Spiritual Gateway Meditations:

A Set of three

connecting you with your Spirit team

Meet your Angel and Guides in the safety of your own home in this set. Whether you are a natural born intuitive, a newbie to spiritual growth or a lifelong spirit medium, we can all benefit from calling forward and uniting with our Guide team.

Life is simply better when you surround yourself with love. 

These meditations can be used call forward new guides, developing your abilities to sense and see spirits, and for when you need to ask for guidance from your own Spirit team. 

This series of three (3) meditations includes:

  • Calling Forward Your Team - 8:00 minutes

  • Linking With Your Guide - 12:00 minutes

  • Receiving Communication - 24:00 minutes

Use this series to call in new Spirit Guides, develop a stronger connection to the Spirit World, and to begin receiving guidance. 

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Music provided by Thaddeus & Voice Over by Amanda Linette Meder.