Open your psychic gifts, identify your strongest intuitive abilities and connect with spirit -

Open Your Gifts ECourse

Newly updated for 2019!

a 10-day ecourse for developing your intuitive gifts

Join me for a 10-day eCourse to find your center, develop your intuitive gifts, and increase your connection to Spirit. 

This eCourse is designed to help you overcome barriers to development, help you get out of your head and into your intuitive center, as well as help you identify and strengthen your intuitive gifts. 

This course will show you which intuitive gift is the strongest in you. 

Interested in learning new techniques to strengthen your gifts? 

This course will go over unique development tricks covered nowhere else! 

Wondering how you can use your gifts to access higher wisdom, guidance and insight? 

This course explains how and mentors you through the process of getting there.

For those who like to know what they're getting into in advance, here's a brief overview of the course:

Day 1: Getting in touch with your intuitive center

Day 2: Energy communication and how it works

Day 3: The main pathways of receiving

Day 4: Opening Claircognizance

Day 5: Creating Clairvoyant Pathways

Day 6: Clairsentience and Empathy Testing

Day 7: Clairaudience and Opening Intuitive Sound

Day 8: Practice Activities

Day 9: Using The Senses to Connect to Spirit

Day 10: Course Conclusion

This course is excellent for opening all of your intuitive senses and identifying which ones are strongest in you. You can get information from the energy realms that can help you co-create your experience here on earth. So, knowing how you receive can be incredibly helpful in creating the life you love.

In this course, you will also hone your abilities to connect with the unseen world and center your abilities in your body. So if you've felt ungrounded in your gifts, this course can help with that, too.

While taking this course, you are bound to learn something new about yourself and highlight your strongest gifts at the same time. Both of these aspects of the course can make interacting in the intuitive world easier, more seamless, and feel a bit more effortless.



Open Your Gifts ECourse Details


As soon as you sign-up. You can choose your start date to begin immediately upon purchase or to complete at a later time by saving your registration materials. 


Independent study; online lessons and mentoring videos delivered to you daily each morning via email. 

what it includes: 

-Ten (10) daily lessons and exercises delivered directly to your email inbox. Lessons begin immediately after you enroll, with daily lessons being delivered to your email inbox for each of the 10 days of the course. 

- Six (6) mentoring videos with tips, techniques and tricks to develop faster. These videos will be sent with the accompanying lesson on the days we use them. 

- Automatic daily delivery of your lessons, one sent to you each day of the course. 

registration fee: 

$33 USD

how to register: 

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