Member Circuits

Member circuits are a new feature to the Membership Program!

In addition to the monthly themes and lessons we use as the foundational content of the program, Member Circuits are meant to be used whenever you feel like you need a little spiritual workout.

Each circuit includes a series of activities one can use to keep skills sharp, exercise new abilities, or to work on the development of specific routines. Circuits are meant to be mixed and matched as you run back through the process every time you do them.

As the seasons come and go, new circuits will be developed and installed into the Membership Center.


The morning routine circuit

Total time: 10-20 minutes

Mornings are an excellent time for meditation, contemplation and setting the tone for your day. Most of my mornings begin with a few minutes of meditation followed by a sacred activity. This circuit is designed to setup your day in a peaceful and harmonious way, encouraging positive interactions to occur throughout the day.

To begin your circuit, start with one meditation below:

1). The Grounding Meditation (8:00 minutes)

2). The Energy Dialysis Meditation (3:33 minutes)

3). The Channeling Meditation (11:48 minutes)

*Limited on Time? Try The Lightning Rod Meditation which combines all three of these meditations in under 7:00 minutes total.


Then, spend a few minutes on each of the following activities:


1.) Make a glass of your favorite herbal tea, coffee or warm beverage.

2.) Sit down and read a passage from your favorite book, blog or research documents.

3.) Pull a card and use its contents for contemplation for the day.

*See the Member Doc: Herbal Supplements for Increased Intuition for ideas if needed for the first step.

*See the Member Doc: Incorporating Different Divination Decks Into Varying Applications: How To Use Oracle & Tarot Decks for Healing, Mediumship and Self-Prophecy for information on the different cards and decks out there.


finally, Complete your circuit by: 

1.) Send some positive energy out into the world. See Member Video: How To Send Love and Light To Someone.

2). Get dressed and fully ready for the day!

3). Throughout the day, positively socialize with other people you encounter, or pop into The Spirit Lounge and share some good vibes with the community.


That's it! Your Morning Routine Circuit is now complete and you're ready to take on the day spiritually centered, mentally focused and nourished with positive energy. Have a great day! :)

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