Spirits and Celebration: Do the Deceased Celebrate Their Birthdays?

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

A few months ago, we discussed the topic on whether or not your loved ones in Spirit celebrate the anniversary of their crossing over into Spirit. And today, we’re going to talk about something much more fun, positive and uplifting -


Who doesn’t love a day dedicated all to themselves and the fact that they exist? Your Loved Ones do celebrate birthdays. Because, of course! Who wouldn’t? Attending a birthday in Spirit is one of the many perks of being without a physical body - you can go anywhere, at any time and do anything you’d like. So why not, be present for all the celebrations?

But how do they prefer to celebrate?  The best key to knowing how your deceased loved ones celebrate a special day - is to look to their celebration style while they were alive and still with us in the physical realm.

Identifying what their preferences for celebration would have been if they were living is knowing how they continue to celebrate in Spirit. And, they celebrate the birthday of their friends and family members still on earth. The key to knowing how they celebrate your birthday is in knowing how you’d like for them to celebrate it.

Let’s break it down, because celebrating a personal birthday is much different than celebrating for another.

Their Own Birthday

Your loved ones in Spirit celebrate more than one birthday, including their own and everyone else that they love and know well.  This alone, can make living in the world of Spirit a very fun and enjoyable place to be - you are always going to celebrations!

If you are wondering how you can best celebrate the birthday of your loved one in Spirit - simply ask yourself, what would I have done if this person was alive? Then, do that.

And if you can, make a bigger deal about it. You have two people to celebrate for - yourself and your loved one, thus, it needs to be twice as big and double the fun. A day for the both of you to remember your relationship with one another and the fact that this beautiful relationship ever existed at all. Who cares what anyone else thinks? You’re going to set up to have a wonderful day with your loved one in Spirit, because they’ll be there too!

Your Birthday

How do you like other people to celebrate your birthday? For some, you may prefer they give you a gift - like your parents and relatives. For others, such as your friends, you may simply request their presence out to dinner. And for others still, like coworkers at the office, all you ask is that it at least be acknowledged in some way.

So, take a moment and close your eyes.  Think of a specific loved one in Spirit.

How would you like them to celebrate your birthday with you? Ask for them to do this for you.

You can ask your Loved Ones in Spirit to celebrate your birthday with you. 

You can ask your Loved Ones in Spirit to celebrate your birthday with you. 

If you would like a gift, expect a sign from Spirit, like a certain flower or a wildlife sign.

If you would like their presence, start working on your spirit-sensing abilities.

Your loved ones in Spirit still celebrate regardless of a special request from you, but you for something specific, simply tell them how you would like them to participate in your personal party.

Do you know someone in Spirit who was never present for your birthdays, but you always wish they had been - an absentee? This day is their chance to make it up to you, to be there, when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Learn how Spirit can best connect with you here and then make a request for their presence.

Birthdays vs. “Deathdays” - Which is more important to them?

You guessed it - Birthdays. Hands down. 

If you are going to remember anything at all, please, remember the fact that your loved one in Spirit was born, lived with you and enjoyed life with you all the while. Because they still are doing just that. And while your loved one may have lost their physical body, they are still present with you, as a soul, a Spirit - and attend everything just as they would if they were here - and usually, making a much bigger deal about it!

The anniversary of the death of a loved one is a remembrance of loss and what you don’t have. It’s a celebration of an absence, not a presence. And since your loved ones are still present in Spirit - for the most part, they’d wish you just ignore that whole day completely and allow it to blow over like a short afternoon thunderstorm. There is no need, your loved ones often feel, to bring in a rainy day parade on an otherwise, perfectly beautiful morning.

However, if you must celebrate and have a day of remembrance for the anniversary of their crossing - please, by request of your Loved Ones, celebrate it as a second birthday! Because it is - it’s the birth of their new life, fully in Spirit.

Happy celebrating!

With love,

Amanda Linette