How to Release Negativity: Psychic Cleanses, Psychic Baths and Psychic Showers (Part 3)

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Even prior to learning this psychic protection technique, you have likely attempted to psychically bath yourself before.

Have you ever taken a long flight or period of travel, and felt the need to shower immediately afterwards, because you felt “dirty”?

What about washing after a significant level of intimacy, shared with another person?

This need to ‘wash’, in addition to ridding yourself of physical world bacterium, is also a method of releasing foreign energies from yourself. Consider for a moment how many people, and subsequently, auras, you interact and merge with during a single, one-way airplane flight.

The act of psychic bathing is simply the cleansing, clearing, and strengthening of your emotional, spiritual and ene

rgetic state. Taking a psychic bath, and incorporating this practice into your routine can help you release what no longer serves you before it starts to drag you down, return your Spirit to it’s highest and greatest state more quickly, and center yourself in a peaceful and relaxing way. The psychic bath is the act of cleansing yourself on an energetically, emotionally, and physically - you often feel much better afterwards!

When should you take a psychic bath?

No matter which psychic bath method you select, I  recommend intentionally and physically ‘washing’ your aura at least once per week. If this is too far apart for you, take a psychic shower during your daily showers, or once per day. Increase or decrease the number of ‘baths’ you take as your lifestyle shifts and changes. At the very basic level, during one shower a week (at a minimum), visualize foreign energy dropping off your aura and washing down the drain. Since psychically bathing can often create a profound, strengthening and purifying shift in your energy, I suggest you choose a day that is calmest for you, and prior to your return into a full swing of energy. For example, if you work a Monday thru Friday job, I suggest you plan your psychic bath for Sunday night.

In addition to these  ‘bathing’ techniques, there are other methods of bathing that will release negative and foreign energy from your aura, and you can incorporate them into your daily life!

The Basic Psychic Cleanse

This method of psychic bathing requires no physical tools or anything other than your imagination, openness, focus, and time. In this three part meditative process, you’ll learn all the techniques you need to fully cleanse your psychic self in less than 20 minutes. This process, is what I use, and many other mediums and intuitives use as a central meditation of their practice.

Step 1. Grounding

In this meditative practice, you are root yourself, and your Spirit to the Earth, and the great energy within it. The first step in cleansing your Spirit, connecting with the earth brings you back down to a more centered and focused state.

Learn how to ground yourself here.

Step 2. Cleansing

The process of identifying, releasing, and eliminating any foriegn, lower, or negative energies that no longer serves you. This technique clears your aura, and will help you release anything that you need to let go of, and assist you in the process of forgiveness - both for the self and for others.

Learn how to release negative energy here.

Step 3. Amplifying

In this practice, you’ll be calling back all of your energy and restoring your soul to it’s fullest and most beautiful form. You’ll also be linking grounding earth energy and Divine energy from Spirit, to assist you integrating all elements of earth, spirit, and you. This technique raises your energy and brings it back it’s highest state.

Learn how to call back your energy here.

Psychic Baths - Herbal

Flowers, by their very nature, are biologically designed to spur new life. From the flower, there is a female egg, which when joined with male pollen, create the seed of new life. With this one flower, the life of many beings can originate. In many flowering plants, both the male pollen and the female egg (ovule), exist within one flower and there need not be any other plant or organism, to spur new life. In this way, the flower alone is the very start to rejuvenation and renewal.

While each flower has a different spiritual meaning and a different role in their interaction with humans, each of them, at their very nature, is designed to renew and restore energy. Just as many plants assist humans in revitalizing their health through medicine, the floral realm can and will assist you in strengthening your energy, and all you need to do is ask. By immersing yourself in the energy of those in the flower realm, you are asking them to renew your energy and renew your spirit. The best way to immerse and cleanse yourself with renewing flower energy, is to bathe in their essence.

First, select a flower to work with you to do this.

Violet, chamomile, passion flower, lavender, jasmine, lilac, and rose are all great, gentle choices.

