Spirit Q and A: Why do I hear knocking, footsteps and cabinet opening sounds?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Do you hear noises when no one is home? The incidence of strange sounds increasing in your presence?

When I was growing up, I lived in a very old home, dating back to the 1800s. Both of my parents worked during the day, so when I would stay home sick, I would often find myself home alone watching Shirley Temple movies rented from the public library. Dozing off on ginger ales, I’d frequently wake up and hearing footsteps and soft speaking voices upstairs, I’d excitedly call upstairs to my mom - thinking she was home.

Inevitably, she wouldn’t respond. Because she wasn’t home. No one was. Out of frustration or having to use the restroom (there was only one in the house), I’d walk upstairs expecting to find her - and I’d find no one at all.

In my house growing up, this was a recurring theme, and it could easily be attributed to the creaking of an old house for the footsteps and my fever, for the voices. However, these experiences have occurred in essentially every house I’ve ever lived, which at this point, is about 10.

Expanding on footsteps, I’d regularly hear banging or knocking on doors and mistaken it for my father and being in trouble, or the opening and closing of cabinets or doors in the kitchen. Upon investigation, no doors or cabinets would be opened or closed - simply the noise.

What’s going on here? Hallucinations? Maybe. But, maybe not.

Spirits can communicate with us using sound and the ability to hear these communications is called clairaudience. That’s right - not everyone hears these noises, which can sometimes manifest telepathically as voices within your own head. Gift or curse, consider it what you will, but it’s an intuitive ability and it can be strengthened and managed to be able to turn it ‘down’. That is, you’ll hear these noises less and less. Clairaudience is one of the main types of spirit communication among mediums, too.

If someone in Spirit is trying to get your attention, one of the best ways to do this is to make an audible noise - again, again and again.

Thus, if you hear a noise once and it’s a Spirit communication, ask to hear it again and it’ll happen. Maybe not within the next few minutes, but perhaps the next day. If it doesn’t re-occur, it may be something else entirely.

The creation of audible noise is a simply energy shift and can be easily explained by the laws of energy transformation and conversion. With inputs of energy and matter to a system, changes of temperature and pressure - sound, heat, light and physical objects can all materialize.

What type of Spirit would do this?

A bossy, loud one, that’s who. Did your dad have a loud, booming voice, that carried across a room? If so, he’d be fond of creating audible sound to get your attention - after all, he did so when he was alive!

Are you a little skeptical of Spirit? If so, audible sound is a common technique used on you! There’s very little argue room for unexplained noises. Explaining away dreams, sensations, synchronistic events and radio sounds is child’s play for you! But your name being called? Unexplained doors slamming? That’s another story.

Don’t feel bad, remember, I’m a little hard-headed too! Before I was a professional medium, ringing in my ears, knocking on my front door with no visitors and the sounds of things dropping on the floor (with nothing discovered on the floor upon a search!) - were common-place events in my house. Actually, this still happens to me a few times a week. After all, if you want a medium’s attention in her off time, you’ve gotta create a real stir!

What should you do?

You’ve got options, but first and foremost, know that these noises could be anyone, but usually, it’s deceased person - less likely a Guide or an Angel. Spirit Guides and Angels tend to be a little more gentle on their visitation methods.

To help you narrow it down, the person you hear is going to fall in one major category - someone who has been in your house and knows the lay out of the land. This could be a Loved One in Spirit or an previous resident of your home or property. If it’s a Loved One, this doesn’t necessary mean they lived with you at any point. However, if they visited your house often, they’d definitely fit in here.

To find out, you can ask for another sign to verify their identity. Check out the most common signs here and I suggest giving this person options to identify themselves, such as, “If you are person A, provide this sign to verify, if you are person B, please provide this other sign to verify.” If you are familiar with using a pendulum, break it out. If you are comfortable with the Ouija board, this is one of the reasons why it even exists - to spell out the names of Spirit visitors. Ouija boards are actually safe to use with proper precautions.

The most direct way of knowing and validating their identity is, of course, to ask a professional medium. 

If there is a Spirit someone in your house making a ruckus - they want to be identified and noticed. This is the whole point of noise. Thus, they will often be eager to assist you in the identification process.

You may also just want tell this person to stop what they are doing - especially if it’s waking you up or otherwise causing disruption. Set boundaries for your house and make a list of what are ‘allowed’ forms or spirit communication, and what are ‘banned’ forms of communication. As always, you can adjust these boundaries depending on your comfortability level with Spirit.

I hope this helps!

With love,