Do I Absolutely Have to Meditate? Practicing Meditation and Developing your Psychic Abilities

by Amanda Linette Meder Psychic Medium

Meditation is one of the keys to improving your intuitive, psychic and spiritual abilities. It’s a method of calming your mind, centering your Spirit and most importantly, improving your ability to focus on something and have an open and clear mind for an extended period of time.

Receiving psychic information clairaudiently, clairvoyantly, clairsentiently and claircognizantly - is usually much more subtle of a message or inclination than it is something that hits you on the side of the face. In fact, the messages that I receive from your Loved Ones in Spirit, by and large, come from within.

To be able to receive psychic and mediumship messages clearly and accurately, it’s essential that you are skilled at focusing - clearing any external thoughts, personal emotions and worries from your mind - to receive clear information from within. And the number one way to do this is through developing a meditation practice.

However, many mediums, including myself, feel that it’s not necessarily meditation that you need to develop clarity within your psychic perceptions, instead, it’s this:

Quietude and Focus

Before I became a professional psychic medium, I went to graduate school (and if you have tons of free time to investigate things, check out my lab research page) and studied how urban pollution affected plant physiology - this was my career, after all. I loved urban sustainable landscaping and professionally, I’ve worked in this field for a long time. To  take my career to the next level, I had develop researched projects to show the relationship between plant systems and urban pollution systems - specifically, I explored how and where pollution was stored within the plant structure when in urban areas.

To do this, I spent thousands of hours alone taking measurements. With no noise or anything else to focus on, besides a meter stick and a data sheet on a clipboard.

In other words, I spent hours with a quiet mind and focused on one single task for afternoons, evenings, days and years on end. While some monks may go to a cave to enhance their meditative sight, or fierce yogis may go to an ashram to quiet their mind  - I went to a greenhouse. For two years.

Developing a Routine of Quiet is Essential to Enhancing Your Intuitive Clarity

In fact, in this greenhouse is when I started to really notice the messages I was receiving and began to hear the voices of Spirit - which I had previously ignored for 15 years. It’s was easy to keep my mind occupied and entertained all the way until bed time - television, music, reading and company were all common ways I became distracted from focusing on my psychic and spiritual perceptions.

Do you have to meditate? No.

But, I strongly encourage you to find an activity that involves significant periods of quiet time - whether it be long marathon running, taking hot baths, gardening or painting your nails. Anything, that calms you down and centers you in a quiet place.

Developing Focus is Essential to Delivering Messages from Spirit

When was the last time you paid 100% attention to a conversation between two people that had absolutely nothing to do for over an hour?

Perhaps you’ve been involved at a lunch table like this with a few people who were old college friends, but not you. You were the new friend who had no idea what was going on during their freshman dorm years. Were you able to maintain 100% focus for that whole time?  

Or, did your experience more closely align to something like this,

“Oh, look at that fancy Mimosa! I’d like one of those. . . I wonder how much they cost. I wonder if we could we get a carafe for the whole table. . . I hope everyone here likes mimosas . . . . I’ve never really enjoyed bloody marys, even though they look good here too . . .“

Yes. That’s what I thought.

Don’t worry, it happens to me, too! But, giving a reading for yourself and others is a lot like this. Most of the time, psychic and mediumistic messages have little to do with you - and are more about the person you are ‘reading’ for and the loved one in Spirit delivering the message.

The hardest part about developing your psychic abilities and receiving clear messages is cultivating long periods of focus. Many new mediums and psychics ‘lose’ their link or connection with Spirit within 2-5 minutes after receiving it. Much like trying to hold onto a receptor antenna on the roof with little experience in keeping a steady hand - it’s hard to keep it going because you may not understand the message or you may have a hard time staying focused for a long time on the same image or message. As flexing your arm muscles will improve your ability to keep a steady hand, flexing your mind focus muscles will assist you in keeping steady and clear in thought when delivering messages from Spirit.

So, practice your abilities to focus on something for an extended period of time.

In the past, this is why psychics used a crystal ball - it’s something you can use to focus on while they receive images or information. If you are familiar with yoga, staying in a tree pose is much easier to do when you have something in front of you to keep your gaze.

Practice examining things and observing your surroundings. Begin to extend your gaze upon certain things as you go for walks or out and about - see how long you can look at something without breaking away. It’s like a staring contest - with yourself.

Over time, as you practice focusing on something for longer periods, you’ll begin to work your way up to 2, 3, 5 and even 10 minutes.

And soon, you’ll begin to give readings - flexing your focus muscles even more!

With love,