What is a Spirit Guide, Anyway?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium 

A Spirit Guide is a non-corporeal (without a body) being, who is chosen for each living person prior to their birth, when they are still in Spirit form.

Spirit guides are much like Guardian Angels, except many Guides have been people before and thus, can very much understand and relate to you on an level of “I know what you mean, I’ve been there before.” Guides are selected for people whose life paths align, goals are similar and struggles have been the same. In fact, there is even a thought that you also have a say in selecting your Guide (in Spirit, anyway).

Each one of us has at least one Spirit Guide, usually more, and they are in charge of guiding you through the places they know well and the hardships, they too, have one experienced. They are around to assist you the development of your soul, assure that you learn lessons for your soul growth that you need and that you experience your life to the fullest potential.

If you are trudging through a thick and heavy swamp, know that your Spirit Guides know this very swamp like the backs of their hands, have overcome it and understood it’s waves and tides on some level, and are now acting as your personal expert navigation guides. They know the tide schedules of the waves that crash over you, as they too, have been washed away before. For this reason, Spirit Guides never judge you or make decisions for you. They simply guide and provide suggestions for you, as you move through the places they have once been and understand well.

Spirit Guides are personally assigned, meaning your Spirit Guide is your mentor - not shared with any other Human in this life at this time.

As such, they are always with you, helping to guide and shape your life. Most of the time, Spirit Guides are responsible for sending you intuitive guidance, which is often mistaken for a nagging idea, a worry, or an inappropriate thought. If something keeps bothering you, there’s generally a good reason, and there may be valuable information that your Spirit Guides are attempting to show you.  Additionally, Spirit Guides can line up a series of events or experiences that may be unlikely to occur together by chance, but are experienced in a meaningful way - synchronicities. These synchronicities will generally come to you as a sign to you to alert you to something, nudge you in a certain direction, or advise you on a question or concern you were curious about.

Spirit guides can also make their appearance known by sending you symbolic signs such as meaningful flowers, objects or animals, showing you specific number patterns, putting a song on the radio for a specific message, putting thought in your mind, or communicate with you through dreams. Many times, we are already connecting with our Spirit Guides, and completely unaware of it.

Isn’t that the real beauty of a soul connection with another? Knowing sensing and understanding another, with little struggle on either part (unless you want to develop the relationship further, of course!). 

Spirit Guides vary in levels of consciousness, where some may be very highly ascended (Buddha or Mother Mary), others may be a wise and insightful deceased individual, where rather than incarnating on to earth right away, they have decided to be a spiritual expert on an area where you are needing assistance. While many of your Spirit Guides have taken physical incarnations in the past; it is less likely for a Guide to be a deceased relative, though they may be on your spirit team of helpers. With deceased loved ones, there is generally too much emotional and biased investment in your life and future. As sometimes, it’s best to have a neutral friend, a counsellor, with no stakes in the fire, to help you make the best decisions.

Spirit Guides can appear in all forms, but generally they appear in the form of a human or animal (though many of us have plant and crystal spirit guides, as well). Your Spirit Guides will appear or make themselves known to you in the way which you will receive them the most readily.

Could you believe that your Spirit Guide was a fairy that looked like Peter Pan? No?

Okay, then your Spirit Guide won’t appear to you in that form.

Could you believe your guide was a buddhist monk? Yes?

Perhaps your guide will appear to you in this way.

Spirit guides, in whatever manner they appear, will select an appearance most comfortable for you to interpret and accept.

Since they are without body, Spirit Guides can appear in whatever physical form is most agreeable and accepting to you. Shifting form is kind of spiritual luxury - as even after your deceased loved ones cross over, they will sometimes adjust their appearance to suit themselves better - making slight changes in height, body weight and age! Let's be honest - we'd all make ourselves a little more ideal, with the snap of a finger, if we could, right? 

Okay, back on topic.

We all have at least one Spirit Guide who has been with us since before our birth, and many of us have more than one. These guides often work together with us to manifest our soul’s journey and they often communicate and work with the Spirit Guides of other individuals in your life to arrange meetings, circumstances, soul mates and life teachers for you. Often times, there are Spirit Guides who watch over family groups (Family Guides) or over the course of a relationship. Generally though, each person has between 3-7 Spirit Guides who are working with them on their path of soul growth - as each guide has different roles in shaping your path.

Spirit guides carry deep wisdom, insight, and guidance about your life and the journey of your soul. And more importantly, your Spirit Guides want to be accepted into your life, to work more freely and openly with you on the progress of your soul, and your spiritual journey.

With love,


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