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Connecting with Spirit meditations


Animal Guides Meditation - Meet a new animal guide or unite with an old. Pay attention to symbolism, scenery, and any visions you get in this meditation. Animal guides will often communicate that way. 7:54 minutes. Click To Download. (Transcript).

Channeling Meditation - Connect with the higher energy, get into the state of vibration needed for transmissions. While exclusively designed for Angelic connection, this meditation can be used for prepping for any spoken-style connection, great for clairaudients/claircognizants, and those who receive through spoken word, writers, artists. 11:48 minutes. Click To Download.

Connecting with a Loved One Meditation - Call forward a loved one in spirit. This meditation is designed for use with a spirit you know, as well as the deceased you know personally, for professional mediumship style communication, see Spirit Communication Meditation. 13:06 minutes. Click To Download

Connecting with a Spirit Guide Meditation - Meet and communicate with a new Spirit Guide. Excellent for meeting a gatekeeper, animal guide or protector guide. Use this meditation to either connect with a new Guide or work with an existing Guide to answer questions and receive guidance. Great "phone call from beyond" type session. 15:55 minutes. Click To Download

Higher Self Meditation - Call forward your higher self to reunite. Great for when feeling disconnected or off your path, use this meditation to reunite with your greater purpose, tap into what you're learning now, and re-harmonize your energy field. Wonderful for use before or after stressful social situations. 11:00 minutes. Click To Download. (Transcript). 

Familiar Spirit Meditation - Clear your energy with glittering celestial light and ground securely to the earth while protecting and infusing your energy with divine essence, when we then open the floor to call forward a spirit familiar, also known as a guide, which can be an angel, an animal guide, or a traditional human-like spirit guide. 14:45 minutes. Click To Download. (Transcript).

Lightning Rod Meditation - A shortened channeling meditation for quick grounding, clearing, and channeling designed to bring down through channeling energy fast, for easier use. Great pre-reading prep exercise, also great for a rapid release of any spirit anxiety you may be facing. Excellent meditation for relaxing those who pace. 6:55 minutes. Click To Download

Mental Decluttering Meditation - In the first part of this meditation, clear the mental space to receive, in the second part, gain guidance. Perfect for starting the work day with a clear head, to use when laying down at night when needed to declutter, calm down or gain guidance, or just to decrease that mental frazzled feeling. Music Free Track. 7:11 minutes. Click To Download. (Transcript). 

Merging with Your Guides Meditation - Weave your energy together with a master Spirit Guide. Tap into guidance quicker, enjoy immediate openness in your intuitive portals, elevate your vibration. Use this meditation when you're having trouble receiving, want more daily communication, or if interested in meeting your master guide. Music free track. Provides great high peaceful feeling afterward. 11:01 minutes. Click To Download

Spirit Guide Communication Meditation - Open up to empty space to communicate and receive messages from your guide. Music Free Track. 9:57 minutes. Click To Download

Spirit Communication Meditation - This meditation walks you through the entire spirit communication process, from open to close. Includes a space for you to receive and deliver communication from the Spirit World. Use this meditation to practice connecting with those in Spirit, or as a guide to lead yourself into communicating with Spirit sans meditation. This meditation can generally be completed from memory after a couple of uses for more 'hands-free' connection. 10:40 minutes. Click To Download. 

Chakra system meditations


All Chakra Opening Meditation - From root to tip, use this meditation as a full chakra opening and clearing. Can be used to clear your energy before you start your work day, during psychic attack, after a reading, or as a form of cord cutting. 7:33 minutes. Click To Download

All Chakra Clearing w/Crystals - Clear and reset your energy with crystal energy. To start this meditation, grab your favorite crystal and place it on your lap. This meditation attunes your entire body to the energy of a new stone and sets you up in alignment for manifestation and change with that stone. 10:15 minutesClick To Download

Crown Chakra Meditation - The crown chakra is your gateway to receiving Divine Information. Open your ability to connect and receive messages, guidance and insights through all your intuitive facets. Use this meditation to enhance your ability to connect to source and release any blocks preventing you from receiving Divine Guidance. 9:11 minutes. Click To Download

