Reader Q&A: If Everyone Has These Abilities, Then Why Isn't Everyone A Medium, Healer, Psychic, Etc.?

if we're all gifted, why doesn't the gift express itself in everyone? 

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Q: Help! My psychic abilities stopped.

A: Psychic abilities will stop when not being used.

In the context of a private session, the flow of psychic information will stop in the event a client disrespects the guidance or the one giving it. The spirit guides of the person giving the information will not allow for the extended abuse or a misuse of information to occur. 

For more reasons on why psychic abilities may have stopped, check out this article. 

Amanda Linette Meder

Spirit Q and A: Why do I hear knocking, footsteps and cabinet opening sounds?

Hearing suspicious noises when no one else is around? Is it possible there are Spirits in your house? If so, here are some solutions for dealing with a noisy ghost. 

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