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Intuitive Practice Group

When: Wednesday, June 19th 8:30pm - 9:30pm EST

What: On this call, we'll work with volunteers to develop and flex your gifts and gain feedback, confidence, and fun. We will specifically focusing on practicing calling in angels for volunteers and sensing what they feel like, identifying them, etc.

Where: This event takes place via a digital conference call and will be hosted following the end of the monthly meeting this month, on the same call. In other words, registering for the monthly meeting this month also registers you for the practice group, however, you are free to hop on or off for both. The practice portion of this event will initiate at or around 8:30 pm EST. If you are practicing for the event, it is recommended you attend the first part of the call to take advantage of the meditations and prime your energy, but it is not required to participate.

How: To officially register for this event, use the button below to get your unique access link and the reminder emails for the event:

Use the link in the emails to access this event webinar at the time of the event. Computer headphones or telephone can be used for audio and speaker. To learn more about joining audio for this event, view this troubleshooting document by Zoom Webinar, who is our conference call host.

Due to the sensitive nature of this event, there will not be a recording available for the practice portion of this call. You do not have to have had participated in the first group to join in this one. All are welcome to attend keeping in mind this is a participatory call. Even advanced readers benefit from attending this event. Event is free and exclusive for members, however make sure you officially confirm by registering above or you won't get in. That's how you get your call-in link. We'll be practice new techniques working on a volunteer readee's energy. 

We will need at least six reader participants to host and two to play volunteer readee. Would you like to volunteer to be the readee volunteer for this event? Email us If there are already readee volunteers for the upcoming event, you may be put on a waitlist for future events! If it is your first time attending, plan to observe and participate in the meditation. New to the group? We’ll go over a bit of basics before we dive into practice.

Why: These events build confidence, community and identify which of your gifts are strongest, recognize when you are using them, and when you’re tapped in, meaning they can be incredibly helpful in ruling out what’s truth and what’s not so you can better identify it in the future. When you explore different ways to connect and self-identify with which approach is best for you, you learn what’s easy and fun for you, making life more comfortable, because it removes the guesswork. Some events will be a stretch, and you won’t love them all, but you will love some of them - pay attention to these. There is no way to know which techniques you like best until you’ve tried them all, so join us even if you’ve come to one and it wasn’t a fit, the next ones might be, and you never know when the information will come in handy in the future.

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