Signs from Spirit: A Meaningful Song on the Radio

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

This morning, you woke up with a song in your head and upon thinking about it, you simply can’t remember the last time you ever heard this song - anywhere!

Throughout the day, you find yourself singing this song in your head or out loud and  asking people you know if they remember it. After all these years, it’s not even that commonly played or heard on the radio!

Then, you jump in the car to go to home from work, turn on the radio - and it’s the song! What are the chances of that! If it’s a current catchy tune, sure the chances are pretty high, but what if it’s not by chance? What if, you never listen to this station and for some reason, today, you switched to it?

A few years ago, when I was first accepting my abilities, I turned on the storm radio in my house while I was making dinner (who does that, anyway? Why not just listen to Pandora like usual?) and on the radio was a really unique song, one whose lyrics had been in my head already for a few days. The song, called The Once and Future Carpenter by the Avett Brothers, then proceeded to play on this station for nearly 16 hours without stopping.

I'm still not sick of it, and in case you want to take a musical interlude to enjoy it with me, please, be my guest: 

After enjoying this song for about two hours without a second thought, it occurred to me something was up. Next, I checked the radio at a few different neighbor’s houses and of course, a different song was playing! I then called the station, they had no idea what I was talking about. Thinking it was possibly just a problem with the electronics in my radio, I went out to my car and turned on the station in my vehicle. Yup, the song was there. In other words, the loop was only on my radios. How is this even possible?

Spirit can use the energy in electronics to send you messages. This energy, which travels through the wavelengths of air, is easily altered by Spirit, whose entire operation is in the realm of Divine Energy. Connecting with you through a meaningful song on the radio is one of the most favored techniques by your Loved Ones, as songs can elicit in all of us, strong positive emotions and stir up wonderful memories. Songs can also cause you to really re-think things, too. They can shift your outlook, mood and entire day!

To connect with you, your Loved Ones really can take advantage of their all access pass. Without a body, they can even get into your favorite station and nudge the DJ, whisper in his ear and get a song on for you - ahead of an entire list of requests! Your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels frequently use song and music to deliver messages to you. If you ask, often, they’ll play songs on the radio per your request.

Need a pick me up from your husband on the Other Side? Ask him to get your wedding song on the radio!

Need guidance on an ending friendship? Ask your Guides to share with your wisdom through a song!

Sure there is the factor of chance and lucky strikes, but also you have to factor in probability - what are the chances of you turning the radio to this station and this unique song to play? Or for lyrics to show up in your head from out of nowhere? What were the chances of using a storm radio for any other reason than monitoring a storm?

Slim, really.

Next time you hear an unexpected song or suddenly find lyrics trapped in your head - take a moment and consider that it’s not just a lucky chance and rather, a genuine concentrated effort to grab your attention. A calling, asking you to think twice about this one.

Just as much as you want to connect with Spirit, they also want to connect with you! And music, a conduit which transcends time and space, where distance is of no issue, is just the perfect tool.

You can ask for a Sign from your Loved Ones in radio form - it’s easy - just ask! You can get specific and request a personal favorite or simply ask for a meaningful message to be delivered to you through radio.

In my house, we have a saying, “If you think it might be a Spirit, it is.”

And remember,  thank your Loved Ones for their effort!

With love,