How to Raise Your Energy Vibration

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Raising your energy, increasing your energy, and lifting your Spirit is one of the most asked about topics by intuitives and the spiritually developing. When opening your gifts and awakening your Spirit, you are embracing more awareness in your life. The ability to lift your  energy or vibration is essential for connecting with your own inner Spirit, awareness with your Spirit, and necessary for connecting with Spirit around us in the form of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones.

If you’ve ever had a really bad day, you know one thing: it’s possible to feel really down and out. 

Now, take a moment.  Recall the best day of your life.

You now remember that it’s possible to feel surrounded by love, light, and feel elated, elevated even.

The first example, is an example of low energy feelings and the second example, is an example of high energy feelings.

Low energy vibration feelings bring your mood, and your Spirit down, and they include, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, resentment, anger, betrayal and any variation thereof.

High energy vibration feelings bring your mood and your Spirit up, and they include love, gratitude, compassion, joy, acceptance, openness, connectedness, and any variation thereof.

As a human, we are all going to experience, only naturally, all ranges of low energy feelings and high energy feelings. And as you move through your path of Spirit growth and development, you will find that you experience more high, light energy feeling moments, hours, and days, and less and less low energy feeling moments, hours and days get.

However, as you release low energy feelings from your past, it is possible to go through a period of time where you experience exponentially MORE low energy days or feelings. The layers of your past shed the layers like peels of an onion - messily and quickly. So, if in this moment, you feel more depressed than ever, more anxious than ever, more lost than ever. Consider this:

You are in the darkest part of the night, digging up the lowest and oldest embers of your soul. As anyone who attempts to dig themselves through a deep crevasse knows: the hardest layers of stone meet your shovel, right before you crack through to the bright light on the other side. You are building a railroad tunnel. Soon, you’ll be a bright light at the end of it, and you’ll be able to direct others to this light. But first, you have to become the expert navigator of this dark tunnel. Knowing the forest in the darkness, is the only way to truly know a forest. And hey, I’ve navigated through this forest, through the densest bedrock in the mountain - and I made it out okay. This alone is evidence that you can too - so keep digging. The light is coming soon, and you’ll be the torch holder for those coming after you.

Okay, so if you are here, or in some other place, you are seeking ideas on how to get yourself some more High energy moments, and slowly but surely, you beginning to operate mostly in a Raised Vibration, a Raised Energy, a Raised and Lifted Spirit. Operating in feelings of love, joy and compassion, rather than feelings of anger, confusion, and hurt.

The #1 thing you can do to  Raise your Vibration:

Release as many low vibration thoughts, experiences, and people from your life as possible. Release the low energy that is pulling down your ability to experience High Energy.

  Raise your energy and lift your spirits! 

Raise your energy and lift your spirits! 

If you are carrying a bunch of heavy packages with broken handles, how can you possibly feel gratitude for a much needed sun shower, or give someone you love a hug and mean it?

Not with all those breaking handle packages you can’t. You’ll have to put those down.

Have you ever seen a homeless person on the street, with a shopping cart full of crap, also carrying bags of the same crap? If you are human and anything like me, you may have wondered. . . .

How long have they been carrying around that garbage? It must be hard to move around with all that stuff. Do they really need all of the stuff in that shopping cart right now? Can’t they put it somewhere.

If we were friends, maybe I could help sort it out - what they need from what they don’t. . .

Well, me and you - we’re friends and I’m here to tell you -

In this moment, each one of us is carrying around a little bit of garbage in our shopping carts, and it’s weighing us down. Here’s how to empty it out!

4 Essential Tips Raise your Vibration

1. Stand up for Yourself

We each have enough of our own problems, concerns, and issues to deal with. When you stand your ground, speak your truth, and tell someone that what they just said really hurt your feelings - you are preventing others from placing their garbage in your shopping cart. How can you possible raise your energy when others are piling emotions, demands, and expectations on you?

Often times, other people who are feeling low themselves, will unconsciously (or consciously) try to bring others down to ‘their level’. This isn’t usually an intentional malicious act, but instead, it is an act of comfort. Have you ever been around someone who just got engaged, meanwhile, you are barely making yourself microwave pot pies for dinner? It’s not comfortable to be around someone so high flying and loving, when you, yourself, feel miserable. Raising your energy up to that level, when you are in your current state, seems kind of impossible. You can’t afford groceries right now and someone is showing off their extravagantly outrageous new ring. It’s more comfortable to be sad with others, because choosing to be happy, when you’ve always been sad, can we a real challenge. We have ALL been there.

