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- Amanda related - 

1. How can I contact/email/message you (amanda) personally? 

Essentially all of my daily emails go through my assistant or manager prior to reaching my desk. 

As you may have already imagined, it wasn't always this way. Back in the day, I struggled to keep up with all the emails that came in on a daily basis. Eventually what happened was I stopped writing, blogging, developing classes, and coming up with great materials - all I was doing anymore was fielding emails. I could no longer give to others what I truly wanted to give - amazingly valuable content about the Spirit World. Also, I became incredibly drained. So, in order to serve you better and continue to provide you with the quality content you deserve, an email system is now in place. For assistant and manager contact emails click here. 

2. Do you ever work with mediums/clients one-on-one? 

I open private mentoring slots periodically throughout the year (usually in the fall) and when this happens, the slots are generally offered to members of the website first and tend to sell out from there. If you are a local student and serious, email support @ 

3. How did you become a medium?

I have always been a medium. However, like most mediums, I did not fully step into these gifts until later in life. I began seriously paying attention after my Father's death in 2006, then, from giving readings in my apartment in graduate school to where we are today - my journey has been full of amazing teachers and teaching moments. It continues to be to this day. Learn more about my journey on my About Page. 

- Most commonly asked - 

1. I think I'm a medium, but am new to all this. Any suggestions?

Acknowledging this truth is a powerful step. I appreciate the courage you have in being honest with yourself and what may really be going on. Having a gift to hear, see or sense Spirits is not necessarily an easy reality to swallow at first and stepping into your abilities can be a big decision. While mediums are born at any age, very few people choose to step into their gifts. Welcome. And thank you for being here. 

I personally suggest learning everything you can right now. Knowledge is your friend and now is the time to allow yourself to be a sponge. Soak it all in. Even if you find your gifts are not mediumship oriented, while you’re here on the site, you’ll definitely learn a few things that will improve your life. Read this article first. Then continue your journey on the Start Here page. Most everything you need will be found on the free blog, the more advanced stuff (classes, content, articles) is found in the membership

2. I've recently lost someone I deeply love. Can you connect me to them? 

The loss of a loved one can be an extremely difficult, trying and lonely time. I've experienced loss and many of the feelings of it are familiar to me. In my work, I have found that the transition of death can bring new awarenesses, spiritual awakening and new outlooks on life for both those who continue to live and those already in the beyond. Through Spirit Communication, death can be just as beautiful of an experience as it is difficult.

Believe it or not, you can connect with your own loved one on your own. We all have the ability to connect with our own loved ones in Spirit. It is my honor to assist you in learning how to do just that. I suggest beginning with this post. Then, I suggest reading the ‘Connecting with Loved Ones’ articles on this page. It is completely safe to communicate with your own loved ones in Spirit, no matter what religion you may be or belief set you may have.  You do not even have to be a wholehearted believer to start to attempt the connection, in many cases, your own loved one will start to reach out to you first.

Do you have a few questions regarding the death of your loved one? Amanda has recently written an eBook answering the 50+ most common questions about the life after death process. Your question is likely found within it. Learn more here. 

3. I have a problem with a Spirit in my life/home/body. What do I do? 

One of the best things you can do in dealing with any paranormal/spirit issue is to calm down. I understand the fear, I have been there too - I get it. However, what I have learned over the years is that any reaction that is not patience, neutrality or compassion generally makes a situation worse than it is - spirit situations included. Take a moment - take a deep breath. Then two more, if you have the time. Dealing with Spirits can be serious, but it does not have to be scary

4. do you offer private readings?

Currently, private readings are not available for sale or purchase on my website. However, I usually open up slots for private consultations throughout the year and when this happens, the slots are generally offered to members of her website and tend to sell out from there. For those looking for an immediate reading or to have other private spiritual services performed, please check out these resources:


5. Can you refer to me to someone I can work with personally? 

Check the Member Directory for a listing of practitioners. 

Most of the practitioners listed accept clients internationally and can work with you from across the globe (so long as you have internet and/or a telephone connection). When contacting, make sure to mention how you found them - go to the list >>


Digital Products

Meditations, Email Courses and the Membership Program

- General Questions about purchases - 

1. I'm hesitant about providing my credit information online. How secure is your check-out purchase?

I use PayPal as my check-out provider and have worked with PayPal for over 10 years. PayPal has a highly secure checkout process and you can learn more about my check-out provider here.

2. I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still buy something? 

Yep -  you can check out with debit or credit card, through PayPa's system, as well.

Here's how:

after you add and item to your cart, you'll be directed to a checkout page with a bright yellow "Check Out With PayPal" button - click on it. Then you'll be presented with two options: 

> Pay with my PayPal Account

> Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit

The first tab may be open and expanded. If it is, scroll down in your browser window to reveal the second option. Wa-la!

