How Can You Develop Your Claircognizant Abilities?

Want to develop your clear-knowing, intuitive claircognizant abilities? Find out how, here! 

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Truth or Consequence: What Happens When You Ignore Signs From Your Spirit Guide?

Excerpt: Have you recently received a message from Spirit, a Loved One or an Angel . . .and then proceeded to not heed it? What happens when you ignore the nudges from Spirit? Find out here. 

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How to Invite Benevolent Spirits into Your Home

Excerpt: Once you’ve saged and released what no longer serves you, how about inviting in your Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and deceased Loved Ones who can infuse love, protection, and positive vibes into your environment? Find out how to do that here. 

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The Crossing Over Window: What is it? How Much Time Do You Have? And, Can You Go To Your Own Funeral?

Can the deceased visit their own funeral after they die? Find out what happens when they cross over, here. 

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Blog Renovations: Changes to the Psychic Mediumship Blog Will Make Your Experience . . . Better



The blog on my website is the heartbeat of everything that I do.

And since you are here reading this now, you’ve seen it and at this point, perhaps even enjoyed it just a little bit (thank you for reading). 

There are now over 500 free articles on the blog geared to helping you understand the Spirit World, opening up your gifts, reuniting with your Loved Ones, and demystifying all that is Spirit. It’s an amazing resource that I am proud to have created. Each and every day I wake up smiling, just thinking about the fact that it exists at all. In fact, when I was looking for something just like it years ago and it didn’t exist - I manifested it into existence for others to use both for learning and growth.

The Blog is undergoing major renovations to make it more user-friendly, easier to navigate and the articles more accessible to you.

These changes are going to affect how you access information about the Spirit World entirely.

What is happening right now:

  • The Blog Categories are more organized and easier to understand

Previously on the blog, all the articles were thrown into random sections and tags. There were the categories on the main sidebar and they were completely disorganized. There were 30 different areas an article could be stored under and articles were pinned into multiple sections, and sometimes incorrectly, making it hard for you to find the topic you were looking for.

Now, the Blog Categories have been streamlined into 8 Major Sections:

Newest Articles, Most Popular Articles, Spirit Communication, Intuitive Development, Health & Wellness, Understanding Spirits, A Psychic Life, Podcast Episodes

Think of the categories like chapters in a book. You can see your topic area now and immediately find it, easily.

You can navigate to the blog homepage and see all the articles organized into ONLY ONE of these eight sections, on the blog sidebar.

  • The Main Chapters of Blog are becoming accessible on the main navigation bar

Previously on the main navigation header of the website, you could access only the main Blog homepage. This was simply stream of the newest articles, sorted by date. All the topics on the blog, in one giant endless folder into the deep unknown. If you didn’t want to read the article of that day, you would have to scroll and scroll to find something you DID want to read, going back several years time.

Now, on the main navigation header of the website, you can access any of the Main Chapters and Topic Areas of the blog.

No longer do you have to sort and scan past articles that don’t interest you - you can find exactly what you need and are interested in - right away. This change is in the process of happening right now and you can see it in-progress by heading to my website homepage.

  • The Blog Keywords are being indexed

Have you ever been reading a reference book, and rather than flipping through the chapters, found that it was easier to simply head to the back of the book, look up the specific recipe, body part or mathematical equation you were looking for and head straight to those pages?

This is the benefit of an index.

You save both time and headaches with a proper index for a reference book. The Blog Topics and Keywords are being indexed right now, and within the next three weeks, this index will be available for you to alphabetically search for specific topics within the many psychic, intuitive and spiritual concepts discussed in the amazing reference that is the blog.

You’ll be able to bee-line right to what you are looking for without wasting any time at all.

These three main changes are going to make it so much easier for you to access the information you need about the Spirit World in a pinch.

To undergo this extensive project, I’m holding off on taking clients, to make sure this project is completed as seamlessly and swiftly as possible.

Have you found the blog helpful? It is your go-to resource for learning about the Spirit World? Do you enjoy the daily articles?

If so, please donate to support the blog.

Your donations fund this renovation project and keep the blog continually free, updated and relevant.

Donate to the blog by clicking here.

Your support and continued readership is so appreciated -

Exciting changes to come.

Thank you for growing with me in the process,


Learn more about the blog and how it works here. 

Last updated: 3.26.2015

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The Circle (Episode #18): Spirit Calling Cards: Learn How Your Spirits Get in Touch

This week’s show on Spirit Calling Cards: Learn How Your Spirits Get in Touch is now available for streaming on archive. Tingles, buzzing, cool breezes and the whisper of your name. How do your Spirits get your attention? LISTEN HERE

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