"Hi Amanda, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to write you and thank you for the wonderful reading you did for me last Thursday. I hung up from our call and broke into tears as I reviewed everything you told me. They were happy tears. :) The overwhelming feeling of love for me that was conveyed to you from my grandfather was incredible, and I think about him all the time now (even though he died 20 years before I was born). It's a wonderful feeling knowing that he is around me and supporting and loving me from spirit. Secondly, you could not possibly have known that it has been a dream of mine for a long time to own my own business. Thus, when I asked you what my grandfather sees me doing specifically as a career and you received the image of me going to a government building to register myself as a Does Business As (DBA), it absolutely made my day! It made me so excited for the future and has reinvigorated my enthusiasm to continue exploring ways to start my own business. Your vision of me going from a 16-hour work day to a 3-4 hour work day making money on my phone while lounging on my lawn chair in a couple of years is quite the incentive! :) I plan to keep this image in my mind and use it as a manifestation tool to achieve my dream. Thank you again so much!! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the opportunity to speak with you, and what a positive impact your reading had on me. You are truly a blessing. ll the best" - Shannon A., reading recipient

"THANK YOU AMANDA! For your support and expertise.  I'm not saying good bye because I WILL BE KEEPING IN TOUCH! I know I've told you you this before and I will say it again...I'm glad I found you and your class was worth every red cent. I hesitated when I saw the price last year because I knew I had to be serious about making the decision to be on this path to make the investment.  I had a good vibe about you and I jumped in with both feet first. I'm glad I did! You definitely did not disappoint and you are VERY good at what you do.  You are a Godsend for those like us." - Maria R., MTP Graduate

“I just want to say thank you so, so much for everything you do, and simply for being you. You are such an inspiration to me and to thousands of lives. You truly make a beautiful and positive difference to this world.Because of you, I am empowered with so much more knowledge of spiritual matters. I now have greater self-awareness, and the confidence to step forward and bless others with my gift. And just as you have blessed me with much, I will also make it my mission to educate people about Spirit and help open the door for Spirit to enter, and transform their lives.” — Sara K., graduate of the Mediumship Training Program

“Taking mediumship training from Amanda was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I was hesitant beginning because while I had received messages from loved ones, I was not sure that I would be able to receive messages for others. I was leery of my lack of experience in relation to the other students. I soon realized there was nothing for me to worry about. Amanda was great with gently walking us through the oath to Spirit. I am continually amazed how far I have come and continue to grow since taking Amanda’s programs. She is great with answering any questions that may still come up. She doesn’t just roll up her spiritual services when the class is over. If you are debating on taking a class from Amanda I HIGHLY recommend it. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your loved ones will benefit as well!” — Cyndee S., graduate of the Mediumship Training Program

“Wow, what a difference since I talked to you. I feel so much more grounded and the process before/during/after a reading is so great! I have been really communicating seeing/hearing/feeling, with my guide, thanks to our session. I feel much more confident just knowing the process now, not having to seek out a “circle”(Now I know why nothing resonated with me around classes/circles, etc...!) Thank you so much!!! ”— Dominic D., private coaching and training graduate

“Amanda is one of the most self-motivated and fearless people I know and stood out the first day of class as both a natural born leader/teacher and naturally gifted clairvoyant reader.”— Debra Lynne Katz, Author of “You Are Psychic”, “Extraordinary Psychic” and “Freeing the Genie Within" and Director of The International School of Clairvoyance.

“Amanda. First, my sincere gratitude for all the knowledge you’ve instilled in me. It has been a great learning journey, from getting signs, to figuring out a way to interpret such signs; but most importantly, learning to trust all these messages.”— Eyabane P., graduate of the Mediumship Training Program

"I just wanted to tell you how much more hopeful I feel and close to my life partner since talking to you. It is as if a whole larger world has been made available to me. I am eternally grateful. With sincere thanks." - Wendy

“one of the most beautiful transitions in my life thus far.” — Lia K., coaching and Mediumship Training graduate

"I participated in one of Amanda's Intuitive Business Coaching Sessions and it was extremely clarifying and helpful to me. The information that I received was clear, concrete guidance regarding what was getting in the way of my vision, the next steps that I would be able to take for success in my business, as well as an overview of purpose and populations who would benefit from my work. The information that I received helped me to see the next steps that I could to take to move forward in a way that is aligned to my own purpose and happiness. Amanda helped me to set clear goals, dream bigger and see how I could be at service in the world in a more powerful, easeful and prosperous way." - Dara, NY

