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*previously called Q&A calls

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Join us for our monthly group meetings. Hosted on a user-friendly digital conference call software. When you register below, you're given a unique dial-in link that allows you to join us from anywhere with an internet connection. Simply click that link at the time of the event to join in. Headphones recommended.


upcoming meeting dates


upcoming meeting dates

Register for one event or for the entire semester. To attend you must be an active member at the time of the event. The first part of each event is class includes meditation and lecture/more information sharing around our monthly topic, the second part of the event is dedicated to intuitive practice with others.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 7:30 - 8:30 PM EST (register here)

Wednesday, July 17th 7:30-9:30 PM EST (registration tba)

Every month we focus class on the topic of the month. Our monthly calls include discussion on the topic, meditation, practice and time for questions. Previous dates recordings for the first part of the call are left up for approximately 45-days following each event.

This semester’s meetings will be a live class with a practice group to follow.

To register for this month’s member event, click the link above, fill out the registration, choose which events you want to schedule yourself to attend, and then join us at the link at the time of the call anywhere with an internet connect and to participate in the practice section of this event, please check out this page.

Registering for the meetings above will register you for the practice group as well as the class. You can attend either or both. If you are staying to practice, it’s recommended you attend the class portion, as well. If you are practicing, please RSVP ahead of the event or in The Spirit Lounge and let us know for sure when you’ll be participating in the practice portion of this event. We can always teach a class with one person but for practice groups we’ll need at least two guaranteed attendees.

If you’d prefer not to practice your intuitive skills on others, you are free to hop off at the time of intuitive practice (where we practice skills on others in the group) or hang with us around the one-hour mark of each event when we switch gears, or work on honing using your gifts in a directed, helpful and visionary way. You learn as much about yourself as you learn about others when we practice these abilities in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

More self-directed? We do a meditation or psychic exercise that will be helpful regardless of whether you use your gifts on others during the first part of the event. Inward practice and outward practice are features of all these calls.

prior event’s recording

Trusting The Guidance - May 15, 2019 7:30 PM EST

Stream The Recording (starts at 8:25 minutes)

Notes - includes meditation timestamps - three meditations included -

Shamanic Journey to Identify Blocks

Two Heart Chakra Exercises


To Attend events Live: 

Register for each event by clicking on the link above when available and enter your name and email address to receive the registration link.  

After you register, you'll receive your conference login link, which will include a digital interface and any instructions needed to hop on the call once you officially submit your name for a seat by visiting the registration link above.

You must have an active membership subscription to attend live or receive the recordings. If you're located in another region, make sure to check out TimeBie to find out when the calls are hosted in your time zone. 

We will start each call promptly and move through the meeting by going through: 

  • News or updates for the group

  • Discussion on the topic

  • Meditation/Exercise

  • Questions - if there are any

  • Practice after a short break

When you register, your event call-in details will be emailed to you after entering your name and email in the link above. If you have not received your confirmation email from Amanda Linette Meder, please check your promotions or spam folder then contact 

Listening Options: This software requires an internet connection and an option for you to select your audio preference. Two listening options are available once you login to the call via your unique access link: 

  • Using the speakers/microphone via your computer

  • Calling in separately from a telephone

Domestic and International Telephone Callers: You can join in audio-wise to the event from a local landline phone, cell phone, or using your computer headphones. Once you click the conference link, you'll have the option to select and test your audio preferences for your call. If listening in via a telephone, use the drop down menu to find the local dial-in number from your country to avoid international fees. For a list of these numbers in advance, visit: Zoom International Call-in Numbers

Audio Troubleshooting: Make sure to select “Join Audio” on the application if calling in from a phone. Selecting Internet Audio for your phone will allow you to connect to audio through your wifi. You can also select telephone audio, either way, if calling in from your phone select “Join Audio” for the call to hear and speak. If you’ve already downloaded the Zoom application for the call, and used the audio successfully, disconnect your audio and reconnect your audio if you experience technical difficulties. To learn more about joining audio for this event, view this troubleshooting document by Zoom Webinar, who is our conference call host. The conference will also stream live from a desktop.

Event Reminders: You will receive one confirmation email for the event, please save it to access your unique conference login at the time of the conference. If you have not received your confirmation email from Amanda Linette Meder , please check your promotions or spam folder then contact 

Post Event Recordings: Recordings from the class portion of our Monthly Meetings are sent out and posted in the Membership Center within 48 - 72 hours after each event. Due to the confidentiality of information shared, the practice portion of this call is not recorded. Simply keep your membership subscription active and you'll be able to receive and enjoy the recording each month and for up to 45-days following each event.

Next semester’s dates are uploaded at the end of each present semester and we typically schedule calls differently each time.

See the events page for more details about each upcoming event. Also, make sure to check out The Monthly Specials Page, as the Monthly Special is often an event! To socialize outside of calls and meet other members, please join us in The Spirit Lounge.

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