Signs from your Spirit Guides: Learn how they already connect with you!

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Spirit guides are non-corporeal beings (without physical body), that are for us prior to our birth and help guide us throughout our lifetime. They guide us, assist us and when we set the intention to connect, they also provide us with on-demand support and guidance. 

Even without direct intervention, your Spirit Guides are already aware of what’s going on in your life and sending you signs and symbols to keep you on your path. When it’s time for them to guide or intervene they can! 

4 Most Common Ways your Spirit Guides Connect with You

1. Intuitive guidance.

Guides send you intuitive insight. You may hear “Don’t trust that guy”, and turns out, he’s known to back out of a business deal, or “She’s cheating on you.” Do you get thoughts like that, that seemingly come out of nowhere? If the answer is yes, this is important information you want to pay attention to. Many people tune out these thoughts, as nagging ideas or worries, but it’s a valuable source of information that should not be ignored.

2. A Gut feeling.

Guides will poke you, sometimes not so gently when you’re experiencing something they want you to notice. This happened the strongest to me, when I was checking into a hotel in New Mexico a few years ago, as soon as I ran out of the hotel, my sister ran into me, from other direction – we both got the same feeling – get out! Thankfully, we listened and we got out unharmed. But, have you ever had an eerie feeling that something terrible might happen? If so, listen to it. This could be a guide trying to keep you safe.

3. Synchronicities.

Synchronicity is experiencing two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced by occurring together in a meaningful way. Guides can arrange ‘signs’ that will occur all seemingly one after another to alert you of something you need to know about. Did you hear the name of the same person three times in one day? Have you been recommended to read the same book 5 times in the past month? These are signs you’re on to something, pay attention.

4. Sending people your way.

Guides are really quite smart and intuitive, and will often get together with the guide’s of other people to create a situation that might change both of your lives, if you were to meet. Have you ever met someone who you felt was a great teacher, but they came out of nowhere? Someone move in next door that happens to be in expert in what you are learning? Or perhaps you were thinking of something from your old workplace, and you run into them later that day.

If it feels like a coincidence, consider that it might be more of a set up.  And you can thank your guides later.

With much love,