3. I'd like to pay for my purchase via phone. Can I do that? 

Unfortunately, no. This is a small, family-run business and we don't have the on-call staffing available to take phone orders. Payment for purchases is taken via a highly secure checkout process (see #1). 

4. What Is Your Refund Policy?

All digital purchases are 100% non-refundable. This is why we encourage you to shop mindfully and wisely before purchasing.

If you are not sure you'll like the ebook, ecourse, meditation, or membership, and you're worried about making the purchase, take some time to explore the website, the blog and my social pages. Chances are, if you like what I offer for free, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Pssst - by purchasing a product or service through me, you agree to the Terms & Conditions - so make sure to read them. 

- Meditations - 

1. I just purchased a guided meditation and I can't find my download email. Where is it?

After you purchase a guided meditation from the website, you will be sent an email with the subject line:

Your Guided Meditation Download from Amanda Linette Meder

to the email account associated with your check-out process. In many cases, this is your PayPal email. Check this email inbox for your welcome email, along with your trash, promotion, spam or junk folders. Sometimes we accidentally delete an important email and our email inboxes tend to filter out even emails that we think are important. If you have an email filter service, such as, check this service’s round up for the day before panicking. 

Before contacting us, make sure to search your email inbox with the above subject line. Then, search your email inbox for the sender, "Amanda Linette Meder" to see if that pulls up any leads. You will likely find your email with the downloads there.

Still nothing? Send an email to and we'll send you what you need.

2. Help! I can’t get the meditations I purchased to save.

Meditation downloads are sent to you via email following your purchase. The download links plus instructions to download are included in a PDF package that you receive. For your convenience, we have set it up so you can both stream and download your files. 

To get a meditation that you purchased to save for download, right click on the play window. Chances are if it isn’t saving, the issue is with right clicking. If you do not know how to right click and you have a Mac, please refer to this article for help.  If you know how to right click and open the ‘Save file as’ box, then the problem might be with your default download folder.

All computers have a default place as to where new downloads are saved. In most cases, this folder is called “Downloads” or “Recent Downloads.” To find the files that you’ve recently downloaded, simply locate this default location - your meditations will likely be there. You can also set a downloadable file location for your computer to prevent further issues in finding downloads.

3. How do I download a meditation I purchased to an iPhone 5, Android, Tablet?

All downloads are formatted to be best received and opened on a stationary computer or laptop.

Please refer to to the technical manual for your mobile device to find out how to download and save external files on a mobile platform. There are different methods and techniques for all the diverse devices out there. We have found that in most cases, the process works best if you save your downloadable meditation to a stationary computer or laptop, and then transfer them over to a mobile device at a later date.

4. I’m a member - what meditation bonuses do I receive?

Thank you for your membership! Members have access to a growing 'meditation library 'where they can both stream and download a number of meditations, at their convenience. Members also receive discounts on all newly released public meditations.

5. i'm hearing impaired. are audio transcription of your meditations available? 

Not yet! Amanda and her team are currently working on converting all offerings on this site to be more accessible friendly to all, and Transcendence, Amanda's brand new audio teaching, is also included in this transition. 

In the meantime, please check out our wide array of written and video offerings. 

- ebooks - 

1. I downloaded the eBook I purchased and I can't open it. Why not?

The eBooks are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you'll need a PDF document reader to open them. Thankfully, PDF is such a universal document format for digital files, most newer computers and devices have PDF readers automatically installed. These PDF readers (also called Document Viewers) will automatically open your file for you. 

But if you don't have one, your eBook may not open. Simple fix. 

Get a free PDF reader installed on your device:  

On a computer - 

If you have an older computer or you aren't sure if your computer has a PDF reader, download a free PDF reader here. Try this and then try to reopen the file. Generally, this is all it takes! 

On a mobile  - 

Same as above! If your phone/tablet doesn't have a PDF reader APP, there is going to be no way to open a PDF document. Thankfully, this is easy to fix. Find a free PDF reader app for Google Play here or for iTunes here

The other possible issue may be a slow load speed due to available device memory - simply give the document a few minutes to fully load before scrolling all the way through. 

2. i downloaded the ebook i purchased and I can't find it. Where is it? 

All computers have a default place as to where new downloads are saved. In most cases, this folder is called “Downloads” or “Recent Downloads.” Some computers automatically save to "Pictures."  To find the files that you’ve recently downloaded, simply locate this default download location - your eBook will likely be there.

You can also set a new default for your downloadable file location to prevent further issues in finding recent downloads.

- eCourses - 

1. I just purchased my eCourse.

Where is my Welcome email?

Your Welcome Email will be sent to the email account associated with your check-out process. In many cases, this is your PayPal email. Check this email inbox for your welcome email, along with your trash, promotion, spam or junk folders. Make sure to tag this email as important so it avoids the filter from here on out.

Where is my Day 1 email?

Your Day 1 Email is sent to you at 9:00am EST following your purchase day.

