Talking to Spirits eCourse

Newly updated for 2019!

a 14-day ecourse to clear communication with the spiritual realm

From zero to Spirit, this course lays out the building blocks of Spirit Communication and provides you with all the tools you need to finally understand how to all works - easily. 

The Talking to Spirits eCourse is an email course that is available to all new members who sign up for the Membership Program. It’s designed for anyone who wishes to finally understand the entire process of spirit communication - starting with the basics to the more advanced.

When you enroll in the Membership Program, you’ll receive your very first course email as soon as you sign-up, and then for 14 days thereafter, you’ll receive a new email with that day’s lesson, exercise or meditations. 

increase your confidence, develop your gifts and finally learn to connect with your guides, angels and loved ones - both for yourself and others!

Easy to follow lessons, with simple to implement exercises - all of the course activities can be done in the comfort of your own home.

In Talking To Spirits, You'll:

learn the following tools and techniques of spirit communication -

  • Setting the foundation for spirit communication

  • How to ground and clear yourself to receive

  • Identifying different types of spirits

  • Meeting spirit guides

  • Prayers and intention setting for safe practice

  • Using your intuitive senses to receive spirit messages

  • Understanding the messages that spirit sends to us

  • And much more!

enrollment in this course is exclusive for members and complimentary with any new membership subscription.

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Talking to Spirits eCourse - Connect with the Spirit World - Meet Your Guides - Reunite with a Loved One -

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