Third Eye Chakra Meditation - Your third eye chakra houses your clairvoyant abilities, your gateway to more clearly see the images and appearances from those in Spirit, from your clairvoyance, from your psychic gifts. Use this meditation to enhance, unblock and clear your clairvoyant gifts. Want to see spirit physically? Start by using this meditation, paired with the Spirit Communication Meditation above. 12:21 minutes. Click To Download

Throat Chakra Meditation - The throat chakra houses your clairaudient abilities, your gateway to clearly hearing and delivering messages from those in Spirit. Open up your ability to listen and more clearly hear and understand the guidance and insights from those in Spirit. Use this meditation to enhance your clairaudient abilities, and release any blocks. This meditation also works to improve telepathic ability. 9:09 minutes. Click To Download

Heart Chakra Meditation - This meditation is for opening and healing the heart chakra. Use this meditation to release pain energy, to develop empath gifts, to see the world from a more loving point of view. It is through the heart chakra that the majority of intuitive and healing information is received and delivered, so having clarity within the heart center is essential to clear reception and delivery of psychic information. 8:40 minutes. Click To Download

Solar Plexus Meditation - This meditation starts by centering your own soul on a primal, volcanic island. Here, you call up the power of the Earth for a return of confidence, strength and self-assuredness. Clear your third chakra with the healing power of lava - the earth's most powerful creative force. Use this meditation to heal Solar Plexus issues, doubt, feelings of self-worth or self-confidence. 10:15 minutes. Click To Download

Solar Plexus De-Cording Meditation - Repair and de-cord the solar plexus, healing after attacks on your self esteem and confidence, soothes emotionally related gastrointestinal issues. 8:21 minutes. Click To Download

Sacral Chakra Meditation - Regenerate creativity, cycle through a negative mood or attitude quicker, use as the final clear, sweep and refresh, to use after getting through a big change. Use this meditation to: get back on track, reignite your fire. Great for curing writer’s and other creative blocks, and in general, getting out of a funk. 6:44 minutes. Click To Download. 

Root Chakra Meditation - Expanding, deepening and stretching, this meditation sets your grounded presence and comfort in all directions of time, space, and spirit. Great for anxiety, manifesting material wealth, owning your current vibrational state, acclimating to a new level, and great for use during times of uncertain change. 9:41 minutes. Click To Download

All Chakra Closing Meditation - Use this meditation as a tool for turning down your gifts in public, before going to family gatherings, or anytime when you want to go off duty for a little while. Not a permanent "gift remover." This meditation is a temporary fix, designed to reduce your sensitivities for 1.5 - 3 hours. Re-application may be necessary for longer events. 6:00 minutes. Click To Download

Chakra Scrub Meditation (deep cleaning) - More intense clearing than a chakra opening meditation, this is a complete chakra clearing, great for spring cleaning. The end result is a healed, peaceful and centered soul state - free of all the energy gunk and build-up. 20:27 minutes. Click To Download

developing your gifts meditations


A Clairvoyant Viewing Technique for Reading Objects Exercise - Receive additional psychic clairvoyant information from a physical object, such as a Tarot or Oracle card, or an heirloom piece, such as a photograph or a watch. 6:11 minutes. Click To Download

Clairvoyant Cleanse Meditation - Cleanse for the third eye, throat chakra and crown. Flush out your psychic senses with this healing meditative activity. Clear out the cobwebs, externally placed blocks, remove the fog over those psychic windows, re-string and align your gifts. If you’ve never flushed your psychic chakras before, now is a good time, use this meditation whenever it's time to clear the lines out and start fresh. 10:30 minutes. Click To Download. 

