from all of those in Spirit. 

Use this meditation to reunite with your greater purpose, tap into guidance on what you are learning now and to experience a wash of blissful love from your Divine Self. 


Connecting with a Spirit Guide 

Meet and communicate with a new Spirit Guide, Angel, Ancestor or Deceased Loved One who wishes to step forward now to assist you on your path.

Be on the look out for Animal Guides in this meditation, as they commonly show up here as well. 

Work with this meditation to connect with a new Guide or to work with an existing Guide for answering questions and receiving guidance. 


spirit communication meditation

This meditation walks you through the entire spirit communication process, from open to close, including an empty space for you to receive and deliver communication from the Spirit World. 

Use this meditation to practice connecting with those in Spirit or as a guide to lead yourself into communicating with Spirit sans meditation. This meditation can be completed from memory after a couple of uses for 'hands-free' connection. 

merging meditation

Weave your energy together into an interlocking strand with your main spirit guide. Tap into guidance quicker, enjoy immediate open to your intuitive portals, and elevation your vibration to a more continuous, spiritual state. 

Use the meditation when you're having trouble receiving guidance, want more of a daily communication from your guides, and/or interested in meeting your master guide. *music free track

channeling meditation

Connect with the energy and messages of your Angels, prime yourself for linking with Star Beings or get into the state of vibration needed for Ascended Master transmissions. 

Use this meditation to channel your Angels, bring through their messages or for practice sensing their energy. This meditation is exclusively designed for Angelic connection, though it can also be used for Ascended Masters and Star Beings. 


Animal Guides meditation

Meet a new or unite with an old. 


Connecting with a loved one meditation

Call forward a loved one in spirit.


Chakra system

 Opening - closing - clearing - healing

the meditations in this category are ordered down from the top chakra to bottom chakra then on to healing, opening and closing

Crown Chakra Meditation

Your crown chakra is your gateway to receiving Divine Information from those in Spirit. When you open the crown, you open up your ability to connect and clearly receive messages, guidance and insights from those in Spirit. 

Use this meditation to enhance your ability to connect to Source and release any blocks preventing you from receiving Divine Guidance. 

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

Your third eye chakra houses your clairvoyant abilities, your gateway to clearly seeing the images and appearances from those in Spirit. When you open this chakra, you open up your ability to see intuitively with your mind's eye and to begin seeing those in Spirit in the physical plane. 

Use this meditation to enhance, unblock and clear your clairvoyant gifts and your ability to psychically see with your third eye. 

Throat Chakra Meditation

Your throat chakra houses your clairaudient abilities, your gateway to clearly hearing and delivering messages from those in Spirit. Open up your ability to hear and clearly understand the guidance and insights from those in Spirit. 

Use this meditation to enhance your clairaudient abilities, and release any blocks you may have to clearly hearing the messages from your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit. 


heart chakra meditation

This meditation is for opening and healing the heart chakra. 

Use this meditation to release pain energy, to develop empath gifts, to see the world from a more loving point of view. It is through the heart chakra that the majority of intuitive and healing information is received and delivered, so having clarity within the heart center is essential to clear reception and delivery of psychic information. 

solar plexus meditation

This meditation starts by centering your own soul on a primal, volcanic island. Here, you call up the power of the Earth for a return of confidence, strength and self-assuredness. Clear your third chakra with the healing power of lava - the earth's most powerful creative force. 

Use this meditation to heal Solar Plexus issues, doubt, feelings of self-worth or self-confidence. 


sacral chakra Meditation

Regenerate creativity, cycle through a negative mood or attitude quicker, use as the final clear, sweep and refresh, to use after getting through a big change. 

Use this meditation to: get back on track, reignite your fire. Whenever you’ve been down for a couple of days or months, and want back on the saddle, this is the one. 

Great for curing writer’s and other creative blocks, and in general, getting out of “the funk!” 

root chakra

root chakra meditation

Expanding, deepening and stretching, this meditation sets your grounded presence and comfort in all directions of time, space, and spirit. Great for anxiety, manifesting material wealth, owning your current vibrational state, acclimating to a new level, and use during times of change. 

