Intuition vs. Imagination. How do I know if my psychic abilities are real?

By Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium

What if I’m making it up?

This is the most commonly asked question when working with clients in intuitive development, we thought it would be time to address it here, on the blog!

In our modern western world, with a civilization mostly based on numbers, logic, and sensible decisions, we rely heavily on our left brains. We look to balance things out, make sense of things, get the numbers right, do things that make financial sense, and seek evidence in what is tangible, what can be recorded and measured. Proof, basically. We look for proof.

The intuition, the voice of the Self and the voice of Spirit, however, works primarily in your right brain hemisphere. This is the side of your brain that also focuses on imagination, creativity, and dreaming.

That right the intuitive mind (the seat of the third eye) is centered in the part of the brain that also houses imagination.  Whether we are talking day dreaming and wishful thinking or great psychic information,  this type of information and knowledge tends to be devalued in our modern society. Going by interpreting dreams and hunches alone is something that scares a lot of people, and many feel like it’s not best to make decisions based on your dreams alone. Based on your heart alone. Based on what you feel. When actually, developing your intuition through dreaming, whether we are talking day dreaming or night dreaming - dreaming really  is one of the best ways to stimulate and develop the real intuitive mind. It promotes intuitive exploration with little work on your part, after all!

For the next week, I ask you not to turn it down, deny your dreams, whispers of your heart, and the messages from our Loved Ones and our Angels.

Try for one week to see things through your other logical mind - your imagination center.  

So often we use the left brain to manage decisions and rationales,that  our right brain, gets very little attention in day to day life, so when it speaks up, we ask, are you even real? Where have you been? Aren’t you just my imagination?

How do you know if your intuitive mind is for real or if it's just wishful thinking? 

There is only one way, and it's called Trust. Beginning to trust yourself and your intuition takes time, practice and a little bit of patience - but it can be done! Here's how: 

1. Start Believing in Yourself

You are the only one who has ever lived your life in your shoes. With this credential, you are THE expert in you – in your own life. There is no one else more specialized or qualified than you to know what is best for you, decide what makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad, what hurts your feelings, and what doesn’t. You know when your desires and beliefs are being stepped on and you know when you are standing your ground and stepping forward. You know all of your history, and you know intricately the details of your present. You are a specialist. And a real good one. As you should be, given all that experience you have to show for it.

The next time someone suggests they know better, that your ideas may not be as good as theirs, that you should do what they say, instead of what you feel – ask yourself:

Really?! Is this in my highest and greatest good, or is this what you would do, as a specialist in themselves?

Start standing up for how you feel, start telling people the truth of your perceptions. You are an experienced specialist in life. In your life, but in life, nonetheless. Your perceptions, interpretation preferences, places where you get your insight (from Spirit or wherever!), are just as valuable as the tools that they use, too. Stand your ground.

Learn how I deal with Criticism here. 

2. Gather Some Reference Points

In order to know whether your intuition is real, helpful, and works as it should – you need to test drive it. Imagine you are buying a car – someone has told you how wonderful their car is, how much they love cars, how valuable their car is to them in their life, how reliable it is, how convenient. . .and you start to think, man, I could use a car. Even though you just found out cars existed, a car sounds real great right about now. You could really see yourself in a car.

So, you go to the lot. There’s a beautiful, blue car there, waiting for you to take home. It’s so shiny and amazing, you start to think wait – I’ve never actually **seen** a car before, how do I know this car isn’t something I just made up? How do I know this car isn’t my imagination, a figment of wishful thinking?

You stand there for a while, staring that the car from a distance, then you decide, once and for all, that since NO ONE has ever shown you a car, and you’ve only heard about them second hand, that cars aren’t real. Especially not this one. You walk away. Forget cars and all their glory. Cars are a desert oasis, as far as you are concerned. What a wash!

See, how silly is that? Why didn’t you just walk over, get in and test drive the car? Take it home for a week and see if you even like it. Why not test out a bunch of different cars? Try a bunch of intuitive techniques and practices, before giving up.

To decide if a car is right for you, you need to test it out. To decide if a car is reliable for you, you need to drive and own it for at least a year. Does it start in the winter? How does it do in the rain? Does it break down a lot? If so, can you get a better car, a better method of tapping into your intuition?

You need a history with cars. You need to test out a bunch of cars to get a full assessment of what all the cars can do. Before you give up on intuition, give it a test drive, find out what your strongest abilities are, see if it improves your life and does, in fact, make it more reliable and convenient. Try out a bunch of different intuitive practices, techniques, and methods of receiving guidance. This way, you can become an expert. . . in “cars”.

3. Journal of ‘All the Times I was Right’

  Write it all down and keep a record of your hits!  Forget the misses. 

Write it all down and keep a record of your hits!  Forget the misses. 

In some circles, this is called a validation journal, and you need one. Go to Barnes and Noble, or Borders, or, or call up your friend that makes cool things out of leather. Get yourself a notebook, and begin to write things down.

Write down your dreams, write down your hunches, write down that time you thought to call someone and two seconds later, they called you. Write it all down. If you are anything like I think you are, you’ll have something to put in that journal at least every other day, so keep it close and with you, and a pen nearby. Start backlogging things too – times in the past when you thought something would turn out a certain way, and then you found out later it did – or that time you didn’t trust a sleaze at the bars, and turns out, he was a sleaze after-all. Write ALL of this down.

As you move through your journey, you’ll begin to see how RIGHT on target you really are. Your work has value. And, you’ll have a record to prove it.

With love on your Journey,


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