The purchase day ends at 11:59 pm EST. If you purchase your eCourse at 2:03 am EST on September 3rd, you’ll receive your Day 1 email the following business day, on September 4th, not that upcoming morning.

In a different Timezone than US Eastern? You will receive your Day 1 email whenever 9:00 am EST corresponds to your timezone. Please check for the local time conversion and from there, you can calculate when to expect to receive your daily course emails. Please be patient. Sometimes emails take between 5-15 minutes to travel through the internet-o-sphere.

2. I love your course so far, but I haven’t received my Day 4, Day 7, Day 12, etc email. Where is it?

Check your trash, promotion, spam, and junk folders - the email may have accidentally gotten filtered. If you have an email filter service, such as, check this service’s round up for the day.  Search your email inbox with the subject line for the course you are taking or the file name you are looking for. Then, search your email inbox for the sender, "Amanda Linette Meder" to see if that pulls up any leads. You will likely find it buried in there somewhere! Still nothing? Send an email to and we'll send you what you need.

3. I want my eCourse lessons to be sent to another email address.

No problem! Simply contact us at with the email address that your eCourse is currently being sent to and let us know the email address that you’d like to switch over for course lessons and correspondence.

Keep in mind, when you ask to switch emails, your eCourse will start over from Day 1 at the new email account. For this reason, if you are planning on switching email accounts for receiving your daily lessons, it’s better to do so earlier, rather than later in the course.

4. How many ecourses do you recommend I take at once? 

One. The ecourses are designed to take you on a spiritual, emotional and intuitive journey of transformation and shift. Lessons and exercises are intentionally arranged to build on the next and create the optimal level of growth that is healthy for your soul each day.

The courses have been designed to be taken one at a time, but use your best judgement as to what would be right for you. 

5. I didn't finish my ecourse. Can you restart it? 

Unfortunately, no. We ask that you go back through your email archives, do a search for the Course Title and pull up the lessons you have been sent. Save your previous lessons and retake the course at your own pace. 

Ecourses begin on the day after purchase. To make sure you have the time and space to get the most out of your material, we ask that you wait to register until you know you can give it your full attention. Just as in college classes, when you drop-out of a course or receive an incomplete, you have to register again next semester - the same is true here. If you want to re-take your course, you have to re-register. In either case, we're happy to have you as a student again. 

6. Do eCourses include meditations?

Some of the eCourses do include an audio meditation component. 

With the exception of the Talking to Spirits eCourse, an abridged, written meditation transcript is included in all eCourses where audio guided meditations are provided as part of the course. Please check each eCourse’s description to see if and how many meditations are included in the course of your interest. 

There are many ways to learn and develop that do not included formalized meditation, but are just as useful and beneficial. Thus, in each eCourse you'll find a diverse set of learning activities, lessons and exercises, where meditations are included where needed. 

7. I’m a member - what eCourse bonuses do I receive?

All members receive free complimentary enrollment on most new eCourses during the month of their release.  Occasionally I open up special free enrollment on certain older courses for members, depending on that month’s Membership lesson and focus. So if you ‘missed’ a course release, don’t worry! It will likely be back for you when the time is right. 

- Membership Program - 

1. Is your Membership Program for people who are aware of their gifts or is it to open up gifts?


The Membership Program is designed on the premise that we are all always learning. Both those who are newly developing and identifying their gifts and those who are more advanced enjoy the membership program equally as much. Amanda salt and peppers both beginning and advanced techniques into her videos, meditations and articles each and every month - so there is sure to be something for everyone. 

For the monthly lessons, Amanda connects with Spirit to find out what is most needed in terms of everyone’s development - and then she forms a Divinely timed lesson based on that. What this means is, you’ll most likely find something in each lesson, no matter where you are in your journey. Even if you don’t for some reason, you can easily occupy your time with the previous 3 months lessons until we get to the next month’s lesson.

2. I love your Membership Program, but I only have a limited amount of money for development. I’d like to spend it on classes instead.

The Membership Program is basically a continual development class that you take at your own pace. You can login in, access the lessons, practice meditations, watch the videos - all on your own time. In addition, coming in Spring 2016, the Membership Program will feature advanced classes for members-only. More great stuff is on the way!

3. Can you really develop your gifts online?

The global nature of technology is indeed a perfect match for the universal nature of the world of Spirit.

When we connect with Spirit, we are not bound by the physical. In soul or spiritual development work, it’s all about energy - which can travel beyond physical bodies and objects.  Through the technology of the internet, we can tap into energetic growth and connection from anywhere. Most learning and growth actually happens independently, as well, so working towards your own development virtually, in the comfort of your own home, is suited for a wide array of paths and constitutions. 

4. How can I cancel, renew or change my membership access?

To change your membership plan, please contact our Membership Host at or call (866) 787-7665.  


What is your refund policy?

All digital purchases are 100% non-refundable upon purchase. Review our full Terms & Conditions here.