Who are the Nature Spirits? A Short Bio of Fairies and Gnomes

by Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Everyone knows there is something magical about the forest.

People have spoken, written, rejoiced about nature since human activities were ever recorded. You go into a forest, venture to a vast desert, hike to a nearby stream, sit with your favorite oak tree, walk on your well worn trail, and have no doubt found comfort and solace – alone, or with friends, in nature.

The bark of the tall pine trees whistle, and it sounds as though they may be talking to you. The crisp leaves whispering beneath your feet as you walk shares with you their secrets. So, you talk back. Maybe you speak aloud, or simply in your thoughts, but we have all shared a secret or two with the forest. Perhaps for you, the forest is the only place where you can speak . . .and really be heard. Or listen, and really hear.

And it’s not just the trees and plants that listen to you, there are other Spirits in the forest who want to reach out and offer their assistance to you!

Have you ever stumbled upon a clearing, walked upon a shoreline, found a meadow deep in the woods and simply felt, magic? You have have stopped dead in your tracks, gaped open your mouth and just observed the space, in silence. Maybe you tried to take a picture, but when you got out your camera and posed for the frame, you realized the magic couldn’t be captured. So, you put away your camera and continued to simply. . . be. A place like this – is the home of the realm of Spirits known as Fairies.

Fairies, who are you?

They might ask you the same question, but they already know who you are – a human Spirit who has entered their realm – the realm of nature – in search of something. Usually, you search for an answer, or a small piece of knowledge only found in the silence of the nature, where no words can often go.

The fairies are small beings, who often appear as human, but in elf-life outfits of a variety of colors and textures – many very similar to characters on Peter Pan! They can fly and flit around the forest and clearings very quickly. People have often described seeing them as glimmers of light, or glares of sun – but where there is no sun!  If you open your heart, you may see these glimmers of light in the corners of your eyes, in the peripheral of your vision. If you close your physical eyes, you may even see them with your third eye!

To feel a Fairy is very simple! For most, the presence of a fairy feels like a warm tingling, as though someone has given you a loving tickle. You may feel it on the back of your neck, your arms, or even inside your heart! They are warming to you and to all humans, and their presence is usually accompanied by small goosebumps (but not always!).

Fairies like to solve problems for people, in the simplest, quickest, and kindest way possible. They often provide solutions that are the most compassionate and loving for you. They encourage you to take rest and retreat, remind you to have joy and seek beauty, and always want to let you know when you are fighting the natural flow of life! Moving with the rhythms of nature is what they prefer, and they will advise you to do the same. Move with your own rhythm. Want to know what is healthiest for your own soul and what solution would cause you the least stress?

Ask the fairies. Want to know what hobby you should seek or what spiritual path would be the easiest and best for you to follow? The Fairy realm would know the answer to this. Want permission to take a break or go on a vacation? Fairies say you deserve it.

On the other hand, fairies really do value justice and fair treatment for others, and they do like to advise on the side of fairness and what is most favorable for all involved. Have you been mistreating others to serve yourself and your own worries? Fairies might like to have a word with you about that. But don’t worry, they do not punish! Simply – fairies show you the most loving and compassionate way for everyone – including yourself! Fairies are the peacemakers of the Spiritual Realms!

How do you connect with fairies? The first and best way to do so is to simply retreat to nature and ask the fairies aloud or in your mind your questions. Your responses, your knowingness, what you sense and what you will receive, will be guidance from the Fairy Realm. You likely even have a personal Fairy guide! If you feel drawn to this realm, you do! Ask for the name of your Fairy Guide next time you are walking through a field of Birch or Aspen Trees.

If you can’t or don’t have access to a place of nature, and want to connect, I enjoy working with the Healing With The Fairies Deck by Doreen Virtue.

You can ask the deck your questions and the fairies will do a distance “reading” for you!

In addition to the Fairy Realm, there is another realm of nature spirits, whom I was recently acquainted with! They are found in folktales, cartoons, and garden centers all over the Northern Hemisphere – and these Spirits are Gnomes!

Want to learn how to see a fairy? Learn how to spot one here! 

Gnomes, where are you?

If you’ve ever seen the popular cartoon, David the Gnome, from the 1990′s, you already know that gnomes live at the base of large, elderly, mature, and knowledgeable trees. And in fact, they do. Unlike fairies, who prefer open clearings and spaces where worlds meet, such as shorelines and edges, gnomes prefer to spend their time deep within the forest.

Which is where they are meant to be – since gnomes are considered the protectors of the forest. Gnomes, who dress very elf-like as well – can often be seen wearing hats, and clothing with the colors of green, red, and white. Green for the colors of the leaves and the moss, white for the colors of Spirit and the Sun, and red for the color of the earth and steady protection. They are usually between -18 inches in height, and are often ‘seen’ by humans only as a darting figure. They watch humans carefully, and observe us from behind things and around corners – not because they are sneaky, but because they are curious, wary, and concerned.

You see, the gnomes are protectors of the forest, and many humans have destroyed trees and therefore the homes of the forest’s creatures! When a ‘new’ human comes into a space protected by gnomes, you may feel watched, but not sure by what – or feel like someone is following you! And indeed, someone is! But there is no need to feel fear – It’s likely a gnome – and he is wondering if you come in peace, and if you wish to protect the forest too.

And of course you do! You love the forest lands and it’s creatures just as much as they do. Once you tell the gnomes of this, they will begin to trust you, and in turn, will protect you, your family, and everyone and thing in your life that is within the forest. Do you live in a forested setting? Do you frequent a forest for long runs or hikes? If so, becoming friendly with the longest serving and most knowledgeable Spirits in the forest is indeed in your highest and greatest good!

Why connect with gnomes? They offer wisdom of the woods and can teach you many things about plants and animals that reside there. Want more wildlife encounters? The gnomes are eager to introduce you. Want to learn about herbal medicine? Gnomes want to direct and guide you to the best plants for your health. All you have to do is listen. But first, ask for and gain their trust.

Begin by making an offering to the world of the Gnomes. Grab a handful of blueberries and walk outside. Tell the gnomes that you come to their world in peace, and wish to offer them this gift, in return for their trust and protection. That you, too, are a protector of the forest! Make sure you mean it! Respect the forest and say hello to all that live there as you pass through. Everyone deserves a greeting – chickadees, chipmunks, ferns and fiddleheads,  and even the smallest pebble! In turn, the gnomes will begin to teach you their secrets. One of the many secrets of those in gnome Spirit, is that they can always see the truth. This is one of the finest gifts they can offer you – to help you see things with clarity and truth!


Both the realms of the Fairies and the Gnomes also work together. The fairy realm will often alert those in the gnome realm of ‘new’ forest visitors and residents, and the gnomes will promptly head over to check them out. Fairies will also alert the gnomes of ‘forest friends’, people who are kind, loving, and love nature and all it’s creatures. Is this you? If so, the gnomes are ready to meet you, as the fairies have told them about their new friend. But like all of those in Spirit, unless you believe in them, open your heart to them, and ask for their hand – they will wait until you are ready. This is not unlike working with Spirit Guides and Angels, they are ready to meet you, but you must take the first step!

What about today? Find yourself a magical clearing or identify the base of the nearest and fondest elderly tree in your memory. Go there, introduce yourself.

With love,


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