Rooting us in groundedness for authentic expansion.

all Chakra clearing/opening 

From root to tip, use this meditation as a full chakra opening and clearing before: 

  • Compassionate communication
  • You start your work day
  • Before a consultation
  • When feeling lethargic
  • After a psychic attack
  • After a difficult client
  • After your intuition challenged
  • After any reading
  • As a form of cord cutting

Only 7 minutes 33 seconds in length

All chakra closing/blocking 

Use this meditation as a tool for turning down your gifts and sensitives when in public, before going to family gatherings, or anytime, when you want to go, "off duty" for a little while.

Not a permanent "gift remover." Te meditation is a temporary fix, designed to reduce your sensitivities for 1.5-3 hours. Reapply for longer events. Great for events, gatherings, family get togethers! 

Chakra Cleaning Scrub Meditation

whole chakra scrub

An oil change for your spirit body. Working from root to crown, we connect with one of your Guardian Angels for a energy clearing total shift. The end result is a healed, peaceful and centered soul state - free of all the gunk and build-up. 

Clear yourself out after an emotionally or spiritually exhausting experience, align yourself to connect to Spirit, return your native energetic state. 

Chakra clearing with crystals

Clear and reset your energy with crystal energy. Align for manifestation. Attune and align your energy with the new energy of a stone.

To start this meditation, grab your favorite crystal and place it on your lap. This meditation attunes your entire body to the energy of a new stone and sets you up in alignment for manifestation and change with that stone. 10 minutes.


a clairvoyant's cleanse

A psychic neti pot for the third eye, throat chakra and crown. Flush out your psychic senses with this healing meditative activity. Clear out the cobwebs, externally placed blocks, remove the fog over those psychic windows, re-string and align your gifts.

Use it if you’ve never flushed your psychic well before, after an argument with a friend or family member, whenever it's time to clear the lines out and start fresh.


Chakra Balancing with Crystals

This meditation is a demo of a chakra healing you can do for yourself or a distance client. Using a lineup of seven chakra crystals and one pointed stone that you can use as a wand, this meditation is two chakra healings in one. 

This exercise guides you through balancing your chakras in equalizing amounts with crystals. It includes two demos - one with a crystal lineup on the floor and one with a crystal lineup over the body.  The first exercise starts at 2:45 and second starts at 10:20 in recording with lecture and explanation in between. 
Materials: Seven distinct objects or crystals that represent each of the chakras, these can be pocket stones or acorn sized objects in size. 
One object that can act like a wand, such as a pendulum, a pointed stone with a tip, like the one in the picture, though it can be of any variety. You can even use your finger! 

fourth chakra work with crystals

You will need two blue stones for this exercise, one larger, one smaller. This meditation harmonizes your throat chakra bringing through clearer dreams, more clarity in clairaudience, in removing and releasing fear of speaking your true nature, and in helping be a channel that allows others to communicate better with and through you. This meditation utilizes crystals to do this. Best for those in people-oriented fields, and for those who work with animals. 

The fourth chakra is a communication receiving and sending energy center.

Because of the thoroughfare, it is a chakra that very quickly gets gunked! So listen to this healing meditation with two anchor stones that'll help clear that whole forcefield around you. Clear those pathways & let's begin! Click the link to open. Approximately 10 minutes. 

develop your gifts


identify your gifts 

Spirit communicates with us through our intuitive senses. Use this meditation to connect with your Guide team and begin to sense how they deliver information to you. Pay attention to what you receive and how you receive it - these will be indicators of your primary psychic abilities.  

Take note of your receptions and continue to work with this exercise to strengthen your connection and your abilities to receive. Akin to any workout, your psychic muscles, too, will grow stronger with each set you do. 


psychic strengthening meditation

Weight lifting for the clairs.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience.

This meditation creates space for you to exercise, flex your muscles and keep your gifts sharp. 


Spiritual Attunements

these meditations in this category are organized in the order in which they would be best performed and then assimilated by the practictioner


fire goddess meditation

Power attunement. Walk your path, brush off doubt and step confidently forward, while owning and embracing your inner goddess power. 

Use this meditation to cleanse your energy field, so that you may approach your path as the light being that you are.

Vibration Alignment

This meditation is designed to open your energetic and chakra system to be in an optimal state for connecting and receiving information intuitively and from Spirit. 

Use this meditation to open up your chakras, heighten your intuitive awareness or as a prep for connecting for Spirit Communication. 


angelic attunement

This meditation aligns your baseline vibrational energetic state to equate with the level of the angelic realm.

