The Medium's Toolkit, by Amanda Linette Meder

The Medium's Toolkit

A Guide for new and developing mediums

Starting out with abilities as a medium can seem like you’re standing at foot of a vast mountain range.

Insurmountable. Unattainable. Overwhelming.

I’ve been there.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you think you might have mediumship abilities?

Already know you have gifts, but unsure of what to do with them?

Wishing you had some sort of manual that described what your gifts were all about, how to use them and how to create a business from them?

There are guides, tools, and tips available to you to help you make the climb.

The Medium’s Toolkit is a one-of-a-kind eBook from Amanda Linette Meder that provides you with the essential tools, framework and insight on what it means to be a medium, how to use your gifts, and how to develop them professionally.

This book can be your guide.

When I was first developing my own gifts, I scrambled and scoured the internet, book stores and asked friends, teachers and colleagues for some manual that would tell me what I needed to know, as a new psychic medium. I found a few books from the 1800s, but not much more. So, I was forced to piece together my own understanding of how the Spirit World worked, how my gifts actually worked, why I even had gifts in the first place, and what I was to do with them.

I want to save you all of this hardship.

as a professionally practicing medium who teaches other mediums how to open up their gifts, i’ve unearthed a collection of:

  • The most commonly asked questions of new mediums

  • The most confusing aspects of spirit communication

  • The most essential skills needed of all a developing mediums

And I’ve compiled the answers, the demystification and the framework of the skills you need as a new medium in this amazing gem of an eBook.

In This EBook, We'll Cover:

  • The tell tale signs you’re a psychic medium

  • Why you have been chosen as a psychic medium

  • The purpose of mediums and mediumship

  • The basic framework of how spirit communication works

  • How you can see, sense and hear those in Spirit . . .easily

  • How to give a reading - from start to finish

  • Different career options for you as a medium (yes, there is more to it than readings!)

  • The sacred path of mediumship development

  • How you can develop your gifts as a medium

  • The answers of the most frequently asked questions of new mediums

  • And more!

are you looking for a map to understanding mediumship, your gifts, and the field?

Look no further.

The Medium’s Toolkit: A HandBook for New and Developing Mediums has it all. 

Are you unsure of whether you really are a medium? This eBook will help you hash this out.

Are you wondering if you could turn your ability to sense things in graveyards into a stay at home job? This eBook will explain how.

Are you simply feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there on mediumship, and you don’t know where to start? This eBook will provide you with a map to get you started.

The Medium's Toolkit

a 49-pg eBook dedicated to unlocking and understanding your natural gifts

The Medium's toolkit

a handbook for new and developing mediums


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