Member One-on-ones

- a complimentary element of the program - 

- enter your name to schedule a 30 minute private meeting time with amanda - 

- new names are chosen via a random lottery system every month -

Each month, between 2-8 active members who submit their name for drawing below will be randomly selected to receive a free 30 minute one-on-one with Amanda.

During your time with Amanda, you can receive messages from your Spirit Guides, ask questions to your Spirit Guides or to Amanda, talk about something that is going on, or just get some advice on a specific development, business or life issue you are facing. 

Session details:

Sessions conducted via telephone and they are an average of 30 minutes in length. Sessions do not come with an MP3 recording, however, you are more than welcome to record the call with your own device. 


Session drawings are a complimentary to members. 

Scheduling details:

Sessions are drawn 8-9 months of the year and are typically scheduled Wednesdays through Fridays from 1 - 5 pm EST, though you can do your session via email chat if you live in a conflicting time zone. Sessions are generally not scheduled on evenings or weekends.

Amanda will call you at the time of the session via a telephone number or Skype name you provide. 

If you are out of the country, please let us know upon scheduling so we can call with the proper device. 

If you are late or absent at the time of your call, unfortunately, your session cannot be rescheduled. These sessions are arranged on divine timing and in the event you miss your call, it means it simply wasn't time. We ask that you please place your name back on the list to try again. 

Here are the steps to participate:

1.) Submit your name below to be entered into the session drawing system. Submissions are rolling and carry over month to month, so unless you terminate your membership, your submission says valid until your name is called. 

2.) One-on-One spaces are selected monthly and then announced on the first of the month in the monthly Member Newsletter. 

3.) When the sessions are announced each month, selected members will notified within the week via email to schedule. 

*once your session in scheduled, you will not be re-eligible for another member drawing for the following three (3) months

Submit Your Name For A Session Drawing: 

Name *

A note on the how spaces are drawn: 

Session spaces are selected via a random number process and because of this, there is no guarantee if or when you will be selected. When you submit your name on the above list, our system will randomly generate a number that is then placed next to your name. When selecting numbers, Amanda works with Spirit to guide her to the numbers to be selected for that month and then the names corresponding with those divinely selected numbers are called. For this reason, we can't guarantee when your number will be selected, and when it is your time, it is your time. To help keep this process fair, a member who has had their number selected for a session in one of the monthly drawings will be unable to resubmit their name for another session drawing for at least three (3) months. 

You must have an active membership at the time of that month's session announcements or your spot on the list will be forfeited.

Session spaces are limited when available and when contacted for your session, please be prompt in reply, otherwise your space could be released. 

If you are late or absent at the time of your call, unfortunately, your session cannot be rescheduled. We ask that you place your name (which will be assigned a new number) back on the list. 

A note on session format: 

Your session can focus on anything you want and Amanda will touch base with you at the start of the call to find out what you'd like to cover during your time together. Generally, if Amanda has any important messages the Spirit World wants to give, she provides those at the start of the call, before moving into other questions. 

If you do not enter your name in the form above, your name will not be among those selected for a drawing.