Use this meditation to infuse your life with love, positivity, compassion and other high vibration states of mind. This meditation can be worked with to open a connection to the angelic realm, in general, or as a primer to begin working as a channel for Spirit. 


Raising Your Vibration Series

The space we inhabit can determine who and what type of guidance we come into contact with. It can determine if we receive guidance at all. If you're stuck, wanting to elevate to a higher state, tired of receiving the same 'ol answers or lack thereof? 

Raise your energy by first opening to receive a new infusion, then ascend upwards and connect with your new high vibrational guide.  This is a stepwise process, and it's suggested to do these meditations one after another, in succession. These meditations were created with a mono microphone. 

Meditation #1 - Opening to Receive Energy

Meditation #2 - High Vibration Infusion

Meditation #3 - Ascended Guide Linking

These meditations can be listened independently or practiced in a series, starting with the opening to receive meditation.


Mediumship Attunement series

Open your gifts, clear the ways. 

In the first meditation, you open and widen your channel to Spirit and begin the journey to bringing down a flow of Divine Light from the world of Spirit to you. In the second, you invite the Light channel of Spirit into unity with your body to create your three-way link between you - the realm of Spirit - and those in the physical world. In the third, we open you up for healing. 

It is from this place, we can begin to receive and deliver healing, loving messages and guidance from those in Spirit.  

For best results, use the meditation for at least 7 days prior to moving on to the next attunement. 

Meditation #1 - Mediumship Attunement #1

Meditation #2 - Mediumship Attunement #2

Meditation #3 - Mediumship Attunement #3


Essential Tools and Techniques

the meditations in this category are organized in order the way they would be best performed if you were completing them in a series

in terms of relationship to you, these meditations are organized by those things 'closest to your energy and out' these meditations begin with self grounding and then ending with cleansing your space

the daily meditation

Ground, center with my personal daily meditation

Unite yourself to Earth and Sky with my personal daily morning meditation. Return to a place of peace, a place of self and to a balanced connection with your heart center. *this meditation also available for purchase in the online store


Grounding Meditation

Connect with the earth's center, reunite with your state of calm and come back to a rooted sense of self. Calming and uniting meditation, designed to assist you in finding your place of peace. 

Work with this meditation anytime you feel scattered or uncentered, prior to doing any spiritual work. 


Call Back Your Energy

energy retrieval meditation

Get focused and present in the current moment. Retrieve your energy and your attention from it's focus on a past person, place or event. 

Use this meditation anytime you feel drained, exhausted, unable to focus, scattered or as though there is something dragging on your energy. Work with this meditation and receive an energy boost. 


Cord Cutting Meditation

Move forward freely and release yourself from old ties. This meditation is designed to assist you in cutting energetic and emotional connections.

Release yourself from persons, relationships, situations and any events that have already occurred and affected your energy, for better or worse. 

Use this cord cutting meditation to let go of anyone or anything that no longer serves you, for your highest and greatest good.


disconnection meditation (heart-specific cord cutting)

a cord cutting specifically for worry release, see psychic defense section for more on heart cord cutting

Call your heart energy back from feeling responsible. This meditation clears your energy of concern for others and returns it to where it is best served - with you. Restore the balance between helping others and helping yourself. 

Use this meditation to quit worrying, disconnect your heart chakra from having to heal it, from feeling responsibly. Reverse patterns of over-giving. *music free track


Energy Cleanse Meditation

This meditation is designed as an energy healing.

In this meditation, step into a bath of Divine Light for a healing, sealing and centering. Clear yourself, clear your space, cut cords and rinse off no longer needed emotions, thoughts, feelings and residual ties. 

Use this meditation to return to a glowing state of self and unite with a greater power, while disconnecting from all else, in this powerful meditation. 


energy dialysis meditation

A deeper level energy cleanse ritual, clear your aura energy field with the help of your ancestors.


White Light Protection

foundational energy protection meditation

In need of a protective boost? Want to shield your energy from absorbing any thoughts, emotions or feelings that would otherwise bring you down?

This meditation is the solution for broad scale protection and energy shielding. Seal your aura, detach energetically from social or spiritual situations and maintain your seat of personal power - all in this beautiful, expansive meditation. 

