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To start, live a more intuitive life! With the constant stimuli of the ever more connected world around us, The Membership Program is for those who want a more focused and guided path to their spiritual life - business development, all while continuing to grow in a balanced and holistic way: in life, in your gifts, and in business. 

You don't have to decide between a highly intuitive life and a more physical focus. You can do both. You are both. 

Join us every month for carefully selected learning themes that rotate on the 1st of each month, with new material released every week.

Access the Membership Center of this site, which contains the month's new materials, the member's Archive Library and a private Social Group to help make this happen. 

The learning themes are the beating heart of the program, keeping members aligned to the seasons, life, and change, while continually operating as a space to grow deeper as people, as souls, and in commitment to path and purpose.

Monthly Q&A events or live classes are held exclusively for members to expand on the theme of the month, and answer any questions you may have along the way. When these are offered, members get in free!

Additional Member benefits

In addition to everything mentioned above, you also get these benefits when joining the program: 

*a member's welcome gift*

When you join, make yourself at home in the program with a complimentary digital welcome gift filled with eBooks, Seminars and exclusive eCourses designed just for members ($174 value). 

*24/7 access to the online Membership center of this site*

Access archives of unreleased content with hundreds of files including never before released videos, articles, meditations, healing exercises and more advanced content and information for serious students or professionals. 


*access to 24/7 archives*

Member's Meditation Room: 50+ mp3 downloads

Video Library: 65+ member's only video tips and techniques

Article Library: 85+ in-depth advanced articles

Archive Lessons: Past 30 days of lessons kept on reserve for new members


*monthly calls and classes*

One monthly member call, class or event is hosted each month, deepening our monthly theme, creates opportunity for practice, meditation and live exercises to connect with each other and learn.

All calls and classes for members are hosted via conference call with international call in numbers available for members all over the world and a recording is available for those who can't attend live or prefer to listen at a distance. 


*a private member's only facebook support group*

The Spirit Lounge, a private support group to connect with like minded peers. Share revelations, get advice, or ask and answer questions from member friends as you move through the monthly themes. 

Please note: for those more introverted, social group membership is completely optional, though fun and will enhance your experience. It is a secret group; your privacy is our priority.


*bonuses and specials*

Every month members enjoy a rotating special, which often includes classes and seminars, or enhanced discounts to the online store.

Our special this month: 

How-To Guide: Space Clearing for Yourself, Your Space and Your Life

Valid all 2018 Aries Season (March 19th - April 20th)


*plus these additional perks*

20% OFF universal discount code for the online store

Priority registration on all special events and sessions scheduling when offered

FREE Business Listing in the Member Directory while your member account is active

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Here's What's Happening Now


april theme

Coping with Stress

rising up and through positive changes in our energy field

The special for joining us this season is a copy of the How-To Guide: Space Clearing, available now for download in the Member Center. 


upcoming member events

Essential Energy Techniques

Wednesday, April 18th 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST

Including discussion on the monthly topic, Q&A, guided practice and meditation, plus updates for the season. 


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The Monthly plan ($73) is billed each month and the Quarterly plan ($201) is billed every three months. There are no refunds on purchases of the one (1) month and three (3) month membership plans. Membership fees are auto-renewing until you cancel. To cancel: log into your profile account within the program to change your subscription.

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