Crossing Over An EarthBound Spirit - A How-To Guide for Releasing Ghosts -


How-To Release Ghosts And Earthbound Spirits From Any Physical Space

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In my experience, the majority of spirit related problems in homes are caused by the presence of Earthbound Spirits.

This guide teaches any person - from professional to lay - how you release an Earthbound Spirit from any property. Ghosts, otherwise known as Earthbound Spirits, are the biggest causes of household paranormal problems. So knowing how to deal with one, is a spiritual must-have for any responsible. homeowner. 

By learning how to safely and compassionately release your space of any and all lost spirits, you can get back to sleep, solve sticky imaginary friend problems, and shake the feeling that someone's watching you, in your own home. 

From creaks in the hall to teenager with nightmares, this eBook can help. 

This guide is written by Amanda Linette Meder, a lifelong medium and professional teacher.  As a gift to her community, she gives you all the tools you need to understand ghosts, get to the bottom of how they work, and what you can do to get rid of them - safely. 

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A Guide to Confidently Releasing Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits from Any Space


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