Intuitive Development Teleseminars FAQS

The interactive training classes hosted by Amanda Linette Meder are currently offered via teleseminar, webinar or webcast. If you are not familiar with teleseminars and webinars, these are seminars conducted over the phone and web. A teleseminar or webinar takes a few simple touches of internet technology, and vastly opens up spiritual and intuitive learning to connect people with Spirit, all over the world.

What is the Difference between a Teleseminar and Webinar?

A teleseminar is listened to by participants using audio only, whereas a webinar may include video or images, in addition to audio. In both of these formats, participants can connect with the host and other participants directly during the call, ask questions and share their experiences and feedback.

For classes involving meditative and intuitive development components, external visual equipment can sometimes be a distraction to the student, which is why many of our classes are offered in teleseminar. In the process of turning inward, having the space to pay attention to internal cues, free of external distraction, is essential to most development activities.

How is a Teleseminar Presented?

The seminar is presented in two ways: over the phone and live through the internet. This means that you can participate from anywhere in the world using your home or cellular telephone, Skype or VoIP phone services.

Who Can Attend?

Any resident of the US and internationally abroad, who is over the age of 18 years, and has access to a reliable telephone. Additionally, a reliable internet connection is recommended as many homework assignments, class manuals and audio files, and outside of class correspondence are sent via email.  

When you attend your class or event, you will be located in the comfort of your own home or office, and calling in via a special telephone number provided to you upon registration. Here, at your own home, you’ll ideally be in a most relaxed and comfortable place for you, to begin connecting with Spirit and developing your Intuition. The more comfortable, calm and centered you can be before, during and immediately after class, the better ability you will have to focus and concentrate, and thus the easier it will be to develop your abilities.

Many students find that developing their intuitive and spiritual communication abilities via teleseminar or webinar class, and thereby attending class in their own location (rather than traveling to a external classroom), helps provide them with better focus, increases their ability to avoid distractions and ultimately, enhances their comfortable level, therefore, making the process of opening up much easier. This style of learning frees the student from potential external barriers to learning or possible stressors preventing complete focus or relaxation during class such as traffic or travel to and from, other people in the room and even being in a new or unfamiliar place, such a physical classroom.

Interactive Seminars

Webinars and teleseminars are more than lectures.  They are interactive and always include applied practice opportunities where you can engage with and exercise the tools you learn in class, collaborate and make friendships with other students, and ask questions of and speak with the instructors.  Students in the seminar can ask questions before, during and after each event.

Exception: In webcast events, such as podcasts, questions are accepted before the event, but there is no interaction during the show, due to the large number of participants.

How Do I Listen to a Teleseminar or Webinar?

You have three options:

1. Listen by phoning in via a home, cell or web phone using your log-in phone number and extension supplied when you register

2. Listen by phoning in via Skype from your computer and entering the special Skype phone number and extension supplied when you register

3. If you are internationally located, you can also listen by phoning in via a home, cell or web phone using a special international log-in number and extension supplied when you register

All the call-in details will be supplied to you upon class registration and you will be sent a fact-sheet of all the different call-in options available to you.

How do I Submit Questions?

You can ask your questions live during each call or you can send them via email directly before the event, with the email address provided. 

Can't attend the live event?

No problem!

If you have to miss a class, you will still receive all of the downloads and class recording after the event. Depending on the terms of the seminar, recordings can be downloaded for personal use on your computer, smart phone, etc. Recordings cannot be copied or sold to third parties or converted into transcripts.

As long as you register in advance for the event, you will be able to download the teleseminar as an MP3 recording after the event within the allocated download time (which is usually up to 60 days).

How do I get the MP3 recording?

In the teleseminars and webinars we offer, you are sent an email following the event with all of the downloadable information for that call. Generally, the link to download your .mp3 recording of the event will be emailed to you within 72 hours after each event. Because the seminars are recorded, as long as you register in advance for the event, you will be able to download the teleseminar as an MP3 recording after the event within the allocated download time.

Teleseminar recordings often include guided meditations, instructions for intuitive development exercises and activities and specific information to assist you in opening up your intuitive and spiritual communication abilities. Even if you attended the live event, and listen to your event recording, you will often uncover information that you missed the first time around, gain access to the specific guided meditation practices you enjoyed to try again or find key components of exercises that you can use to further your development.

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