Manifesting abundance Meditations:

A Set of three

attract and receive the abundance available to you now 

A series of three (3) guided meditations designed to open you up abundance in all forms. 

Tracks: Open to Receive, Into the Flow, and Manifest Your Reality

Total run time: 35 minutes

The Manifesting Abundance Meditations will set you up for:

  • Financial Increase
  • Opening Career Doors
  • New Business Collaborations
  • An Influx of Creative Ideas
  • A Rush of New Business Bookings
  • More Aligned Clients To Your Business
  • Generosity, More People Giving Back to You
  • New Soulmate or Romantic Partners
  • New House Opportunities
  • And so much more! 

Attract exactly what you want and get it by snagging this powerful abundance creating series now - 

Bonus: You can use this set to amplify anything - including raising your vibration. 

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Music provided by Thaddeus & Voice Over by Amanda Linette Meder.