3 Ways to Start Connecting Directly with your Spirit Guides

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

At this moment, you have between 3-7 spiritual beings on your loving support team to assist you with guidance, love, insight and support. These beings, are your Spirit Guides. Chosen by and for you prior to your birth on this earth, your Spirit Guides are yours and only yours – as you share your guides with no other person – and they are given the role to watch over you.

In this role, your guides are aligned with your life path and soul purpose – they are aware of what is in your highest and greatest good at any moment, and are assisting you make these choices, and nudging you in the best direction. In other words, your spirit guides, whether you know it or not, are helping you co-create the life you want, deserve, and aspire to have – right in this moment.

While your guides are assisting you, often by sending you signs and signals, they are also interested in connecting with you directly.  They may even be communicating with you clairaudiently, telepathically, and providing you information as a knowingness. Sometimes they throw you a ‘gut reaction’ to something, as a sign that something is not at all in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

However, aside from these passive messages, you have the capacity to work with and meet your spirit guides – right now.

How to Begin working with your Spirit Guide 

1. Divination Tools

  Connect with your spirit guides and higher self using a pendulum. 

Connect with your spirit guides and higher self using a pendulum. 

You can use divination tools, such as oracle cards and pendulums to ask a question to your Spirit Guides and receive answers. 

Find a pack or two or Oracle cards that speak to you, and ask your Guides a question while shuffling the deck. Then, pick 1 card. You can spread out the deck and choose a card from somewhere in the pile, or choose the top card of the deck – do what speaks to you. This is your answer. If you choose to do a 3 card spread, use the same technique as above, but instead, choose three cards. The first one is immediate past, middle is present, and the last one is future, if reading your cards from left to right.

Using oracle cards in this way is my most favorite way to receive information from my Spirit Guides, especially if I am feeling too emotional to calm down and get into a mental space for channeling messages. Picking oracle cards is a more objective way to get information from a situation, as it may be less clouded with your own thoughts, especially in the beginning as you practice channeling messages.

Another divination tool you can use to connect with your guides is a pendulum. A pendulum is any heavy object suspended on a string or cord, where Spirit can use the energy of your hand and in the object to swing in a direction to indicate an answer. Typically, a pendulum used to connect with your guides is made of a crystal stone, on a metal chain. Mine is citrine :).

If you choose to work with a pendulum, I highly suggest you choose and purchase your pendulum in person. This is because you want to select a pendulum that is energetically connected to you and you are connected to it. While you can sense the energy of an object or stone from a distance – it is far easier to do in person. The only rules to picking out a pendulum is to find the one that resonates with you and use that. Don’t find something the peaks your interest at the first store you go to? Simply wait. One will come to you when it is time.

Once you’ve selected your pendulum, sit down with it, hold it in your hand, and ask your Spirit Guides to communicate with you using this stone. Hold the tip of the chain with one hand, so that the pendulum is centered over the palm of your other hand. Ask the pendulum to swing the direction for Yes. Wait. Is it up and down? Back and Forth? Clockwise? Whatever it is – simply remember. All pendulums and guides communicate differently. Then ask the pendulum to stop swinging – it will. Ask your guides to show you, through the pendulum, the direction for No, Maybe, and any other command you would like. After you are comfortable and aware of this pendulum’s directional answers, ask your question – and wait. 

2. Channeling their Messages

Yes, if you are reading this, you have the ability to receive channeled messages from your own spirit guides. You can channel messages for yourself and also channel messages for others. In fact, you’ve probably already done it a thousand times without your knowledge! When was the last time you gave extremely profound advice to a friend. . .then shortly after forgot what you said or realized you had no idea how/what just came out of your mouth?

This happens to many people I know, and we have a name for it  - improv channeling . . and Spirit Guides love it. When you are not paying attention, in a very comfortable state, and going with the flow of things – channeled messages can flow right into your mind and fly effortlessly from your mouth. You might consider that you may unconsciously hear the messages of Spirit through clairaudience. To develop these abilities, I suggest working one-on-one with an intuitive development coach and I suggest this book to you now, “Opening to Channel” to assist you in allowing messages from your guides to be delivered clearly to you and others who you are destined to assist.

Getting into a comfortable, slight meditative state, grounding yourself, clearing your mind, and asking a question is all that it takes. Once you are in a resting state, with mental clarity, emotional stability and calmness, and a question to your guides. Then, begin speaking . . or writing. There are two main methods of delivering channeled information – speaking and writing.

Speaking the information of your guides is easiest for me, because I can speak faster than I can write. Whenever I start channeling, no matter if I was doing it 5 minutes ago or 5 days ago, there’s always a few moments of warming up. Then once all the bats are out of the attic, information can flow freely from your mouth – as long as you don’t stop it. Preventing the information from coming because you feel it’s weird, or sounds stupid, or isn’t real – is the #1 barrier to stopping the Divine flow of information from your Guides. So, just go with it. And remember, your Guides will never berate you, give you foreboding information, or talk down to you. Only loving calmness and truth.

Prefer to write? Great! This is actually the more preferred method of channeling in the southern hemisphere countries, like Brazil. It’s called automatic writing and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Get yourself into a meditative state, clear your mental chatter, calm your emotions, light some candles, burn some incense – do what you need to do to relax! Then, get a pen and a pad of paper and write your question at the top of the page, and ask that your Spirit Guides answer this question for you. Then, allow yourself to write. Don’t think, just write it. As you write, relax, pay no attention to spelling, grammar, or even the sloppiness of your writing – simply write. The more you ask questions to your guides and allow them to answer the questions through the energy of your thoughts and the movement of your hands, the easier this technique will get for you.

Learn more about channeling here. 

3. Meet Your Spirit Guides in a Reading or a Class

In a reading with the medium, you have the opportunity to connect with your Spirit Guides and learn how your guides can begin to tailor your relation to begin working together. During this very special reading, a strong link will be formed between yourself and your Spirit Guides,  where during and following the session, you will begin to learn how to sense and connect with their presence, get more directed and helpful guidance, and become attuned to your soul’s purpose.

You’ll learn the unique role they play in your life and on your soul’s journey, and uncover any spiritual and intuitive gifts you have and can use to connect to your Guides and other spiritual beings, such as Angels.

With love,