Clairvoyant Viewing Screen Technique - Create a backdrop for your clairvoyant visions making it easier to see them. Create and shape different visions on command using directed clairvoyance. This meditation is for improving clairvoyant clarity, for producing and seeing visions with more regularity, and for asking guide/spirit questions. Music Free Track. 10:26 minutes. Click To Download

Identify Your Strongest Gifts Exercise - Spirit communicates with us through our intuitive senses. Use this meditation to sense how information is primarily received by you. What you receive and how you receive it - these will be indicators of your primary psychic abilities. Take note of your receptions and continue to work with this exercise to strengthen your connection and your abilities to receive. Akin to any workout, your psychic muscles, too, will grow stronger with each set you do. 8:34 minutesClick To Download

Mental Decluttering Meditation (also listed above) - In the first part of this meditation, clear the mental space to receive, in the second part, gain guidance. Perfect for starting the work day with a clear head, to use when laying down at night when needed to declutter, calm down or gain guidance, or just to decrease that mental frazzled feeling. Music Free Track. 7:11 minutes. Click To Download(This meditation is also great for clearing the space for clairvoyance or other messages to come through). 

Psychic Strengthening MeditationWeight lifting for the clairs. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. This meditation creates space for you to exercise, flex your muscles and keep your gifts sharp. Exercises for strengthening each clair included within. 13:10 minutes. Click To Download

energy Attunement meditations


Angelic Attunement Meditation - Aline your baseline vibrational energetic state to equate with the level of the angelic. This meditation can be worked with to open a connection to the angelic realm, prior to a starting channeling practice, or to raise it back up after a long weekend to get ready for the work week. Great for lifting depressive feelings, and to feel like you're floating on a pillow afterward. 6:05 Minutes. Click To Download

Angel Sleep Meditation - This meditation is designed to promote restful dreaming and includes an Angelic Healing exercise where you call in your Angel to wrap you in healing light, then synthesizing your energy with the rest of the earth and ending, grounding you deep into the earth with tree spirit energy. 10:02 minutes in length. Click To Download - Transcript

Quick Fix (Vibration Raising) Meditation - Recorded on the coast of Bar Harbor, Maine, this is a grounding, clearing and vibration raising meditation all-in-one, acting as a dual exercise and an energy healing. Starting with a visualization of a tall water glass bringing all the static energy all in your body, down to settle at your feet, grounding you, relaxing you. Then, it utilizes swimming motions with your arms, as you imagine yourself pushing all distractions behind you, energetically rocking you and spinning you in a clockwise circle - releasing you from all cords, attachments, and stress. Be at peace like a bamboo swaying in the breeze, and feel like a mountain in your tallness, getting you back in that high vibration state of empowerment all within 5 minutes or less. Total Run Time: 5:30 minutes. Click To Download.  

Mediumship Attunement Meditations (series) - Open your gifts, clear the way. In the first meditation, you open and widen your channel to Spirit and begin the journey to bringing down a flow of Divine Light. In the second, you invite the channel of Spirit to flow through your body, which is what creates and cements the three-way link between you - the realm of Spirit - and those in the physical world. In the third, we open you up for using the energy for a spiritual healing practice. Great for shamans, Reiki, and for creating a clear conduit. Always recommended to new psychics, this meditation rewires your energy to make doing this whole thing easier, and makes it less stressful to connect. Best of all, it clears your energy and the energy heals you, as you go. 

Mediumship Attunement #1 - Open and widen your channel to Spirit. 7:49 minutes. Click To Download (View Transcript). 

Mediumship Attunement #2 - Invite the channel of Spirit to flow through your body, cement the three-way link, this is where verbal mediums might stop. 14:59 minutes. Click To Download (View Transcript). 

Mediumship Attunement #3 - Now thread the energy through your body to then use it for healing, either for your own healing or for use in a reiki, shamanistic, or spiritual healing practice. Excellent for those interested in practicing distance healings. 10:42 minutes. Click To Download (View Transcript). 

This threads the energy flow you'd use for spirit communication through your body and makes it available for all uses. For best results, use each meditation for at least 7 days prior to moving on to the next. This is a series best completed over a period of 21 days.  

Overall Vibration Alignment Meditation (single) - This meditation is designed to open your energy system to an optimal state for connecting and receiving information intuitively, and from Spirit. Use this meditation to heighten your intuitive awareness, as a prep for connecting for better Spirit Communication. 6:50 minutes. Click To Download

Raising Your Vibration Meditations (series) - The space we inhabit can determine who and what type of guidance we come into contact with. If you're stuck, wanting to elevate to a higher state, tired of receiving the same answers or lack thereof, try this series. Raise your energy by opening to receive a new, then ascend up, and connect with your new high vibrational guide.  

