Psychic Protection Crystals, Amulets and Objects (Part 1)

As you work to raise and lift your energy, become a worker of the Light, explore your intuition and psychic abilities - you'll find that you notice more and more, the energy that exists all around you. As an intuitive, you may even absorb, accidentally, anything that is lower or painful than you in energy -  an unconscious way to heal the situation around you. However, this accidental psychic practice (all of us do it!), can be detrimental to your overall well-being. 

You can protect yourself. 

To prevent yourself from absorbing and being affected by the foreign energies (lower or negative) that can exist all around us, it's essential to learn the techniques of psychic protection.

Whether you are in the grocery store, within your own families, and even at your workplace, psychic protection can assist you in releasing energies that no longer serve you and prevent you from feeling, and accidentally absorbing, any lower energy that you may encounter. 

Whether you are concerned about negative attitudes, emotional firestorms, or entities, learning the psychic protection can assist you with ALL of these issues and help you manage your abilities in your day-to-day life. 

Protection Objects

By and large, the most popular and readily available tools for aura and energy protection are protection objects. A protection object is anything, in spiritual or physical form, that you can carry with you, resting on the outside of your body, to prevent lower energies from entering and affecting your aura.

This object is a reminder to you that your Spirit will only accept energy into your energy field that is at or above a higher vibration and strength to where your Spirit currently resides. It can be a symbolic religious pendant, a crystal, or something you visualize in your minds eye.

Why not just reject all foreign energy that comes into your aura?

Well, occasionally you encounter someone - be it a person, an animal, or a plant - with an energy that is loving, compassionate, kind, and gentle. This foreign energy has the potential to raise your auric strength and, therefore, vibration. Some refer to this type of energy as positive, as it increases you and makes you feel good. Your protection object will best serve your Spirit, if it allows in energy that is higher and loving. Also, guidance from your Angels, Guides, and Deceased Loved ones may not enter your energy if your protection object has been asked to block ALL energy. Guidance like this should flow naturally and without interruption into your aura.

Protection objects can be created through visualization, or obtained in the physical realm - they can be symbolic to you, such as a religious object carried with you, such as a rosary, or symbolic in the crystal realm, such as a healing and protective stone in your pocket or around your neck!

Physical Protection Objects

Protection objects of religious or spiritual significance have been used for thousands of years. Consider the Rosary in Catholic tradition or the Hamsa in Islamic tradition, both used protection objects. These objects of spiritual significance are present in nearly all cultures - and yet, serve mostly the same purpose:

To invite in higher energies and those in the Spiritual Realm in and to keep out lower energies and entities. This is the purpose of a protection object.

When selecting a protection object, I encourage that you use any spiritual or symbolic object that has meaning to you, and utilize this as a protection object, and e you have selected your object, decide if you will wear it on your body, or keep it with you in your pocket. Then, set the intention that it will protect you and your energy from lower energies - those not aligned with your greatest and highest good - by rejecting any of this energy from entering your energy field.  Ask that this object only allow energy that is equal to or at a higher energetic level than your current state to enter your aura. The ‘rejected’ energy will then be naturally sent back to it’s original owner. Intend that this object will do this task for you.

My personal protection object is a copper birch leaf necklace, given to my as a gift by my partner, as the birch tree wood has been historically used for the protection from negative entities. My sister, Sarah, uses a string of crystals, while still many friends of mine choose to use the Christian Cross. Since these objects carry so much personal and religious weight, here, we will focus on discussing protection tools that are universally beneficial.

  • Crystals

Crystals are available online or locally in your town’s metaphysical store - pretty much every town has one! Given your geographical location, you might be able to find some these in your own backyard. Since crystals, also known as stones or rocks (yes, even if they aren’t shiny!), come from the Earth you can essentially find crystals (stones) everywhere you look, as long as you are looking down.

Crystal can assist you in preventing psychic intrusion or attack, in the most basic explanation, it is the energy of another penetrating you energy field and influencing the way you feel, behave, and think.  Crystals are willing to take on and reflect this foreign energy around you, should you ask them for their help. There are many crystals that specialize in this task, in fact, more so, than is possible to review and explain in this manual. Below you will find my top suggestions and ‘front runners’ for the task of psychic protection.

To increase your spiritual vibration and amplify your energetic field, you might consider working with Selenite or Clear Quartz.  Both of these stones are capable of raising your energetic vibration to a level that you are, in essence, keeping out those of lower vibrations. If you would like to amplify your energy, and include the vibrations of love and compassion, try working with Rose Quartz.

While Quartz will amplify your aura, Selenite will also attract and draw in Spiritual Guardians, such as Angels and Guides. People, objects, and spirits of lower vibrations are not always bad, they can be. Think of someone who is feeling angry or resentful, and you happen upon them in line at the bank. This doesn’t mean they are bad, but their energy may be of a lower vibration and not something you want in your aura. Thus, you can raise your energy with the assistance of these stones to prevent their energy from being attracted to yours. Since like attracts like, the higher and stronger your auric field, the more likely you will be to attract those of similar vibration, and repel individuals those with lower energies.

For protection from lower energies, black tourmaline, onyx, and granite are your ‘go to crystals’.   Lower energies, within humans, are thought forms and emotions that include anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy, worry, or fear.  These crystals will protect you from lower energy (sometimes referred to as “negativity”), but they do so in different ways.   Black tourmaline is porous and instead of block negative energy, it absorbs it for you.  If you work at a stressful office job, place a piece of black tourmaline on your desk and it will absorb the anxious energy of people entering your energetic space.   

Onyx, on the other hand, it more solid and has smooth, sealed edges. It will physically block negative from passing into your aura. Granite is almost a go between for onyx and tourmaline, if you like a mixture of blocking and absorbing, then go with this crystal. In addition, small pieces granite can be found in almost any yard or driveway.

Why would you want a mixture?  One reason is that it would have to be cleansed less frequently, another is that you don’t necessarily know which function you need more and want to play it safe with both.  

Grounding stones are the perfect tools for psychic protection!

Grounding stones are the perfect tools for psychic protection!

Need a protection object, but don’t have the money, access, or ability to find all of these crystals right away?

That is completely okay, and it's important to note that ANY stone can act as a protection stone for you. Find a small stone on a trail or at the beach, that you just love? Why not ask this stone to protect you, and then carry it with you? This is completely possible, especially if you feel drawn to the stone. This crystal may want to work with you and was just waiting for you to come along. If you do find a crystal in this way, simply ask it to do the work of protection for you, as you would ask and intend for any other 'object to do the same job.

Find out what my top 10 protection objects are here! 

With love,