The Transcendence Program - going beyond the limits of ordinary experience

The Transcendence Program

going beyond the limits of ordinary experience

a downloadable home study audio course consisting of three sequential recorded teachings, designed as an all-in-one healing and teaching for expansion, growth, and manifestation, that's great for advancing you to your next level in gift development, business strategy or positive lifestyle change. 

- absorb, awaken, and transform as you both listen and relax - 

This program is expertly designed to help intuitive-creators recognize their gifts to create products, services and offerings that will expand them on their next level of financial, spiritual and physical world abundance and growth. 

If you are a psychic who is sick of flipping calls, trading time for money, booking client after client for the sake of getting paid, all at the risk of your own health, then this program is for you. 

If you are a healer who is tired of being broke, hungry and poor, giving away too much for far too little, all while still not being able to consistently pay your own bills, this program is also for you.

If you are an intuitive professional who knows they have a big idea on the horizon, and you need to identify that missing piece to the puzzle, this program is most certainly for you.

Working your purpose should not have to be this hard.

In taking Transcendence you’ll realize key ideas, identify missing links, and hone in on areas for where and how you can serve your audience in new, innovative ways, while making more income, to support both yourself and your work.

Get more abundant. Serve your community. And help more people.

These are the objectives of the Transcendence Program. 

The Transcendence Program has a total run time of 3 hours and 51 minutes, and it’s designed for you to complete in just an afternoon or two, all while relaxing, sitting in a beach chair, or laying in bed.

Additionally, each level in Transcendence is designed to take you to a different place of growth and higher in vibration from the next and for this reason, you can take in each level of the program independently and space them out as you feel so called, too. Take breaks in between if and when you need, you’ll integrate, write down and flesh out any ideas for inspiration, growth and abundance making, while you take the program.

The Three Level Audio Recordings of Transcendence Are Titled: 

Transcendence is a 3 level audio program and this is what's included:


Lift is all about tapping into your divine gifts, where they come from, how to access them, who can access them, and when they are available to you. Total run time: 1 hour, 08 minutes.



Create is all about how to give yourself a creation container to call forward your gifts in such a way that you can manifest something very abundant with them. New projects, new session offerings, and new ways to serve your audience will begin to form from here. Total run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.



Elevate is all about the strategy of how to use your gifts to build yourself a physical world empire that supports you back, how to create tiers of offerings that will both protect your energy and pay your bills, how to create a world where you have the space to honor your intuitive nature while serving both yourself and audience. Total run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes. 

The total run time of transcedence is 3 hours and 51 minutes

and Each audio has been intuitively paired to music: 

All Transcendence audio files are paired with gentle instrumental background music to help you get into the zone of focus to get inspiration for something big. And, they have been created with Amanda teaching in her total element, talking and sharing in nature and her home office, as though she were in a live class together with you. As such, some natural background noises may be observed by the listener - but this is all part of the journey. 

Transcendence will get your wheels rollin’ on expanding you to your next level. 

Your gifts can bring you both abundance and a stress free lifestyle, and Transcendence will help you identify just how, all while better serving your own market and community. 

When you purchase Transcendence, you are making a commitment in yourself, in your business and your Spiritual Guides. New ideas for growth will come immediately, with abundance making and inspiration following in no time at all.

Feeling stuck? Need direction? Ready to get off that hotline call?

No time is better than now for you to Transcend.

When you purchase Transcendence, all three audio files of the program will be automatically emailed to you immediately upon successful check-out. 

You can begin your transcendent experience right away - no need to wait for me or on anyone else's schedules to get started. You and your guides can dive in whenever and however you like - right away, if that's what you're called to do.

The entire Transcendence Audio Program is available for $179.00 and by clicking the link below, you will be redirected to a payment screen where you will have the option to check-out via credit card, debit card or PayPal, after the PayPal screen. 

The Transcendence Program



As soon as your check-out is complete, your three (3) Transcendence Program audio files will be emailed to you immediately for download. Make sure you check the email you used to purchase the files for the email containing the audio files, along with your spam, promotions and junk mailboxes.

You are supported. You are happy, joyful, and creative. Abundant, wealthy, and free.

And The Rave Reviews Have Started Filtering in...

The rave reviews have started coming in about the Transcendence Program, which was just released last week: 

"Since listening to Transcendence, I feel more focused, empowered, and supported." - Laura

"I find that I hear a new nugget of info each time I listen. It is so packed with valuable information."  - Ellen

"It's already palpably uplifting, transcending, light energy. Don't let the energy intimidate you away from buying, it is powerful and if you can sense that, then follow that step into the flow." - Nicole

"This program is the greatest home study I have ever purchased or have even read about for that matter. Since taking it, I have been buzzing for days and, I had a mega download that really helped me see what else is in store. Transcendence is your greatest work to date." - Chayla

Interested in hearing more?

This whole external post by Laura Biddle with Roots for Wings Healing is dedicated to its review. Read on >>>

Transcendence FAQ

But Amanda - I don’t have a business and I’m not even sure what my gifts are, how can the Transcendence program help me? 

Transcendence meets you at the level you are at now, and brings ideas to you at that level. 

This means that even if you don’t have a business yet or even have the faintest idea of what your purpose, business, or gifts in this world could even be, Transcendence can help you overcome those obstacles, too, and give you solution-based insights to solving those problems. 

Transcendence is about so much more than business strategy. 

It’s about helping you realize your spiritual gifts in the physical world, and then honing those gifts in a way that supports and sustains you in that physical world. 


If you don’t know, aren’t sure, or have no idea, Transcendence helps root you and give you structure. 

Transcendence brings to you deep realizations about yourself, your abilities, and your offerings in this world that come to you days and weeks after listening to the series. 

When you listen to Transcendence, your spiritual guides pinpoint your areas of growth bring to you ideas, messages, and images that help bring you to you next level of growth, whether that’s a new business venture, figuring out what to call yourself, figuring out what to name your future website or blog, or figuring out in what way you’re meant to help people. 

Transcendence elevates you, no matter where you are on your journey. 

I don't need another inspirational tape, I need straight-up strategies. will the Transcendence program be helpful to me? 

You may be called to listen to specifically Levels 2 and 3, first then. 

Then, if you are really ready to get your hands dirty, I also suggest taking in Marketing for Mediums, which includes at least 21 different tangible strategies in addition to whatever you'll receive in Transcendence, or the Intuitive Development Kit, which includes Marketing for Mediums *plus* the exclusive How To: Give Readings You Could Sell eBook and 5 exclusive business cheat sheets. 

After that, join my Membership Program, which has a growing Business Development strategy library - with both articles and videos - along with other business related offerings, such as the How To: Create, Edit and Sell Guided Meditations eBook. It's a great program for continuing education professionals! 

i'm hearing impaired. is an audio transcription of the transcendence program available? 

Not yet! Amanda and her team are currently working on converting all offerings on this site to be more accessible friendly to all, Transcendence is included in this transition. 

In the meantime, please check out our wide array of written and video offerings. 

The Transcendence Program


The entire Transcendence Audio Program is available for $179.00 and by clicking the link above, you will be redirected to a payment screen where you will have the option to check-out via credit card, debit card or PayPal, after the PayPal screen. 

Your program will be digitally emailed to you immediately after check out. 


Transcendence is accompanied by music from Thaddeus. 

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