26 Signs You're a Great Medium

Being a great medium is more than getting hits, facts and evidence from Spirit. In fact, it’s so much more than that. Any medium, who is clear, connected and who has done their practice can receive information from Spirit that they couldn’t have known otherwise. Any psychic medium, and there are thousands of them, can be accurate, clear and bring through Spirit for themselves and those that they serve. Any medium can charge for their services and offer these services to the public.

You aren’t just any medium. You are a unique being with a unique facet of experiences, a set of life’s lessons you are designed to learn and a specific purpose for doing what you are doing. You are a beautiful individual who is striving to be the best you can be, at anything that you set out to do, including mediumship.

In my work with training other mediums, there’s many factors that go into making a great medium and these factors, are more than just accuracy and number of hits per reading. These factors can be developed, enhanced and worked on over time. We’re all in the process of growth.

26 Signs You’re Becoming a Great Medium

  1. You always strive to connect with Spirit in the clearest emotional, physical and mental state of mind.

  2. You turn down clients and potential message recipients when you feel you can’t best serve their needs.

  3. You respect yourself in all interactions with Spirit (both those in human body and those in Spirit body) and refuse to take abuse from anyone.

  4. You stopped caring about other people’s opinions of you a long time ago.

  5. You take criticism and feedback with a grain of salt and don’t let it get to you.

  6. The love and compassion you have for others in private sessions and when working with Spirit has now transcended into your everyday life and everyday interactions.

  7. You make sure to cut your cords after each session and let go of the situation you were once in to move forward in the present moment.

  8. You do your best to educate your clients and message recipients on what mediumship is all about, further releasing any stereotypes and unfavorable connotations of psychic mediums.

  9. You trust Spirit completely and develop your personal relationship and bond with Spirit on a daily basis.

  10. You never disparage or degrade a fellow medium, no matter what the cause or reason.

  11. You encourage others to develop their own connection to Spirit and provide the tools necessary to do so.

  12. You don’t ask leading questions of your clients and message recipients, and rather allow Spirit to do the talking.

  13. You honor the value and importance of the vulnerability and sacredness of space a message recipient shares with you when they ask you to connect with Spirit for them.

  14. You take your work seriously and strive to always improve and learn more, but do so with a light, compassionate and understanding heart.

  15. You feel that psychic mediumship is fun, but much more than an entertainment service.

  16. You receive all your information from Spirit and trust in what you see, hear and sense completely.

  17. You deliver the messages from Spirit clearly, while giving authority of the message always to Spirit, by using words such as, I’m getting this, I’m sensing this, I’m feeling that, ahead of each message.

  18. You strive to share exactly what you see without filter and withhold judgement of someone else’s ability or lack thereof, to be ready for a message of which you are shown.

  19. You hold your client’s trust and messages received in strict confidentiality and never share, expose or release information which was given to you in the sacred space of connecting with Spirit.

  20. You make sure to give back to yourself as much as you give to others as often as possible.

  21. You adopted a mission statement for your purpose as a medium and strive to honor and adhere your services to be in alignment with that mission at all times.

  22. You strive to always communicate honestly, clearly and truthfully in all of your interactions with others.

  23. You agree that all psychic mediums are good at what they do for the population of people that they serve and that we all are learning as we go. No one is perfect.

  24. You have adopted a code of ethics for working with others that you follow and abide by strictly

  25. You have developed a list of boundaries for connecting with Spirit for yourself and others, which you enforce and ask others to follow, as well.

  26. You charge what you are worth and ask others to value your worth with an exchange of value for the services you offer.

If you see something on here that you could develop to enhance yourself and continue the becoming process of greatness - write it down. Set out to achieve it.

This list is a list of potential areas for greatness. And you’ve already got the potential.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Amanda Linette Meder