Spirit Q&A: Someone Close to Me Just Died and Now I Sense the Presence of Spirits. What’s Happening?

When someone close to you dies, it’s difficult. Losing one of the essential threads part of the network of your life, it’s as though where they were, now there’s only a hole. An opening. A vacancy.

And there is, at least in Spiritual terms.

Born on to this Earth, we come to this place as Spirit with a group of individuals, others in our lives, who are part of a soul group. Part of a network. They are our family members, our siblings, our best friends, our lovers, our children and our closest confidants.

These individuals are necessary threads to the sweater that makes up who were are as people. No one is who they are without the experiences, the teachings and the influences of all those they have ever met.

Pull one of those threads, and the sweater unravels.

In the death of a loved one, especially someone essential to your soul’s path - perhaps even one of your soul mates - can be devastating.

And after it happens, you, me and everyone else who has ever experienced what you are now experiencing is left searching for answers, reaching out to the otherside.

For the first time in your life, you may even have found a reason to figure out if Spirit was real. If the people who talk about life after death are serious. If mediums aren’t frauds after all. For the first time, you have a reason to think about the Other Side, about Spirit.


And thankfully, you now have someone located there, in the realm of Spirit, to help create the Bridge for you, to assist you in creating the link required to sense, feel, hear and connect with Spirit. You and your Loved One are now two people, interested in a common goal - just like always. Except this time, the goal is healing the wound created by the gap of their absence.

This gap is like your personal portal to the Spiritual Realm.

With a hole now in the fabric of your life, created by their absence, you now have a gateway, to the Other Side, where there wasn’t one before.

Imagine having a white sheet, hanging on laundry line, with you standing on one side of it. That white sheet, is a network of all of the barriers you have and reasons that exist for not connecting to Spirit - it’s your plentiful network of human support systems, your living family, your living career and all of your goals and ambitions - it’s everything about your physical world life.

When one of those essential elements, a person you love deeply, departs the physical world, it leaves a giant hole in the sheet. What was once a complete, white and non-see throughable sheet is no more - because there’s a hole now.

Through that hole, you can begin to see, sense and hear the presence of the person you love, and you may think you are losing your mind - but you’re not. Just as two Souls could connect in the physical world - this is only natural - two souls, still connecting - just on other sides of the sheet now.

When you lose someone close to you and begin to see, hear and feel Spirit, it means you’re activating your spiritual abilities out of pure necessity, and it's not the only time this can happen.

Anytime someone who is part of the thread of your life leaves or comes into your soul group, onto Earth from Spirit, you’re accessing a personal portal to Spirit. This is most common during:

  • Child Birth

  • The Meeting of a Soul Mate

  • The Death of a Loved One

In each of these cases, you can experiencing an awakening of your Spiritual abilities, including mediumship abilities that have yet to be realized, because now, there’s an opening for the light to Shine through.

Amanda Linette Meder