Use this  meditation to protect, shield and secure your energy field. 


weekly Healing Light Meditation

exfoliate and cleanse your energy field 1-2 times per week

Work with the new technique of "aura exfoliation," and lotus rich imagery in this healing and energy boosting 9-minute meditation. Great for those who have been picked on, need a bit of relaxation, and any lightworker who works out in the public sphere.

Removes outside energy, boosts your own energetic and emotional state, and restores your energy field to a state of peace and selflove. Complete once weekly! 


armor up

advanced energy protection meditation

Put on a coat of armor, boost your confidence, prevent yourself from taking stuff on. Use this meditation anytime you're going around skeptical friends and family, posting risky blogs or articles, and/or before/after difficult client sessions. 


total Space Clearing

meditation to accompany ritual in the How To: Space Clearing eGuide

A clear, positive and loving environment. This meditation is designed to help you clear your space from any negative. 

Tune in to space clear anytime you feel your space needs a reset to a more positive, grounded and clearly aligned energy uplift. Release all that is no longer serving you from you and your environment. 


psychic defense

As an energy sensitive, there are times when you are going to feel the affects of the energy of those people and situations going on around you. The meditations below are designed to help you deal with acute energetic influxes.

heart chakra heal

knives to the heart meditation

For dealing with heart chakra energy  pain, commonly experienced as a burning sensation to the chest, heart attack like sensations, a sensation of being stabbed in the heart. These types of energetic influxes often arise when someone is in pain or you are being targeted as responsible for that pain, and vice versa. 

overall psychic attack relief

master attack meditation

Master protection and cord clearing. For acute healing and for stopping any energetic lash back you may receive after cord cutting, a break-up, or any emotionally hot interaction. 

solar scoop out

solar chakra scooping meditation

For repair and de-cording of the solar plexus, dealing with attacks on your self esteem and confidence, professional or personal jealousy, and deflecting absorbed pain energy from others. Heal the effects of energetic influx sickness and to soothe emotionally related gastro intestinal issues. 



relaxation Gentle Compassion Wrap

When you feel down, it can help to find support in your Friends. 

In this meditation, we call forward your Spiritual Support Team for love, support, guidance and connection to find reassurance that you are indeed, never truly alone. 

Use this meditation whenever you need an emotional lift, a boost in your day, or to temporarily surround yourself with the love and support you need or may be missing. 


destress like sand meditation

To assist you in letting go of the outside expectations, demands and pressures placed on you by others.

When you suddenly find yourself feeling the urge to fix or solve something for someone else, try the Like Sand meditation first, and then evaluate whether it was really your want, or someone else’s want for your help, your psychic problem-solving goodness, instead.


purpose redefining your purpose energy healing

This is an energy healing meditation that is designed to attune and align you with your soul purpose.

Dually releasing you from outside expectation as it works, it separates the you from all else, allowing you to make clearer decisions for your soul path, from a more authentic and you-based place. To disconnect from outside projections and expectations or for relaxation, use this meditation before seeking out questions regarding your purpose or path. 


manifestation clairvoyant manifestation technique #1

Bring your manifestations to you in a giant bubble, increase your belief you can have whatever you want, and draw what you want closer to you in the physical world. Works for money, objects, soulmates, jobs, properties. 

This is a clairvoyant focused meditation that helps increase your clairvoyant gifts, as well. For best results, practice at least once a day while actively manifesting. 


Website clearing meditation

A website is a window into your world. Periodically, the windows need to be cleared and cleaned of energetic debris so that others may access a clear perception of you, your services, and your work.

Use this meditation anytime you want to boost your visibility, when sales are slow, or when you notice yourself getting more funky emails than most. Best when paired with the Clairvoyant Manifestation Technique #1 Meditation or any other manifestation exercise. 


Fear Releasing Meditation 

Listen to this meditation anytime you’ve been overcome by a wave of fear anxiety, worry about money, when others have been piling their worries on you, or when you’re resetting your energy.

Great meditation for healing the community fears and healing yourself at the same time. Approx. 5 minute run time. 


past life Future life meditation

Music free track. 

This is the reverse of a past life regression, it's a future life progression. Take a peek into what's coming up in the future for your spirit's journey. Prepare in this lifetime. 

Music for meditations generously provided by Thaddeus

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