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upcoming dates

Summer Dates

Mediumship - Wednesday, September 18, 2019 7:30 - 9:30 PM EST (register here)

Fall dates being added!

what to expect

each event typically goes like this

  • News or updates for the group

  • Discussion on the month’s theme

  • Meditation/Exercise

  • Questions

  • Short break

  • Practice

After class, which is about an hour or so into the call, we take a short break and then reconvene to start the practice session. Here we work with volunteers and activities to develop and flex your gifts to gain feedback, confidence, and have fun. Every month we do different activities, from calling in angels to sending energy to practicing clairvoyant reading.

Is your gift more self-directed? We do a meditation exercise during the first part of the event that will be helpful regardless of whether you use your gifts on others.

If you’d prefer not to practice your intuitive skills on an activity or with another, you are free to hop off at the time of intuitive practice which typically starts about an hour into the call. We take a short break before practice and so it’s the perfect to hop off if you wish.

Registering for the monthly class also registers you for the practice group. If you are practicing, it is recommended you attend the first part of the call to take advantage of the meditations and prime your energy.

If you are staying to practice, it is recommended you attend the class portion, as well. If you are practicing, please RSVP ahead of the event and it never hurts to tell us in The Spirit Lounge, or email to let us know for sure you’ll be participating in the practice portion of this event. We can always teach a class with one person but for practice groups we’ll need at least four guaranteed attendees.

Why Attend The Practice

Typically during practice groups, we practice clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient energy and reading techniques working with a volunteer(s) who can provide feedback. These groups can be tremendously helpful in growing and trusting your gifts. It can also be helpful in working with clients.

These events build confidence, community and identify which of your gifts are strongest, helping you to recognize when you are using them, and when you're tapped in. Meaning the practice portion of these events can be incredibly helpful in ruling out what's the truth and what's not so you can better identify it in the future. Some events will be a stretch on your energy, and you won't love all the techniques we try, but you will love some of them - pay attention to these.

When you explore different ways to connect and self-identify which approaches are best for you, it gets more comfortable to use your gifts. It removes the guesswork from what they are. We practice different techniques every group. So if you've come to one event and it wasn't a fit, the next event might be for you. These events can be helpful in validating your abilities or getting feedback on something you need, especially if you end up being a volunteer for the night.

Depending on what we are doing for the practice group, I usually send out an email or post in The Spirit Lounge when we need a volunteer, who typically is able to ask a question or have their energy read during the call, which is a fun perk. New and advanced readers, energy sensors and sensitive people can benefit from attending this event. You learn as much about yourself as you learn about others when we practice these abilities in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

We will need at least four reader participants to host each practice group.

If it is your first time attending, plan to observe and participate in the meditation. New to the group? We'll go over a bit of basics before we dive into practice. I also recommend checking out a few of the documents and videos on energy sensing techniques and reading techniques prior to attending.

Next semester’s dates are uploaded at the end of each present semester and we typically schedule calls differently each time.

technical stuff

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To learn more about joining audio for this event, view this troubleshooting document by Zoom Webinar, who is our conference call host. The conference will also stream live from a desktop.

Post Event Recordings

If you’re unable to attend live, recordings from the live class are sent out and posted in the Member Center within 48 - 72 hours after each event. Due to the confidentiality of information shared, the practice portion of this call is not recorded. Simply keep your membership subscription active and you'll be able to receive and enjoy the recording each month and for up to 45-days following each event.

You must have an active membership subscription to attend live and receive the recordings.

prior event’s recording

last month’s topic:

Energy Healing - Wednesday, August 21, 2019 7:30 - 9:30 PM EST

Audio Recording: Energy Healing Class

Notes: August Energy Healing Class Notes

See the events page for more details about each upcoming event and please join us in The Spirit Lounge.