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Amanda Linette Meder's blog is a collection of over 700 free articles, podcasts, and meditations designed to demystify the Spirit World and help you clearly connect with Spirit.

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Articles highlight all aspects of the intuitive, spiritual and mediumship process and are entirely written and authored by Amanda, unless otherwise noted.  

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This blog is a collection of the personal experiences, knowledge and life lessons gained from Amanda and her clients, students, friends and family.

Amanda does not and will not write about or recommend things she has not personally experienced and tried out first-hand. 

Names, dates and minor details about clients, students and acquaintances are changed to maintain privacy and keep identities confidential. Amanda values the privacy of everyone she works with and will not compromise that. Read about the privacy policy of the website here. 

Amanda is one medium in a sea of thousands. Not all mediums will have the same experiences, work with the same types of Spirits, or serve the same community of individuals.

Amanda's life experiences and subsequent philosophies based on those experiences may differ from other mediums, due to core differences in what we all experience and the populations we are meant to serve. 

Ideas and concepts introduced on this blog are subject to the reader's personal interpretation. 

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