Why do Ghosts Appear in Windows and Stairwells?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

When I was a little girl, and many days in current time, I avoid looking into windows of houses, old warehouse buildings, new office buildings, converted apartments, and living spaces above downtown store fronts. Essentially, if I want to have a ‘medium-free’ or ‘spirit-free’ day, and just trying to go to Starbucks for a dessert beverage like everyone else - I ignore windows, and avert my eyes away from their direction.

Always avoiding a casual window glance, you might imagine, can be hard to do, but if you’ve been practicing it since childhood, it just kind of becomes habit. Nothing unusual, just not trying to be distracted by a ghost. And so far, this habit works like a charm.

I’ve always seen Spirits in windows, and I’ve rarely questioned it - simply accepting their appearance as a fact of my life. I don’t even point them out anymore to friends and family, it simply is. Until recently, didn’t begin to consider and think about this phenomenon, as I began to notice that many pictures and video clips with alleged spirits or ghosts in them, were viewed through windows or with a window behind them. Much to my same experience, many of my clients, who often have clairvoyant and spirit-sensing abilities, have expressed fear of looking in windows because of witnessing those in Spirit.

So, why do Ghosts hang out in windows? Or perhaps, the question is really:

Why it is easier to see and capture a ghost in a window, versus another location?


As those in Spirit form, no longer have a physical body, they reside primarily in the form of energy, which is consisting of their Spiritual Body (we each have a Spiritual body while alive, this is our soul, but we also have a physical body, too). For those Spirits who have crossed over and into the Divine Light, their main source of Energy is from the Divine Realm, which is primarily of Light.

As light comes in the window from above, this Light energy, the same energy used for warmth and growth in other beings, is used and transmuted by Spirit, to appear in physical form, in a window. Basically, light energy is used by Spirit as the energy needed to manifest a form. The more light energy accumulates in any location, the more popular this space is for a Spirit to exist. Many, including myself, consider windows to be portals for this reason. And others still, use crystals, wind chimes, and prisms, to invite in Angels and Guardian Spirits, through the windows - as they welcome Light Energy into the home.  Just as you would place a plant next to a window, to make it easier for the plant to access light, Spirit often chooses to stand next to the window, as it is easier to access Light in this location.  


Heat (energy) exchange happens directly behind the panes of a glass window, as evidenced by temperature fluctuation. Heat is radiating inward on a warm and sunny and coolness is being transferred on a cold and cloudy day. If you’ve ever stood by or touched a window, you’re familiar with this concept.

Energy exchange is happening here. And, to appear in apparition form (as a figure), those in Spirit need to use the energy of the space around them, especially if they have not crossed over into the Light. That’s right - Ghosts, who are spirits who have not crossed over after death into the Light, need to use energy from the earth plane to appear, communicate and continue to exist. For many Spirits, the energy of heat exchange is utilized. While others choose to utilize residual energy exerted in a stairwell, or attach themselves to a living person, utilizing human energy to exist. Learn about attachment Spirits here.

In any case, those in Spirit, still existing on earth, often choose locations of trapped energy transfer, such as behind a window, in heat exchange, and use THAT energy to manifest in full form.


It’s a commonly held belief that those in Spirit often appear with the assistance of reflective surfaces, such as on television screens, on window panes, and on old mirrors. As much as a reflection can bring in a Spirit, it is not the inherent reflective properties, as much as it is the residual energy stored in this object. Television is gathering electrical, light, and conduited energy into your home daily, and a window is bringing in light and heat energy. These are energetically charged objects. Mirrors, hold residual energy from all of the attention that we humans focus and spend looking into these objects.

What about stairwells?

A stairway is a confined space which traps energy, and over the years of people climbing stairs, exerting energy, releasing energy - there remains an excess of energy in the space of a stairwell. Thus, since those in Spirit need energy to appear, this excess energy is available for use to materialize. This would explain why in many ghost shows, photographs, and personal experiences with the paranormal do tend to become amplified in the stairwell area of a building, in addition to the window area of a building.

Want to use your own windows to your advantage?

I do suggest using the windows of your own home to welcome in Spirits of the Light - Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones - many all enter through your home via the conduit of a Window, guided by the Light energy. Place crystals, chimes, prisms, stained glass or any object you cherish and brings you joy with the intention of inviting in loving and protective Spirits - and there you have it. You’re officially inviting in love, protection, and guardianship for yourself and your family.

With love,