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Member's monthly Meetings

(Previously called: Q&A office hours)

Join us for a monthly talk, meditation, and open office hours to answer questions, go over the theme and connect with each other. Meetings are hosted on a free conference call software and you're given a unique call-in number when you register, so you can call-in from anywhere. 

Upcoming dates

Tuesday, January 16th 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST (closed)

This event has passed, download the recording here: 

Clairsentient Messages

This call includes lecture on topic, q&a, practice exercises and post-call recording for those who are unable to attend live. 

Thursday, February 15th 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST (register now)

All About Soulmates

Learn more about the soulmates in your life! This meeting includes information on how to attract and identify soulmates, how to work with them, and how to connect to their energy from any distance, to benefit any bond. Covering romantic soulmates, animal soulmates, friend soulmates, and family soulmates, we discuss their influence on our lives and how we can work with them at any stage to improve our overall well-being, gain ideas for the future and resolve issues from the past. This conference includes practice exercises, lecture, q&a, and post-conference recording for those unable to attend live. 

Thursday, March 7th 7:30pm - 9:00pm EST (register now)

Manifestation Magic

Focus, shoot, and score! Let's kick off the spring season by talking about and practicing a few of my favorite intuitive and energy skills to accomplish your most thought about goals. This month's conference is going to be all about harnessing your energy, your intent and your effort to achieve any highly prized goal. Come to this meeting with a target destination/goal in mind and we will work on it live on the call. Could be anything - a trip abroad, attracting a real friend, a new soulmate, your choice! Meeting includes lecture, practice exercises, q&a and a post-conference recording for those unable to attend live. 


Register for each event by clicking on the link above when available and enter your name and email address to receive the registration link.  

You'll receive your conference login link which will include a digital interface and any instructions needed to hop on the call once you officially submit your name for a seat by visiting the official registration link above.

We are in the process of switching conference call providers so for those used to the old system, the next upcoming call will include a digital link to listen and participate, rather than just a call-in number and pin. 

For those attending live: 

You must have an active membership subscription to attend live or receive the recordings. 

We always go through advance submitted concerns, topics and things members want to cover first, and then if there's time, we cover live questions. If you come to the call with something you definitely want to know, send it in. 

We will start promptly at the beginning of each call and move through the call by going through: 

  • Mini talk on the topic
  • Meditation exercise 
  • Member questions

Starting with the questions of those who submitted in advance, if present, at the end of the call, we then move into questions of everyone on the call.

When you register:

Your event call-in details will be emailed to you after you enter your name and email in the link above.

If you have not received your confirmation email from Amanda Linette Meder <>, please check your promotions or spam folder then contact 

All Callers:

This software requires an internet connection and an option for you to select your audio preference. Two listening options are available once you login to the call via your unique access link: 

  • Using the speakers/microphone via your computer
  • Or calling in separately from a telephone 

Domestic and International Telephone Callers:

To call-in to the event from a local landline phone, cell phone, or webphone, once you click the conference link, you'll have the option to select and test audio preferences for your call. Use the drop down menu to find the local dial-in number from your country to avoid international fees. For a list of these numbers in advance, visit: Zoom International Call-in Numbers

Event Reminders: 

You will receive one confirmation email for the event, please save it to access your unique conference login at the time of the conference. 

For those not attending live, but would like to listen to the recording instead:

You do not have have to register for this event to receive the recording. 

Recordings from our Monthly Meetings are sent out and posted in the Membership Center within 48-72 hours after each event. 

Simply keep your membership subscription active and you'll be able to receive and enjoy the recording each month. 

See the events page for more details about each upcoming event. 

Make sure to check out TimeBie to find out when the calls are hosted in your time zone

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To socialize outside of calls and meet other members,

please join us in The Spirit Lounge!