Think of your favorite flower, this is the one that is most renewing to you. Select from a garden in your backyard, from a nearby public space, from the grocery store market, or in dried form from an herbal shop.  If the only flowers available to you are dried and prepackaged, that’s okay!  In any case, make sure the flowers are in whole form, rather than chopped or crumbled. Whole flowers embody all of the energy, and life force, of that being - both the female and male parts, and the potential for a seed to form. 

Choose the one or a few that most resonate with you.   

Once you have selected your flowers, prepare a warm bath. Include any essential oils or salts that you enjoy as well. Once your bath water is ready, it is now time to include the flowers you have gathered. Sprinkle the top of the bath water with these flowers, and thank them for providing this opportunity for you to renew your Spirit. Step into the bath. Allow the energy, oils, and characteristics of the flowers to embrace you. As you soak, notice that the color of the bath water does and will change. While this quite naturally could be physical dirt from your own body, or natural dye from the flowers, imagine that this color change is also energy from your aura, dropping into the bath water and separating from your body. Amanda often imagines energy dislodging, and loosening from the water of the bath, and floating away, becoming part of the water.

Salt and Mineral

There are healing and restorative properties within the crystal realm as well. You may have already heard that salt baths are beneficial to restoring and healing our bodies, by soothing sensitive muscles, and relieving aches and pains. The minerals within salt become absorbed through our skin when immersed in water. In fact, when our pores open with the use of warm water or oils (only as warm as skin temperature in needed for this effect!), we are receptive to receiving the healing properties of any plant, animal, or spiritual being.


Since salt breaks down rather quickly when when wet, taking a bath in salt is a very quick way to dissolve the healing properties of minerals within salt (such as magnesium), where they can be absorbed through your skin and integrated into your energy field. While the use of natural, unadulterated salt is preferred (such as Himalayan or Utah’s Natural Salt), most people do not have access to this, either financially or otherwise, and using Epsom Salt, available at any drugstore, is perfectly fine.  Perhaps the most vital mineral in the salt is magnesium, as it has the ability to both remove foreign energies from the aura while simultaneously restoring the aura and physical body with Earth energy. In addition, magnesium reduces the build-up of lactic acid in muscles, promoting flexibility.  Serotonin, which relaxes the nervous system, is also dependant on magnesium to function properly.

How much Salt?

The amount of salt you can use in a bath varies, and while many books and authors suggest 2 cups of mineral salt per bathtub, it’s important to know that the more salt you use, the more energy absorbing and healing properties your bath water will contain. In other words, more salt, more absorbing of your foreign energy. Since the ‘strength’ of your bath will vary from person to person and from day to day (perhaps some days you have more to release), we suggest experimenting with an amount that works best for you.

In addition to salts, you can also place non-water sensitive crystals in your bath. Rose quartz, clear quartz, blue lace agate, and peridot (a magnesium-rich crystal!) are all possible selections. You can select small crystals or large crystals and place them at the bottom your bathtub, as you are filling the water. The healing energy from these crystals will begin to merge with the water, before you even step in. Want psychically protect yourself from lower energies? Why not put black tourmaline or onyx in your bath? Want to exude love and compassion towards any foreign energy that comes your way? You can try placing rose quartz at the base on your bathtub. Feel free to experiment with different crystals, as their energies are very different and some crystals may resonate with your energy more than others. Once you have selected one or an assortment of crystals, prepare your warm bath. Include any essential oils or flowers that you enjoy as well. If you feel inclined, you can even take a meditative psychic bath, then combine both flowers and crystals in a bath, for an additional restorative boost.

Place your crystals at the base of the bathtub, as the water is filling. This way, the crystals have time to align themselves with the energy of the water. As you do this, thank them for providing this opportunity for you to renew your Spirit. Step into the bath. Allow the crystal energy, oils, and characteristics of the flowers (if you selected them for this bath) to embrace you. As you soak, notice that the color of the bath water does and will change. While this quite naturally could be physical dirt from your own body, or natural dye from the flowers, imagine that this color change is also energy from your aura, dropping into the bath water and separating from your body.