"Amanda, I can not THANK YOU ENOUGH for the wonderful reading you gave me yesterday. You really hit the nail on the head with this one.I was missing my sister so much and you truly brought her to me. I felt as though she was sitting in the chair beside me with her arm around Me. It was truly an experience I will NEVER forget. I cannot Thank You enough for sharing your Gift with me. I am still so excited, I can't stop smiling!!! Love, Harmony and healing to you. LOVE ANN"

"Amanda,  I know it's late there, and we are settling in for the eve as well, but just had to drop you a note and tell you how wonderful you are!  We are so grateful to you and to the fact that you listened to your heart and soul by taking this path of being an angelic messenger here on earth! I have to tell you, you've made a believer out of my husband, not to mention that you have healed part of his heart by being the messenger for his Dad. It was my hope that his Mom or Dad would come through, and you helped make that possible.  We have been talking all day today about our session and can't wait to listen to it so we can talk about the things we may have been too excited to remember!  Thank you, thank you, thank you Amanda!  You are such an amazing soul! Love from us both, Stacey and Paul"

"Hi Amanda . . .I just wanted to thank you again.  After talking to you and receiving the messages, I have had a much better week.  I have felt calmer, and the methods Joy provided me helped me with my unease. Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I feel you have impacted my life overall." - Chayla, US

"I wanted to thank you for one of the VERY BEST readings ever! There was so much information swirling in my head, and I was worried because I thought we hadn't covered all the questions I had. I want you to know that my grandmother gave me exactly the information I needed most! After listening to the reading at least 4 times, I realized just how accurate you are. I wanted to validate the information that came through. You gave me a lot if good info to think about and work on. I just wanted to thank you for going your own way and providing a service that is very beautiful gift to each person! Take care and have a great night!" - F.C., CA

"While I’ve had many exceptional students over the years, Amanda Meder stands out from all of them as someone both coming into the clairvoyant program with a level of proficiency and confidence that is unique.  I myself have experienced a reading with her and not only was the information she provided insightful, but the experience itself of listening to her descriptions of her visions and messages was colorful, delightful and fun.  She is supportive but does not hold back on sharing the information that is most needed. Amanda has a natural talent of communicating with those in the spirit world as well as accessing other types of information.  If you are someone who is open to the truth of yourself, seeking to expand yourself and willing to do what it takes to create the life you want, then you are the right kind of client for Amanda." - Debra Lynne Katz, Author of “You Are Psychic”, “Extraordinary Psychic” and “Freeing the Genie Within" and Director of The International School of Clairvoyance.

"Words seem inadequate as to how I thank you for today. . . I have stumbled upon an opal in the sea of rocks. Your reading today rocked my world. . . You could not have pinpointed her (my mother's) personality so accurately if not without talking with her. She was a complex lady I loved and love her to infinity.  You are so blessed with your talents and I know that "they" are smiling as you tell their stories so eloquently. Again from my heart to yours, mahalo nui loa" - Robin, O., Hawaii

"My reading with Amanda was something that I couldn't have really imagined. She was able to put me in touch with spirits who knew exactly what I was needing at that precise moment in my life. I feel like, I now have a direction to go in to heal wounds that I previously didn't think I was ready to address. To have the messages relayed to me was such a gift to me and my family. Thank you! "- Claudia K, VA

"Thank you SO much for the wonderful phone session I had booked with you. It was so incredible and mind-blowing! I am still digesting those surprising messages from Spirit. WOW. Thank you for sharing your gift, time & energy with me. I was honoured to receive such an amazing and insightful moment in my life. Totally life-changing." - Aurora D., ON

"Amanda, thank you for the reading you did today, you made my grandma, my mom, and myself so happy. I've been crying on and off all day, peaceful, joyful tears. My whole family loves you!" - Danielle, NJ

