What is a Soul Contract?


What is a Soul Contract?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Prior to our births, each one of us exists in spirit form.  During this time, your spirit self (higher self or soul, are other names) selects lessons for you to learn during your next life time that will assure you achieve the most soul growth as possible. To do this, you create a life that will include many things - challenges, sadness, joy, loss, and achievements - all specially designed for your soul to grow and for you to learn certain lessons necessary for your development. The ultimate goal of all souls to have full capacity to experience, give and receive the unconditional love of the universe - and this takes many, many life times, and many, many difficult lessons. By the nature of the population of the earth, there are many more souls who are beginning their journey, which starts at the opposite of love (fear and fear of not being loved) than there are souls who are towards the 'end' - at full capacity of non-stop love. Thus, we are all on this journey to move from one end of the spectrum to the other. The life plan you develop to grow and develop as a soul, to move closer to unconditional love, is called a soul contract.

The soul contract, the 'deal' you make with yourself to follow the path you all set forth, is necessarily for you to move further along in your soul's growth. Since this process usually involves sadness and pain - just as much as it involves joy and happiness - when you come to earth, you agree to 'forget' this contract. In order to make sure this soul contract of your own design is followed, you choose and are assigned spirit guides help you follow this path. They are in charge of sending you signs to make sure you are on the right path, and make sure you learn the lessons you came here to learn. Spirit guides are wonderful spiritual helpers, many of which are with us since birth (Click here to learn more about your Spirit Guides, and here to find out how they are communicating with you right now).

If you remembered your contract, you would certainly not learn most of the lessons, as many of us want to avoid pain (fear)! So, the idea is that all of our joys and successes, and all of our pain and hardships, are all in the contract to teach us about how to love and be loved.

What happens if I break my own soul contract or deviate from my path?

To break the contract, would essentially just mean that you were no longer following the path that you and your guides decided upon.  Your spirit guides, of course, will try to stop you from doing this as much as possible - through a lot of signs. At first, you may feel just a sadness that you can't place anywhere, maybe you feel a pit in your stomach when you do something in self betrayal to please another, maybe you start having horrible nightmares, or weird things start happening . . .and all of those subtle signs aren't enough - sometimes your guides will try to warn you with physical pains (like headaches, stomachaches etc). All of it, is to try to get you back to paying attention to yourself and your purpose. Many times, we pick up on these signs and re-align with our purpose on this earth naturally.

What happens if someone else breaks a soul contract with me?

Souls make contracts that involve other souls, to assist each of you in learning lessons. Typically, this is decided when both of you are in spirit, together before you come in. If other souls break that contract with you, or vice versa, it is often believed that the two of you will have to have another lifetime together in order to complete that karmic lesson you both must learn together. Before you get worried that someone else is preventing you from learning a lesson, because they broke the contract, is it important to remember that none of us know what the contracts are for sure. So, did they really break the contract, or was this originally part of the deal? Consider for just a moment - perhaps you are supposed to be learning something else here?

If you do have a karmic lesson that you both must learn together, and the contract was indeed broken on their part, t's likely it will play out in a future life. It's also possible, someone else could come in and help you in learning this lesson. For example,  imagine you date all the 'same' type of guy, and repeat the same romantic relationship over and over until the lesson is learned from that type of relationship, before moving into a new type of partnership.

First, ask yourself what is the lesson, and then, remember that if you are meant to learn and grow with each other, there is always another time in which a relationship could be formed - in the future or with another.

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