Wake Up The Film: A Professional Medium's Movie Documentary Review

A few years ago, my significant other and I were scanning movies on Netflix.

At the time, he was really interested in learning anything and everything about Spirits, Mediumship and anything related to the Other Side. 

Which is why when one night, he suggested we watch a documentary called, Wake Up The Film, I agreed. 

Wake Up The Film, is a documentary film about a pretty normal guy, Jonas Elrod, who woke up one morning suddenly able to see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts.

The film is an inside look at his life and his struggle to understand his newfound abilities, along with his girlfriend, and her struggles to understand and cope with his abilities, too. 

As Jonas outwardly says in the movie, this film is designed as a call to consciousness for others to begin to realize that the world of Spirit is indeed real and around us every single day.

Wake Up The Film (Amazon Link) is the most accurate depiction of what it is like to be a clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient medium today. 

At current writing, over 5 years after the film was released, there is still no other media documentary, television series or interview that does a better job at explaining to the world what it is like to be a full-blown, full-power, medium. This is the best one. 

With that said, when you watch, it’s important to remember that not everyone who is a medium has an experience that matches Jonas’ experiences in full equality.

Not everyone can see Demons, Angels, Auras, or every single aspect and element of the Spirit World. Some people only see Earthbounds, some only see Angels, some only auras, you get the point. 

Some mediums can only sense and see the deceased, while other mediums can see auras and Angels more clearly, while still others, have a much better time at noticing Earthbound spirits.

Depending on the purpose of each medium and the reason for their abilities, what they see, sense and hear will be different. This is because there is a reason for each medium to have their abilities and usually their ability is a match to the people they are meant to help with their gifts.

If you're a medium, and are struggling with your abilities or feeling alone, watching Jonas’ journey can provide peace, comfort and a knowingness that you aren’t the only one out there dealing with ‘this’.

If you are a dating a medium, related to a medium, or have a medium in your family whose feelings and experiences you want to understand better - this is an excellent film to watch. It can not only help you understand what it is like to walk in your partner’s shoes, but it will also help you see the possible effect on your partner of your words and your actions regarding their abilities.

I highly suggest Wake Up The Film to anyone who:

  • Is developing their mediumship abilities

  • Wants to understand what it could be like to be a medium

  • Wants to understand the Spirit World and it impacts on the living a little bit better

You can find this film for purchase on Amazon here:  Wake Up The Film

Want to know other helpful shows, movies and interviews on what it is like to see, hear and communicate with the Spirit World?

Here are just a few I recommend (all linked to Amazon below):

The Ghost Whisperer

This is a television series with Jennifer Love Hewitt. While slightly sensationalized, it does provide a semi-accurate depiction of the world of Earthbound Spirits and how those in the Spirit world behave. It was produced with the help of a fellow medium, James Van Praagh.

The Sixth Sense

This is a movie about a little boy who sees and talks to Spirits. Most of the Spirits he communicates with in this film have brutal injuries. In my experience, most Spirits do NOT appear with the injuries related to their death, so just keep that in mind while you watch. However, it gives a nice depiction of what it is like as a child is afraid and doesn’t understand his/her abilities with a parent who doesn’t understand either.

My Ghost Story

This is a television series that is no longer being aired, but is available for purchase on Amazon.com. This show is recommended by my partner, who feels it is the least dramatized, most honest television series about real life people’s experiences with Spirits. He feels the earlier shows are better than the later shows, because the episodes progressively get more and more dramatic and less ‘real’ as the series goes on - likely for ratings. My significant other also feels this television series provides lots of physical evidence (video, photograph), which can help the non-believer develop an understanding and belief in the Spirit world.

Amanda Linette Meder


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