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on the loss of a loved one

With the help of Amanda's readers and clients, Amanda has written the eBook, From Crossing Over to Connection, answering the most commonly asked questions about the life after death process. It answers the 33+ most common questions asked about life after death, and your answer is likely found within. Learn more and purchase your copy here. 

about spiritual gifts

Amanda has written an eBook, called The Medium's Toolkit, which helps explain all the what to expect and what to know processes when developing your gifts. It's a best seller on the website and what she recommends to new mediums. Learn more and purchase your copy here. 

For more advanced information and answers, check out Amanda's Membership Program.

It's a program geared toward supporting the art of mediumship through curated community, education, and development. Every month, Amanda creates new articles, videos and other materials based on a hand-picked learning theme.

The program also features archive libraries exclusively available to members that include 150+ materials created by Amanda and found nowhere else.  Within the program, live chats and education seminars are hosted by Amanda regularly. Learn more and join here.

on a spirit issue in your home

Amanda has found that in most cases, when someone contacts her regarding a spiritual issue they, their child or someone they know is experiencing in their home, it's related to the presence of an Earthbound Spirit.

You can solve this issue on your own.

And if needed, Amanda has created an eBook to help you do this - Transitions: A Guide to Confidently Releasing Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits from Any Place. Learn more and get your copy here. 

about getting a reading/private mentoring

Currently, private readings are not available for sale or purchase on Amanda's website. If you're looking for a reading, or to have other private spiritual services performed, please check out these resources:

A Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer Intuitive Practitioner Directory

A Listing of Other Psychic Mediums In My Area

on the pictures and photography used on this site

In addition to the study and development of mediumship, another one of Amanda's passions is photography. If you like the work you see on this site and want to reach out to Amanda on a photography project, please use the contact emails above to discuss. 

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