Meditation #1 - Opening to receive energy. 10:00 minutes. Click To Download

Meditation #2 - Infuse with high vibration energy. 11:15 minutes. Click To Download

Meditation #3 -  Link with an ascended guide. 11:01 minutes. Click To Download. 

These meditations can be listened to independently or in succession, starting with the first. Meditations were completed with mono audio. Can listen to all in one sitting as well. Nice peaceful feeling afterward, like you're floating on a cloud. 

Essential Tools and Techniques meditations


Armor Up Meditation -  Advanced protection meditation. Put on a coat of armor, boost your confidence, prevent yourself from taking stuff on. Use this meditation around skeptical friends and family, before/after difficult client sessions. 5:40 minutes. Click Here To Download

Balance Cycling Meditation - grounding, channeling and centering meditation connecting you to the source below and source above, linking and circling both together in your heart chakra. Excellent pre-reading tool, this meditation is designed to be used as a daily addition to your everyday practice. You may feel a rush of energy as you practice this meditation, and this is normal. 9:01 minutes. Click Here To Download. 

Call Back Your Energy MeditationEnergy retrieval meditation. Get focused and present in the current moment. Retrieve your energy and your attention from it's focus on a past person, place or event. Use this meditation anytime you feel drained, exhausted, unable to focus, scattered or as though there is something dragging on your energy. Work with this meditation and receive an energy boost. 11:16 minutes. Click Here To Download

Cord Cutting Meditation - Move forward freely and release yourself from old ties. This meditation is designed to assist you in cutting energetic and emotional connections. Release yourself from persons, relationships, situations and any events that have already occurred and affected your energy, for better or worse. Use this cord cutting meditation to let go of anyone or anything that no longer serves you, for your highest and greatest good. 9:32 minutes. Click Here To Download

The Daily Meditation - Ground, center, and clear with an all-in-one daily meditation. Perfect for mornings! 10:00 minutes. Click Here To Download Audio (Transcript)

Energy Cleanse Meditation - This meditation is designed as an energy healing, allowing you to step into a bath of Divine Light for a healing, sealing and centering. Clear yourself, clear your space, cut cords and rinse off no longer needed emotions, thoughts, feelings and residual ties. Use this meditation to return to a glowing state of self and unite with a greater power, while disconnecting from all else in this powerful meditation. 15:00 minutes. Click Here To Download

Energy Dialysis Meditation - A deeper level energy cleanse, clear your aura energy field with the help of your ancestors. 3:33 minutes. Click Here To Download

Grounding Meditation - Connect with the earth's center and come back to a rooted sense of self. Work with this meditation anytime you feel scattered or uncentered, and before performing any spiritual work on yourself or others. Will clear root chakra blocks as well! 8:00 minutes. Click Here To Download

Soul Retrieval Meditation - This is a 4-minute exercise with follow-up at the end. When we experience different traumas in our lives, pieces of our souls can be lost. To heal, sometimes we need to consciously recover and welcome these fragments back into our lives. Drink plenty of water following this exercise. If you aren’t seeing any images during this meditation, simply pay attention to the feelings and the thoughts that come to mind both during and after you complete this exercise. 8:10 minutes. Click Here To Download. Read The Transcript

Transmuting Energy Meditation - Healing a person(s) or event remotely using divine light to shower and cleanse the area. Use this meditation once to heal another, and when being called upon to help in a situation beyond your control to call on the guides of the people involved, and use it a second time to heal yourself afterwards. When using this meditation back to back, listen and participate the first time, and then the second time, just listen, and allow the energy to work on you. Transmuting negative residuals to positive in either a local or global situation, and heal yourself of the stress affecting you from it. 8:17 minutes. Click Here To Download

Total Space Clearing Meditation - Can be used for entire house clearings, designed as a sweep for your entire space. 25:28 minutes. Click Here To Download

Weekly Clearing Meditation (also known as The Healing Light Meditation) - This meditation features a unique "aura exfoliation" technique designed for your weekly cleanse practice. Remove outside energy and restore your energy field back to a fresh state. 9:00 minutes. Click Here To Download

