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- the january special - 

Self Readings Seminar

via conference call

Thursday, January 12th, 8 - 9 pm EST

To Register: Registration closed. Event complete. If you missed or would like to listen again, the event recording is available above. Call starts approx. 10 minutes in. 

Don't forget to register for the Monthly Q&A Friday the 20th! 

The reason "why." This question provides the most amount of soul healing when answered in a reading, though it is the least often asked. When we have understanding on why something happened, we move forward into the space of “how.” In the Self-Readings class, get these answers and more from your spirit team, and with just a few simple tricks, you’ll be on a more regular conversation basis with your spirits and team in no time at all. Will go over easy tricks to get guidance from spirit on the fly without having to go into full trance meditative state. 

If you are an active member, but can’t attend live - don’t worry - no need to register - a recording of the live class will be sent to all active members within 24 hours of the event. Registration is only for those who want to attend live and ask questions.

Each monthly offer expires on the last day of the month and new bonuses are added each month after the 1st. 

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Previous Monthly Specials: 

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