Member Circuits

Member circuits are a new feature to the Membership Program!

In addition to the monthly themes and lessons we use as the foundational content of the program, Member Circuits are meant to be used whenever you feel like you need a little spiritual workout.

Each circuit includes a series of activities one can use to keep skills sharp, exercise new abilities, or to work on the development of specific routines. Circuits are meant to be mixed and matched as you run back through the process every time you do them.

As the seasons come and go, new circuits will be developed and installed into the Membership Center.


the stress management circuit

Total time: 20-40 minutes

This circuit is designed to release new influences of stress from affecting you, bring you back into the present moment, as stress often comes when we're over-focusing on the past and the present. Let's move you into a state of peaceful, appreciative bliss... stress free! 

To begin your circuit, start with one video to boost or shield your energy:

1). Video: Aura Management 101 (4:44 minutes)

2). Video: Boosting Your Energy Field: Fixing Energy Leaks In Your Aura (3:11 minutes)

3). Video: Preventing Negative Situations from Bothering You (4:04 minutes)

Do one video per each loop you go through this circuit!


Then, complete these meditations to get back into the present moment: 

1). Call Back Your Energy Meditation -  Take away that scattered feeling and get all your energy back into the current moment (11:16 minutes)

2). De-stressing Meditation - Grounding and settling meditation that releases outside expectations, demands and pressures (7:08 minutes)

3). The Higher Self Meditation - Finally, reconnect with your higher self, and into alignment in the present moment for a focused sense of calm. Get anything done after this meditation, and when you do, you can be assured it's in alignment with your truth (11:00 minutes)

*Limited on time? For daily practice, simply do one of the above meditations per day at first, and then do another new one for the next the next loop you do! They will provide a benefit independently of each other when practiced alone too. 


end this circuit, by completing these three tasks: 

1). Look around you and find five things to appreciate, if you can do more, do more. 

2). Knock off one small task on your backlisted to-do list, this will help let go of clogs in the pipe and fulfill obligations committed elsewhere, freeing up your energy to focus on the now. 

3). Do one kind thing for someone else (doesn't matter who it is) i.e. write an inspirational post, compliment someone, do a favor for a friend, animal or plant. 


Okay that's it!

This circuit can be modified after the initial run or two, for a more solitary meditation practice in the center, where you focus on gratitude for the heart, visualizing that heart energy oscillating up and down as you breathe in and out, vibrating love and peace throughout the body, moving you into a state of ecstasy. After doing this circuit, completing the tasks at hand will feel effortless, fun and even rewarding! 

Try this circuit on different days to observe different results. Great circuit for work-day prep, moving out of a funk. 

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