"I was very hesitant in using a medium/clairvoyant. A friend introduced me to Amanda and I decided to give it a try. I had a phone reading and was skeptical at first. She is friendly, kind and made me feel very comfortable right from the start. It was an amazing experience, everything she said was correct. She was so accurate and spot on and didn't have to ask me any questions. She was able to connect with my father who has passed away and answered all my questions, she was very comforting too. At times I got emotional and got goose bumps when she said things that no one else would know but myself. I am so glad I spoke to Amanda, I strongly suggest her to everyone - she's totally worth it and the real deal! "- Denise C., CA

“Speaking with Amanda via phone was an amazing experience. She really impressed me with her professionalism and was spot on with a lot of different aspects of my life that I had been wondering about, such as my natural abilities and spirits I've seen my entire life. She helped me identify my spirit guide and gave me some tips on communicating with him. Since then I have been taking the time to cultivate and develop the ability she helped me identify.” – Jared K., CO

"I loved my reading with Amanda.  She allowed me to really walk through various paths in my life to make the most beneficial choices for my family and me.  It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait for my next one." - Mariah K., TX

"Amanda has the ability to put you right at ease, as if you're talking to an old friend. With only my name, Amanda was able to connect with both my great-grandfather and my husband's grandmother and provide answers to our questions, and a plan of action on anything that needed remedied. Amanda's information was very detailed and bang on. I found peace and excitement with the information that was coveyed and I plan to have at-least a quarterly reading with her." -Stephanie M., ON, Canada.

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the amazing reading. You were spot on with everything and I learned so much. I was not a skeptic but I've never had a psychic reading before so I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and I am now a true believer. I'm looking forward to my next reading."  - Amanda D., MI

"Thank you so much for an amazing reading! You answered many questions I had about some major life changes my family has going on and gave us the confidence to move forward in making these important decisions.  Also, after being able to speak to my grandfather you gave my extended family and myself a lot of peace, and even more importantly a way to communicate with him when I feel his presence. I cannot wait to have future readings with you!" - Danielle T., NJ

"I have never had a reading done before and I had no idea what to expect. Not only was my reading inline with what I was going through in my life, but also Amanda provided me with action steps to help me overcome some of the obstacles I have been facing. I was especially surprised at the fact that with minimal information Amanda was able to connect me with my Grandmother. I am eternally grateful for the messages I received from my Grandmother. I highly recommend Amanda!" - Tonantzin M., CA

"Moments after my reading with Amanda, she began to put my mind at ease with her kind and gentle energy; I felt as if I was speaking with an old friend. She is truly gifted. I look forward to connecting with her again in the future for another session." - Kim B., NH

"Amanda is the real deal! I contacted her looking to connect with a close friend who died recently. I wasn't sure what to expect, but left the reading feeling like I had spoken directly with my friend. Everything Amanda told me was accurate and the messages she relayed made complete sense. Amanda has a true gift and I'm so grateful to her for helping me connect with my dear friend." - Carolyn P., NY

"Wow, what a difference since I talked to you. I feel so much more grounded and the process before/during/after a reading is so great!  I feel much more confident. Again, I really love your personalized development sessions, it is exactly what I needed!  I now know why I was frustrated about what to do (Even though I did know) and I wasn't able to find something that I resonated with.  I have more confidence,  a process, direction and connection with my guide.  Everything I wanted, right now. Thank you so much!!!" - D.D., VT

"Hi Amanda! I just wanted to thank you for my friend’s reading. I can see that it comforts her to have confirmation that her dad was still with her, and that was exactly what I was hoping for:) This type of solid evidence comforts me as well and re-confirms my beliefs. Most sincerely " - Lisa N, United States

“Hey Amanda, I received the mp3 from you; I played and listened to the whole thing again and it was clear and audible so that was great.  I would like to thank you especially for the extra time, I am very grateful for your wonderful highly skilled abilities as a medium and for the most invaluable information you relayed to me in the session today, again, thank you very kindly.  I would love to book another session with you at a later time.  The session with you confirmed today so many things. I am at a new found peace now as well. I wish the tears of old, of new, of joy, of sadness would quit though as it makes typing an email very difficult to see!”  Katie T, Canada

"Your reading has brought so much peace to me and the people spoken of in the reading! You are such a blessing!" Danielle M., IL, United States