The good news is you can buffer yourself when others try to bring down your energy - simply don’t allow their cynical, spiteful comments to affect you. Tell them, directly, “That comment was hurtful. I’m not allowing you to take the wind out of my sails.”

And if they keep it up, release them or separate yourself from - either permanently or just for the afternoon.  

Speak up for yourself. Demand to be treated better. Stop accepting responsibility for how other people feel. 

2. Immediate Release of Emotions and Thoughts

As quickly as possible, you’ll need to release low energy thoughts and emotions from your system. Experience your emotions and thoughts, speak them out loud, share them with others, express the energy. Then let them go. Release and let go.

When I am upset about something, I declare it out loud, usually to my partner. Then, once it’s spoken, I take a minute to visualize that thought, emotion or energy leaving my body like a small bird or balloon. As I open my mouth to speak, cry, or grumble, I imagine that energy leaving as well. Some people prefer to visualize black smoke, dust particles, or a color.

For you, you might like to write it all down in a journal or tell your best friend -your emotions and thoughts  - but remember once it’s out, it’s gone. It’s released. Personally, I like to harp on the past - bring up things from way back when and think about how they could’ve been better somehow, and hash out past emotions. When I do this, I ask my partner to remind me to stop and that I’ve released it. This experience is no more. I no longer devote tons of energy to the past, as I used it.

If there is something that you simply can’t release, such as an argument with a best friend, consider there may be an energetic cord that needs cutting. 

3. Rummage through your Past

Find things you are still holding on to that create hurt, resentment, anger or betrayal. Are you mad at your father for being abusive when you were a little girl, and now you’re angry at the world because of it? I was. And then I realized it was affecting the outlook I had on my entire life.

Pissed at an old girlfriend for cheating on you? She wasn’t the one - and clearly, you can find better. Let. It. Go. Maybe she wasn’t happy with herself then, and she herself, didn’t feel whole, so she was trying to complete herself with other people. How unfortunate, really. You and I know that’s not the best way to deal with those feelings.

And, when you release this low-energy person and situation from your life . . raising your own energy! She’s probably finding herself now in whatever way that means for her, and so are you. Make amends with yourself for putting up with it and forgive her for placing you in that situation.

These are stagnant emotions. They no longer serve you. You’re moving forward remember? Into Higher Love and Vibrations.

Write a letter of Release

To release past emotions, people, and events from your life, it is best to write each person, emotion, and event in a letter. Write the entire situation out in a pad of paper, re-live it, if you have to. Get ALLLL the emotions out and dig those puppies up. Then take the letter,and all the old bones out to the backyard. It’s time to burn or bury them.

My favorite thing to do in releasing the past is to write a ‘release letter’, and in it, I officially releasing this person from hurt and anger I’ve experienced, and then, come up with an explanation for how this experience has made me a better person. Then, I take this letter to the ocean and light it on fire. As the smoke spirals up, I imagine all the energy, thought, and attachment I had to this person or event - disappear. 

4. Do things that Make you Feel Good

As much as possible, do things that make you feel amazing, wonderful, cared for, and love. This is the part where you are bringing in the high vibration, after you’ve released all your heavy packages. At all times, you’ll want to maximize the amount of joyful and loving acts. Here are some ideas of integrating love, joy, and creativity:

Take a bath and have a glass of wine.

Sign up for an art class.

Play music.

Write creative novels like you used to.

Play with your children.

Tell yourself, “I love you”


Go for a nature walk.

Hang out with a friend.

Clean your house.

Stand in the sunlight.


Journal something. 

Take a vacation.

Buy a new book.

Go to an olive oil tasting.

Wear more comfortable clothing.

Douse yourself in things that smell good.

Take a yoga class.

Smile at a baby.

Smile at a dog.

Talk to a stranger.

Hold the door for someone.

Offer to take someone’s picture at the park.

Give yourself compliments.

Give other people compliments.

ANYTHING that brings light into your life. Do that.

I hope this helps!

With love,