White Light Protection Meditation A foundational energy protection meditation. This meditation is the solution for broad scale energy shielding. Seal your aura, detach energetically, and secure yourself from anything else coming in. Use this meditation to protect, shield and secure your energy field. 7:56 minutes. Click Here To Download

specialty meditations


Destressing Meditation - Also called Like Sand. Let go of outside expectations, demands and pressures placed on you. 7:08 minutes. Click Here To Download

Fear Releasing Meditation - Listen to this meditation anytime you’ve been overcome by a wave of fear, anxiety, money worry, when others are piling their worries on you, or when resetting your energy. Excellent for healing the community fear, and ancestral fear, all while healing yourself at the same time. 5:10 minutes. Click Here To Download

Future Life Meditation - This is the reverse of a past life regression; it's a future life progression. Take a peek into what's coming up in the future, great for releasing fear of the future, seeing where you're headed to be if you choose to continue on the path you're on now. Music free track. 7:04 minutes. Click Here To Download.  

Guided by the Moon Meditation - Meditation to sync and connect with the full moon's energy. 6:04 minutes. Click Here To Download


The Havingness (Manifestation) Meditation - Seeing and Believing is Achieving! Increase your self belief in your capacity to achieve, this meditation is helpful for raising your vibration, and helping to provide deeper understanding, by illuminating and improving any limiting beliefs you may have about what you are able to have, which is thought to remove and self-psychological blocks to receiving the love and wishes you deserve. Originally found in the Berkeley Psychic Institute Teachings and in conjunction with Debra Katz work, this exercise is traditionally used as a manifestation/releasing blocks to manifestation meditation. Recorded by Amanda Linette Meder. 8:24 minutes. Click Here To Download.  

Holiday Survival Meditation - Grounding for public spaces, great for holiday shopping and travel. Best completed in the parking lot or prior to exiting your car into any public space, this meditation allows you to enter any public area you frequent on a calmer note, with a greater sense of awareness of yourself and the area around you, and it promotes a more positive, unifying experience for all those shopping with you. Great for holiday shopping, malls, movie theaters, train stations and other gathering places where anxieties, preoccupation, and local ungroundedness may run a little higher than usual. 3:24 minutes. Click Here To Download

(Clairvoyant) Manifestation Meditation - This is a clairvoyant visualization technique for manifestation. Improve your ability to manifest ideas and needs into physical reality, this meditation is also known as the bubble technique. 6:30 minutes. Click Here To Download

Past Life Meditation, Relationship Healing - There are a variety of reasons to regress, in this meditation we address one. Identifying a pattern relationship, who that person was in your most recent past life, and how to progress the relationship now. 10:10 minutes. Click Here To Download

Psychic Attack Relief Meditation - Master protection and cord clearing for psychic attack situations. For acute healing and for stopping any energetic lash back, specifically from a psychic attack, energy vampire, or strong emotional cord. Excellent for use after interacting with a former lover. 6:39 minutes. Click Here To Download

Redefining Your Purpose Meditation - This is an energy healing meditation designed to attune and align you with your soul purpose. Dually releasing you from outside expectation as it works, it separates you from all else, allowing you to make clearer decisions about your soul path, from a more authentic and you-based place. Use this meditation before seeking out questions regarding your purpose or path. 12:00 minutes. Click Here To Download

Relaxation Meditation - Also called Gentle Compassion Wrap. This meditation acts as a gentle compassion wrap, and we call forward your Spiritual Support Team for love, support, guidance, finding reassurance that you are indeed, never truly alone. Use this meditation whenever you need an emotional lift, to surround yourself with the love and the support you need. 9:05 minutes. Click Here To Download

Website Clearing Meditation - A website is a window into your world. If your business is web-based, periodically clear the windows of your world of any energetic debris, so that others may continue to access a clear perception of you, your services, and your work. Use this meditation anytime you want to boost visibility, when sales are slow, or when you notice attracting that which you don't want. 8:30 minutes. Click To Download

Music for meditations generously provided by Thaddeus

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