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Pisces Season (Feb 19th-March 20th) Special

energy healing meditations

Available in the online store for $14, this is a series of two (2) guided meditations designed to help heal you, and your relationships, - emotionally and karmically. Tracks: Self Healing and Relationship Healing (a total of 19 minutes of listening)

To access: 

Visit the Sales Page for these meditations and enter coupon code, "b2254bb2e8" to bypass the checkout, and the meditations will be delivered to your inbox within minutes. 

This is a free-check out, so when your transaction is complete, you'll receive an email with the links to your digital MP3 download links and be all good to go. These meditations are also a great pairing to those working on the Soulmate Meeting from February 15th, 2018. Meditations are sent via MP3 download and can be downloaded or streamed from a computer first, then later uploaded to a mobile device. 

Music on this meditation is provided by Thaddeus

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