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about the loss of a loved one and their visitations

With the help of Amanda's readers and clients, Amanda has written the eBook, From Crossing Over to Connection, answering the most commonly asked questions about the life after death process. This answers many of the most commonly asked queries about life after death and how to continue the bond in the afterlife. 

about your gifts and what to expect, what to do with them

Amanda has written an eBook, The Medium's Toolkit, which helps explain all the what to expect and what to know processes when you're developing your gifts. It's a best seller on the website and what Amanda recommends to all new mediums.

For more advanced information and answers, check out the Membership Program. The program features archive libraries, monthly live classes/calls and much more. Learn more and join here.

about a spirit issue going on in your home

In most cases when someone contacts me regarding a spiritual issue they're having, it's related to the presence of an Earthbound Spirit. You can solve this issue on your own by releasing the spirit from the space. There are plenty of articles on the blog that can help and if you need more, I've also created an eBook specifically for dealing with this - Transitions: A Guide to Confidently Releasing Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits from Any Place. 

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Coaching with me is generally available upon request, please see the Intuitive Coaching page for more. For a reading, please check out this helpful resource:  

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Otherwise - please feel free to join The Membership Program of this site and ask/present your idea to like-minded peers in our moderated private Facebook group!

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