What Does it Mean to be Called a Witch?

By Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

When I first started practicing the family gift out in the open, by bringing through deceased Loved Ones to talk to other people that I knew in my life, it caused some family commotion.

Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and all types of extended relatives all had something to say about it. While the ability to see, hear and sense those in Spirit is accepted and known about by most of my family members, it’s not agreed upon whether or not someone should be exercising these abilities or trying their best to suppress them.

Through the swirl of circling gossip, on one summer saturday afternoon, my grandmother found out I was giving readings to other family members, who, in their excitement to be reunited with relatives on the other side, had asked me to do so.

My grandmother has openly discussed the ability to see and hear those in Spirit with me, shared with me her premonition dreams and readily talked about connecting with Angels on the Other Side, I didn’t think she would have a problem with it. I wasn’t worried at all.

That is, until, my grandmother called to say that if I was going to come to Sunday dinner the next day, I better not try to practice witchcraft in her home.

What does witch craft and being psychic have in common? A little bit of misunderstanding in terminology. 

Confused, I had no idea what she was talking about.

While I could see and hear people who were deceased, and translate what they said to the living, I didn’t know the first thing about casting spells. So, I simply agreed to not practice witchcraft in her home. As far as I knew, what I was doing was far from any kind of sorcery.

I’ve since learned that people’s opinions of what it means to be a witch varies widely and vastly from what the actual meaning of witchcraft is.

You may not be surprised to hear I’ve been called a ‘witch’ more times than I can count on two hands - and not just by my own grandmother, wanting to make sure Sunday family dinner went by without a hitch. I’ve heard this word come out of the mouth, in reference to me and my life, from friends, family and complete strangers, alike. In all cases, the name was intended to be taken by me as a derogatory term. And in the beginning, it was really hurtful.

Accusations of witchcraft are happening right now in 2014 

And while in the United States today, you are rarely killed as a result of the name-calling - social and emotional ostracization still occurs, often as a result. Women and men, who follow their intuition and pursue paths in energy healing, plant medicine, or spiritual communication with Angels, are still separated from their family and friends, and often isolated in their paths. Many intuitives lose friends, because those friends don’t want to associate with a someone who may or may not ‘cast spells’. Myself included.

Many practicing psychics, mediums and intuitives have been accused of witchcraft and called a ‘witch’, without the accuser or the accused knowing the truth of what the word really means.

For this reason, many of my friends, coworkers or family members have found themselves with hurt feelings, strained relationships and a place of questioning, of whether or not, following the intuitive path, is really a good thing. Some people, after being called a witch, for fear of being isolated from their friends and family, have chosen quit following their heart’s desires and soul path altogether. And that’s a real problem, because . . . 

The word witch doesn’t mean what you think it does

The origin of the word ‘witch’ doesn’t imply someone is casting spells, practicing sorcery or doing anything of ill-intent at all.

And it’s definitely not a derogatory term, even though it’s often thrown out as one.

The word witch is derived from the Old English wit(t), gewit(t), referring to the mind as the seat of consciousness. The word wit, means keenness and quickness of perception or discernment.

And the practice of wit-craft, it means you practice keen wisdom.

As someone who exercises skill in the making (-craft) of the wisdom (wit-), when someone calls you a witch, they have identified you as someone who is practicing the art of using your own wisdom.

Actually, being called a witch is little bit of a backhanded compliment.

Next time someone calls you one, say thank you. Or use it as an opportunity to explain the real meaning of the word, you wise one.

With love,