Imaginary Friends: Who Are They, Really?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Imaginary friends are usually Spirits.

 Imaginary friends are usually Spirit Guides, Angels or Loved Ones. Learn more, here! 

Which means, they aren’t really all that imaginary.

When each of us is first born on this earth, imagine we are each born with a sharp kitchen tool. Some of us are born with forks, spoons or knives. Shiny, freshly cut from the machine, they are sharp, keen and they work perfectly. True instruments of perfection - designed to do exactly what they were meant to do.

These tools are natural intuitive traits. Some of us can sense things intuitively, others know it, still others hear intuitive information as a thought within their head and if you’re like me, you see it. We each are born with a way of knowing.

As we get older, the more these tools get used and banged up, the duller and duller they become. When we use the tools as they are intended - to receive truthful intuitive guidance - they remain in perfect functioning fresh-cut condition. In fact, as you use your spoon exactly as it’s meant to use it gets better. Intuition is like a cast iron pot - the more you cook with it, the more delicious and nuanced the food becomes.

Now, imagine you and or someone else takes that cast iron pot and starts using it to collect rain water, or bangs it up against some tree time and time again. Your pot, becomes less effective as a pot, and while you can fix it up again, for the time being, it’s dull and getting damaged.

Sans metaphors - what bangs up the pot?

Someone telling you you are wrong or it’s not real. It doesn’t matter if you are that someone or someone else is that someone - if the pot is being banged up - it’s being banged up. So, sometimes, as we get older, our tools become less effective only because they are not being used in the way they are meant to be used.

For example, perhaps you have even received intuitive information about another person, a feeling that they were unsavory for some reason, and you shared it with a friend. Because this person was the new guy your friend was dating - she shot it down, instantly. Wanting to believe her judgements and hopes were accurate - she accidently scratched your cookware and reduced it’s shiny polish.

With the shiny, freshly cut cookware that most children have, it’s easier to use this cookware to see things accurately, and even see things that others can't. And you can begin to see and experience these things too - all you have to do is - polish and shine your cookware.

Restore your intuitive skills and you can see, sense or hear imaginary friends, too.

Wait, Do you really want to see and sense them?

 Imaginary friends are often Guardian Angels for your child. 

Maybe. For the most part, Imaginary friends are:

They could be your Guides, Angels or Loved Ones - or they could be the Guides, Angels and Loved Ones of your child. Often, these Spirits are around because they're keeping your child company and offering friendship, protection and comfort. 

On the rare circumstance, they are those in Spirit who you don’t know personally, but your child can see. Those who, for one reason or another, were passing through and found a potential friend - someone who could see them. They could be crossed over children, spirits who have yet to cross over and still remain on earth, or other Loved Ones from families in the neighborhood.

In any case, it’s important to know that if a Spirit, imaginary or not, if they are bothering you or your child, you and your child have the ability to tell them to leave.

You also have the ability to identify who it is that is visiting at your house and if you are ready, you can begin again to learn how to see, sense and talk to them, too.

You can re-shine your silverware.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

With love ~