Member's Welcome Kit

We are so happy to have you as a member and we want to welcome you into the program with this kit, featuring a variety of essential tools to begin your journey with us.

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kit contents: 


To access and download each eBook, click the icon below of the image you of the eBook you want to download, and this will initiate automatic file download for you (check your most recent downloads for the file location, if you can't find it!)

Spiritual Security

the Medium's Toolkit

How To Guide

Courses and seminars: 

To access each course or seminar, simply click on the links provided below to find your enrollment access, or audio and outline for the seminars. To save: Right click on the file to save and download. On mobile devices: If you'd like to save your files, all downloaded files from this website are best saved to a computer desktop first, then transferred over to a mobile device via a Cloud service for viewing. 

Talking to Spirits member-exclusive eCourse:

One Complimentary Enrollment in the 14-day Talking to Spirits eCourse (enroll here)

available member-reserve Seminar recordings:

Downloadable Class: Business of Spirit (audio) and (outline)

Downloadable Class: Mediumship 101 (audio) and (outline)

Downloadable Class: Spirit Visitations (audio) and (outline)

For downloadable classes: the official class starts about 15 minutes into the actual recordings, where before that, you'll hear music. To start your course immediately, simply fast forward until you hear my voice, or use that time to meditate quietly to begin.

The audios above are large files. Files will begin download immediately when you click on the above links. Outlines will open in a separate browser window for easy printability. Classes are complimentary replays from Amanda's Fall 2016 semester. 

Thank you for joining!