Getting out of the bath

When you feel relaxed, warm, and calm, and feel prepared to step out, reach over to the drain of the bathtub, and release the water.  Once you release the drain, you may step out of the bath at any time. While you can technically drain the water AFTER you step out of the tub, you do risk re-merging your renewed energy with the old energy that you intended to release. It is best to release the energy with the water, and then remove yourself from the water (rather than the other way around).

Psychic Showers

One of the fastest and most integrated daily methods of a “Psychic Bath” is to take a regular shower in the evening. Since most of the foreign energies that become lodged in your aura will attach themselves during the day when you interact with others at work, school, or in your family, it is best and most helpful to release this energy before going to bed. When you release foreign energy from your aura prior to bed, you not only sleep better, you become more relaxed, and you may even notice you wake up feeling more refreshed.

You may choose a "psychic" shower, if baths don’t appeal to you, if you are limited on time, or just for fun! Experiment with each, and select the method that feels intuitively the most restorative for you. Using the grounding meditation process, place your feet firmly on the shower floor, and imagine yourself being rooted to the Earth. Next visualize your energy field, and any foreign energies in your aura. Then, turn on the shower, once you step in, revisualize your aura, and imagine all of the foreign energies being washed, knocked off, and falling from your energy field with the water of the shower. Imagine this energy washing down the drain, and thank mother Earth, and mother ocean, for accepting this energy and cleansing it for you.

To enhance your psychic shower, I recommend using a floral essential oil, such as lavender, to renew your energy after you step out of the shower. Massage this essential oil your scalp, to restore your connection and link to the divine energy, then massage this essential oil into the soles of your feet, to restore your connection to the Earth. By massaging this floral essential oil of your choice into your scalp and onto the soles of your feet, you are not only imbuing your energy field with the healing and restorative properties of that flower, but opening your energy field to a connection with the Divine and with the Earth.

Still like the idea of a herbal bath, but don’t have time or a bathtub?

Obtain a pitcher, vase, or a large mason jar and fill it with warm water. Place the petals of your favorite flower (fresh or dried) in the water, and allow to sit for at least 1 hour. If the water is cold or luke-warm, let the mixture sit for 8 hours (prepare in the morning to use at night!) to allow the flower properties a longer period of time to infuse your water.

Then, in your evening shower, rinse your hair with your herbal solution, flowers and all, before shampooing. If you shampoo your hair every other night, this ‘herbal wash’ would be most effective on your non-shampoo night, as the restorative properties of the flowers will stay in your energy for a longer time - rather than being washed off immediately with soap!

Connecting with Earth Showers

This is the purest and most healing way to return your energy to the Earth and restore your energy field. An Earth shower is a method of psychic showering where you rinse your energy in a natural body of water. While an ocean is the most powerful place to return your energy, due to it’s tidal nature to carry Earth energy out, you may also take an Earth shower in a lake, river, creek, or waterfall by bathing yourself in the energy of the water. Whether you become fully immersed in the water or splash water on yourself from the edge, as this natural water touches your body, imagine that as it falls off and away from you, any energy that is not yours is released into the waters of the Earth.

The cleansing properties of natural waters are beneficial to you no matter what time of year or where they are located, however, if you are obtaining water from a river or lake, it is best to seek out a body of water where the natural flow has not be stopped. For example, if you are bathing in a lake, it would be more beneficial to release your energy in a natural lake rather than a man-made or dammed lake. The reason for this is release - if you are attempting to release your energy back into the Earth, and align with the flow of the Earth, it is essential that the natural processes of the Earth are also capable of a natural flow.

Next time you are walking in nature and come upon a small creek or a stream, splash some it’s water on yourself, and imagine yourself being cleansed of any foreign energies you no longer wish to possess. Feeling stressed about a project deadline? Imagine this stress leaving your body with the droplets of water as the fall, and returning to the flow of life.


Congratulations, you have now you have learned the basics of Psychic Protection - Protection Objects, Light Shields, and Psychic Bathing!

Once you’ve mastered and practiced many of these technique you’ll find yourself better able to deal with your intuitive and sensitive abilities from day to day, and be able to offer assistance and guidance to others.

With love,