"Hi Amanda, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the wonderful relaxing way you taught me to meditate. I used to meditate in many different ways of which none were taught to me. But I really liked the one you taught me. Very helpful and relaxing. And helps be connected and grounded as you mentioned. I can not thank you for all your help. In a world where one's own aren't being helpful you have truly shown me a lot of love and caring. I will never ever forget that and will always be grateful for that. I just wanted you to know." - P.S., PA, United States

“Amanda is truly a gifted healer.  I've been blessed with her friendship for going on six years now.  She exudes a clarity, wisdom, honesty and peace that is hard to define.  I was instantly drawn to her and could just tell that here was someone whom was deeply honest, trustworthy, and gifted.  Amanda has the (seemingly rare) ability to truly listen and to provide necessary feedback in a loving way, even when the information may be difficult to hear and accept.  Even before she fully accepted her spiritual gifts, they were palpable.  Her ability to see and know is uncanny.  She has been my go-to friend and confidant because I know that she will get to the bottom of any situation and tell it to me straight.  Her readings are extremely powerful and direct.  She is able to keep her self grounded and clear and receives messages from your spirit guides and deceased loved ones with often shocking clarity.  She is able to get herself out of the way of the messages that come through her and she relates the messages in full without dilution, even when the messages may be very difficult to receive --> which is ultimately what we all look for in a psychic / medium, right?  Pure and total honesty delivered with love.” - Nicole H, United States

“Hi Amanda, I just finished listening to the file a little while ago and I have to say I was blown away by your accuracy. It all made perfect sense to me. My husband seemed very interested as well and will help me to find the perfect drum to start my inward journey to myself. Thank you so much for directing me back onto my path. I look forward to the months ahead in hopes that I can connect and awaken my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to connect with you again soon.” - Karen L., CA

“Good morning Amanda, just want to give you some feedback in regards of the reading. Thank you so much for this amazing reading, it was exactly what I hope for. You have answer and clarified so much.  I have a much clearer path and I know who I am sharing with, it make such a difference to know who my wonderful guides are and what they do for me and with me.  Thanks again for guiding me and especially your patience, greatly appreciated and forever grateful!” - Diane B, US

“Thank you for the lovely insightful reading! It leaves lots of good food for thought. Literally! Blessings.” Kate E., England

“A big thank YOU (and thanks as well to my spirit guide, Nile ;-)) for such a clear and informative reading. Just what I needed.Your reading confirmed so many things and made it so much more easy for me to put my life-work together into one whole unit, so I can stop feeling that I am drawn in too many directions. A weight off my shoulder. Absolutely great.”  Siri-K, Sweden.

“Amanda... wow.  I'm really floored by that reading.  How you can be so spot on with everything - things I don't tell people ever - I just am in awe of your gift. I don't think there was a single thing you said that wasn't spot on, Amanda. Thank you for the reading.  I liked the recording file; it was cool to hear it in real time as opposed to reading it on an email.” – Anita, P., AL, United States

"Brilliant!!!  You spoke through my soul. You read my heart as well as my mind. You shared in a way that is empowering and found my blocks. Im off and running. This is easy for me now. This is the best guidance ever. It resonates 100%. It came from someone that scanned my heart, soul, and mind. It was simple and perfect for me! Wow!" - Cindy S., US

"Wow! Ok now it is all very clear! And everything you said is very accurate lol! I'm so glad I asked!  Thank you so much! I really don't know a word appropriate enough for my gratitude! You have helped to set me free! Hallelujah!" - Lisa N, United States

"Thank you so much Amanda. Im so grateful for this. It really helps me in my decision. The funny thing is that after I send you the question I started to have the feeling that I should go before I get the answer. I’m so very grateful. Thank you once again. :)" - Jane C, Sweden

"Amanda, I would like to thank you so much for my reading and I understand so perfectly what has been relayed by by Angels and Guides. I feel truly blessed to have received this from you and feel confident and even courageous to move forward in a positive way. Thank you with love and light." India S., United States

"Thank you so much!!  That information is exactly what I was looking for!  I keep reading it and every time it makes more sense to me.  What a great way to start off my week!  :)." Mary S., PA, United States

"Thank you so much Amanda!!! It seems like you were talking with my husband in his sleep. Those are his exact words when he talks to me. Thank you for your advise!! I feel more optimistic now. Many blessings!"- Jessica P., United States

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