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New Moon Spirit Circle


Event: Spirit Circle - September 20th, 7:30 - 9:00pm EST

The Spirit Circle is a group meditation event, generally held four times a year around each solstice and equinox. This spirit circle will be hosted on the new moon closest to the equinox for setting new intentions, preparing for the upcoming season, and grounding the new energy coming in this month - 


$30 for non-members, free for website members. 

If you're a member of the website, please click here and enter your name and details to hold your space.

If you're a non-member, please follow the registration instructions below. 


This event is hosted via a live conference call, meaning you can call-in to participate from anywhere! 

This is an intuition-based class where non-physical materials will be used, and thus, participation at any distance is encouraged and welcomed. You'll be using your senses to work on the event activities during the call, thus, having fewer physical stimuli around you while you attend the event is best. While taking the class, try to limit television noise, distractions, and background activity when you call-in. Though I've had students participate from their cars and even that turns out okay! 

Call-in to class with a notebook and a piece of sage or candle to burn at the start of the class (optional), and a reliable telephone source (required) - cellphone, landline or internet phone will generally all work just fine. If you can't attend live, but still would like to participate, a recording of the call will be sent out following the event allowing you to attend independently at a time that works best for you, or to listen to the recording again if you'd like to practice.

If you're international and want to call-in via Skype for the event, to avoid any international calling fees that could result with your provider, instructions for Skype call-in will be emailed to you in the event confirmation.

To register: 

Step 1. Click "Add To Cart" to officially register for this event.



If you're a member of the website, see above - please click here to register for this call instead. Skip straight to Step 3. 

Step 2. Then complete the check-out process via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card and submit an email you'd like your next order instructions to be sent to. Once your order is complete, you'll receive an email that will include your ORDER PDF. 

Step 3. In this PDF will be your registration link and you'll need to officially enter your name and email via this link to complete the final step of the registration process. 

Step 4. You're in! You'll receive a confirmation email with your class call-in number and extension. To get into the event simply dial that number and enter your extension when prompted. In addition to the final confirmation email, you'll receive two complimentary reminder emails - one sent 24-hours before the event and the other sent 2-hours before the event, both will include your unique call-in number and extension, and you can opt out of them if you like. 

Step 5. Call into the event at the time of the call via a cell phone, landline or internet phone, anything that you would use to place a regular call, and have a notepad, a cozy spot and a cup of tea ready. Anything that you need to focus! 

See you there! 

*A recording of the event will be sent to all registrants following the call. 

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