How To Be Psychic: The First Step in Improving Your Intuitive Abilities


By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

Each and every person reading this article is completely in touch with their intuition and their inner psychic abilities. We all have an inner sense of knowing and use different methods of getting in touch (The clairs: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance), and you already ARE psychic and have the ability to be in touch with yourself, your guides, and your angels.

When it comes to ‘being psychic’ or ‘being intuitive’, it is often confused with prophetic abilities and having the ability to foretell the future. However, psychic or intuitive ability is neither the ability to engage in foreseeing the future nor a method of avoiding loss and hardship.

Rather, being psychic is actually the ability to use the energy environment around you to make decisions in the present moment. This energy around you is full of emotional, psychological, and spiritual information in any given situation. These aspects are the ingredients of our here and now, and you’re already picking them up!

After doing many readings, I’ve come to realize that time and time again, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, and angels come through and want to tell you one very important thing: You are psychic, you just aren’t using your gifts.

So . . .What is the first step in becoming psychic and connecting with yourself and spirit?

The first step in how to become a psychic is TRUST you already are and TRUST in yourself and your own sense of guidance and knowing.

Each one of us can pick up intuitive information. This information in our present environment typically reveals itself by making us uncomfortable, depressed, excited, anxious, or, if we choose to, we can cut off from detecting this energy information to avoid being overwhelmed, thus, we become drifty and detached.

When was the last time you were in a situation where you suddenly felt yourself becoming aloof and no longer part of the current environment? 

Oh, it was today?! Congratulations, you're using your psychic abilities to detach and protect yourself already!

For those who are psychic (yes, you!), this can be a way to avoid absorbing excess information. Another means of getting information is through dreams, which tend to become more intense in times of change and emotional crises.

To receive psychic and intuitive information, all you need is the ability to perceive correctly what is going on around you AND to trust it. Trusting this information offers us the guidance to influence the next stage of our lives, through the choices we make in present time. It is generally not clear and directed. Thus, having the self-esteem to recognize the discomfort you are feeling as a directive to take charge of your life can break you from a state of stagnation, confusion, or despair.

If a person has low self-esteem, he or she cannot act on intuitive impulses because fear of being wrong or failing is too overwhelming. Being psychic or intuitive can only be effective if one has the courage and personal strength to follow through on guidance. Since following the guidance of spirit requires action, but doesn’t ensure safety ~ if we use safety and comfort as a criteria for success, we will sometimes fear our guidance and the guidance of spirit because it will always direct you into a new cycle or learning and growth. Learning and growth, as it stretches us beyond our comfort zones, can sometimes produce feelings of fear and anxiety - nervousness about change. Learning how be a psychic begins with developing trust in yourself, your personal power, and raising yours self-esteem.

Yes, FAITH is important too. However, a lack of trust in oneself is a reflection of a lack of faith in oneself, as well as a faith in spirit, the universe, and unseen spiritual world. While faith is often considered to be the number one step in becoming psychic, it is equitable with developing personal power.

Want to begin developing your psychic abilities TODAY?

Much of intuitive development requires you to align with what you know to be true  and that you become more in sync with the truth of your local environment and your surroundings. 

Check in and evaluate where you stand on each of these questions.

-       Do your like yourself? Why or why not? Are you actively working to change the things you don’t like about yourself?

-       Do you respect yourself? Do you allow others to mistreat you? Why or why not?

-       Are you honest? Do you misrepresent the truth? If so, why?

-       Are you always wishing that your life were different? If so, are you doing anything to change it?

-       Can you decide on a lifestyle change and stick with it?

-       Do you consider yourself strong?

-       Have you allowed yourself to be in a relationship (or a job/career) with someone you didn’t really love, but it was more comfortable and safer than being alone?

-       Are you critical of other people? Do you blame others to protect yourself? If so, why?

-       Are you able to admit when you are wrong? Why or why not?

If you notice that you have an area for growth in one of the above questions, focus on releasing, strengthening and developing this area, and in turn you will develop your intuitive gifts. 

If you are ready to begin your journey in developing psychic and intuitive abilities, connecting with spirit, and communicating with deceased loved ones, the first step of the journey is self trust. 

Each of us is ready to become a psychic ~ we just have to take the first step!

With love and joyous light on your journey ~



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