Member Circuits

Member circuits are a new feature to the Membership Program!

In addition to the monthly themes and lessons we use as the foundational content of the program, Member Circuits are meant to be used whenever you feel like you need a little spiritual workout.

Each circuit includes a series of activities one can use to keep skills sharp, exercise new abilities, or to work on the development of specific routines. Circuits are meant to be mixed and matched as you run back through the process every time you do them.

As the seasons come and go, new circuits will be developed and installed into the Membership Center.


the business boosting circuit

Total time: 35-50 minutes per day

Let's get some work done! To generate business, access the mental and physical clarity you need to create ideas for both. This circuit promotes a clear mental space, and a healthy physical space, to boost productivity, gain new ideas and generate activity.

This circuit is mutable and requires the completion of some outside tasks, so to make the most of this circuit and manage time, select one video, article or meditation from each section below per day to work on. On the next day and days after that, select another new video, article, or meditation from each section until you move through them all. All the important steps are there for each; mentally clear, then physically clear, then boost productivity, however, exploring the variations within each section provides options to expand, explore and grow when doing this circuit multiple times. 

To begin, watch one video on client-person energy management: 

1). Video: Disconnecting From Your Clients: A How-To (4:41 minutes)

2). Video: Vetting Clients Before You Work With Them: A How-To (4:25 minutes)

3). Video: How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy From Other People (4:07 minutes)

4). Video: When Friends and Family Abuse the System And Take Advantage of Too Many Free Readings (3:38 minutes)

5). Video: Preventing Negative Situations from Bothering You (4:04 minutes)

*Our clients are both those closest to us and people we serve. In some cases, this means our our clients will be our friends and family. This section promotes a clearer mental space in which to work and establish better business boundaries. 


Next, choose one technique via meditation, video or article below to add to your routine:

1). Video: Crystal Choices for Your Office Sacred Space (7:04 minutes)

2). Video: Website Clearing: Standard Business Upkeep for Intuitives (7:20 minutes)

3). Meditation: The Lightning Rod Meditation - A quick grounding and clearing. Great for pre-work prep, also great for a rapid release of any anxiety you may be facing. (6:55 minutes)

4). Article: The Complete Self-Clearing Step-by-Step

5). Article: Crystal Gridding Your Home

Clear up your physical space for optimal workplace clarity! 


Finally, implement one tip from one of these documents to start generating new: 

1). Article: Three Ways To Boost Your Blog's (And Your Business's) Exposure

2). Article: 3 Steps to Building Your Client Base

3). Article: A List of 33 Business Things To Do On A Rainy Day


additional modifications for this circuit:


Wish to leave your day job and make a career out of your gifts? Check out the articles: The Leave Your Day Job Transition Plan: The Writing Model and The Leave Your Day Job Transition Plan: The Readings Model, reviewing potential ideas for how to leave a current job to give either spiritual writing or full time reader/healer a go. 

If you've been working on your business a while, check out the video: Increasing Your Web Influence: The Spider Web Effect for ideas on ways to expand your footprint and reach.

Not sure where to go next? Feeling fuzzy on what to do or what your purpose is? Listen to: Redefining Your Purpose Meditation (12:00 minutes), and it can assist with honing in. 


There you go!

After completing this circuit, harness your new sense of momentum and confidence you now have for your work, and apply those feelings with steps to further organize a business aspect, reformat your offerings, or create new ones so the public can absorb your talents in a way that benefits you emotionally, physically or financially.

You got this!

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