Spirit Q & A: I feel like Spirits are around me all the time. What do they want?

If you have the ability to sense, feel or see Spirit - it doesn’t matter if you’ve fully admitted it to yourself or your friends and family - the whole Spirit world knows about it and they’re excited.

You see, most of the time, those in Spirit, such as guides, angels and loved ones, spend their entire existence living in an amongst the human world, but just in a slightly higher energetic realm. So, throughout the day, Spirit is intermingling around us and for the most part, being ignored by humans.

That is - no one pays any attention - regardless of how many signs they send. And most of those in Spirit - Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones alike - have tried and are currently trying to get the attention of the humans they look after. Sometimes, with great success, but most of the times, with no success at all.

While your Spiritual Team will look after, guide and support you on your path without any input from you - it is always better to be friends with your cubicle partner than to casually ignore them day after day. The job will get done, but what fun is that?!

And then suddenly, oh my goodness! Someone who is without a boundary! Someone who lives in between the realms! Someone who can see, hear, feel and even talk to us!

Yesssss. Imagine the excitement. It is almost close to a 5 year old boy who saw his first dinosaur statue in real life - they cannot believe it - they are just so excited!

This is how your deceased loved ones often act and behave when they come to sessions - they are so filled with excitement - sometimes pacing around, not wanting to sit patiently and wait while I meditate and clear my energy. They aren’t being irritating on purpose - they are simply just so excited! Sometimes, it is hard for me to calm them enough to actually speak with you! And yes, this is part of what goes into preparing for a session with you, coaching your loved ones, helping them relax and calm down enough to speak clearly and in full sentences.

Imagine the excitement if they could talk to you one-on-one directly, without a medium or a third party. That would be the cream-of-the-crop, would it not?

When Spirit connects with you for the first time, they can sometimes come on very strong! Much like a puppy who sees a kitten for the first time. Or my dog, every time she sees a kitten ever. She cannot believe her luck! Bum-rushing the cat, and scaring it to death, the cat has no idea if she means harm or well - so it is terrified either way, just out of pure startle!  So, she feels a little bad, but is hardly noticing the fear of the cat due to her own pure joy of excitement. This is sometimes the fear you may feel when a spirit is present - just a startle from a Spirit is excited about the new kitten on the block.

If you are known to startle easily, have been very jumpy lately, or are prone to sudden rushes of occasional nervousness it’s very likely an excited Spirit - likely a Loved One, Guide or Angel - is trying to connect with you!

They just can’t wait!

What could they want from you? Anything, really. But mostly, to make a friend. It can be lonely doing a job for someone who doesn’t speak to you or who lives in a realm right next to you, but never acknowledges your existence. It’s like that friendly-looking girl from across the hall, you’ve been meaning to meet, but every time you say hello, she ignores you. As does all your neighbors. It would be real fun to meet someone you could finally talk to and converse with in physical person form once and awhile, just to have another friendly neighbor on the block.

And, if you aren’t ready and you do still feel scared. Don’t worry - just ask them to hang on a minute. Ask them to hold your hand, as you would a five year old child, who wants to run across the street to a giant dinosaur statue. Let them know you are working on opening up safely and comfortably, and your Spiritual friends will wait. Patiently. So long as they know you’re coming.

And like a small child who is just so excited, they’ll need to know what your boundaries and guidelines are - they’ll need your rules so they can begin to follow them. Learn to set them here.

Amanda Linette Meder